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  1. The Empty Hollow Eyes of child murderer Emma Tustin;
  2. The Empty Hollow Eyes of billionaire Kirsten Rausing;
  3. The Empty Hollow Eyes of Sir Len Blavatnik, supposedly the UK's "richest man". There are some things that money cant buy....
  4. I have previously stated that Boris Johnson-Dybbuk has cast a "glamour" over the British government & the country. This has led to people being unable to see truth and unable to know what is reality & what is illusion. It has also led to there no longer being any functioning British government. There is no government. What we have is a "cult" (along the lines of say Scientology or Jim Jones's Peoples Temple), under the control of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk. Which leads us to this bizarre event; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-59505204 Old Bexley and Sidcup: Conservative Party holds the safe London seat at by-election. Context 1: In spite of the chaos, the stupidity, the sleaze, the misery, the food shortages, the petrol shortages, the 160,000+ COVID deaths caused by Johnson's purposeful inaction, (and even openly telling the world that more people are going to die because he deems it), the glamour cast by Johnson-Dybbuk was so strong that it caused his cult of followers to go out and vote for him en masse. And many of those voters will have had loved ones who died because of Johnson's actions. Let that sink in. 2: Note the lack of analysis from the UK media today. The glamour cast, is so strong that even the British media can no longer see the difference between reality & illusion. 3: Note the 34% turnout ion the vote. Around 66% of the voter base couldnt even be bothered to vote. Again this is the power of the glamours cast by The Dybbuk at 10 Downing Street. Instead of going out to vote they were enthralled to the glamours cast. (Oh look! There is a movie on! Oh look! I need to go to the shops to buy clothes i dont need! Oh look a talking cat meme on Facebook! I'll just vote later after tea! Next thing its 11pm at night.) 4: So Britain is in the position now, where Boris Johnson-Dybbuk can kill has many people he deems fit, and his victims will willing go out and vote for their own misery & deaths. The country literally has a death cult at 10 Downing Street, presenting the illusion of government that doesnt actually exist, where governance has been replaced by the fickle whims & will of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  5. The Empty Hollow Eyes of Susan Arnold (operating executive of The Carlyle Group & new Chairman of the board at The Disney Corporation) ;
  6. The Empty Hollow Eyes of Michael Bloomberg;
  7. One of the many horrible truths of Edinburgh is that the city has been used as an open experiment in the use of psychotronic weaponry on the population. By using the city to test these types of weaponry it has led to an explosion in the suicide rate, bizarre behaviour, people being sectioned for mental health issues, and other horrible side effects. And thats even before we come to complications to the weather patterns & damage to the environment. However even worse the deep state doesnt realise it is lobotomising its own offspring & children in Edinburgh. There is a lot of children dying in the greater Edinburgh area from severe brain tumours & injuries that are close to being inoperable. Those misguided parents will outlive their children. You stupid selfish senile bastards. You are torturing & killing your own children for in-house operational procedures. Heres one example (of many) of the side effects of the psychotronic weaponry in Edinburgh; https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/edinburgh-baby-diagnosed-huge-brain-22307603 It goes without saying Edinburgh is not a safe place to raise a child.
  8. In this long term thread i have repeatedly said that no one in the modern era has physically survived for any length of time being possessed with a non human entity inside them. It causes great damage to the body on multiple levels and leads to complications that cannot be resolved. A side effect of this is that it destroys hand/eye coordination of the person making it difficult to function on a day to day level. This is where we are with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk now. The hand-eye coordination of his body is degraded to such an extent, he cannot even properly shake the hand of a visiting dignitary; https://archive.md/P5RlM#selection-1147.0-1155.95 Boris Johnson raised eyebrows on Friday when he greeted Poland's populist prime minister by grabbing his thumb. One Downing Street photographer to witnessed the incident described the greeting as "very odd". The Dybbuk is Hungry
  9. Bosnian Serb leader: Putin and China will help if west imposes sanctions https://archive.md/wuJRv#selection-885.0-885.72 Observations 1: People forget that the U.S. state purposely created the modern map of Bosnian, Serbia & Kosovo so that it caused as much trouble for the region as possible. The artificial creation of Kosovo behind the backs of Serbia & Kosovo with no input from either country, made it inevitable that ongoing conflict would arise. (Which is what they wanted) 2: This was purposeful to keep the U.S. in that region at the detriment of the EU and to act as a feeding plate for the regional Archon embedded there. So we have people in the U.S. deep state who are taking their orders from an Archon in some guise. 3: If we have any Serbs or Bosnians here please pay attention to any unusual UFO sightings in your region. They will not be UFOs. They will be a side effect of the Archon in that region, having to reveal its presence before its feeds.
  10. The Empty Hollow Eyes of billionaire & co-founder of The Carlyle Group, David Rubenstein;
  11. The Empty Hollow Eyes of the Editor in Chief of The Sun newspaper Victoria Newton;
  12. The Empty Hollow Eyes of the Duke of Westminster Hugh Grosvenor;
  13. We can say that the last time that Elizabeth II was seen in public was her husbands funeral at Windsor Castle. Beyond that nothing is certain. Also whats interesting is that Prince Charles & his wife Camilla were out of view during the Blood Moon & eclipse last week. We have a cover story that they were on "tour" in Egypt. But again even that is downright weird. Charles was nowhere to be seen during that blood moon & eclipse. so it is suggestive that either some ritual was going on out there or something even more disturbing.
  14. The Empty Hollow Eyes of billionaire property developers Simon & David Reuben;
  15. The Empty Hollow Eyes of London property developer Anil Varma (co-owner of Harrison Varma);
  16. So Biden is incontinent; Biden to have routine colonoscopy, transfer power to Harris. https://archive.md/ptiSK#selection-1851.5-1851.64
  17. The Empty Hollow Eyes of author JK Rowling. The whole narrative around her is all bullshit & fake;
  18. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk ignores & walks past hunger striker Richard Ratcliffe, who was literally starving himself to death on Whitehall; https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/uk-news/2021/11/16/nazanin-husband-reveals-boris-johnson-walked-past-his-hunger-strike/ Observations 1: Again note the symbolism of the mouth in this case. 2: In the occult & mystical practices when one engages in fasting it produces certain side effects in the physical body. One side effect is that it raises the vibration in the person & their body. It also acts as a magnet for beings/entities of Light. Mr Ratcliffe's vibrational state would have been very high as he came to the end of his hunger strike. In occult terms he would have had "company" with him during the hunger strike, that no one could see. Such a high vibrational state is repellent to low base vibration energy entities. 3: Boris Johnson-Dybbuk ignored and walked past Mr Ratcliffe because he/it was repelled by the high vibrational state. He wouldnt be able to be physically near Ratcliffe. At that moment Johnson would have felt extreme rage & frustration. In simplistic terms Ratcliffe would have had an angelic "force-field" around him from that emanating vibration. 4: Interestingly no one from the British State or in Whitehall came to see if Ratcliffe was actually ok. Whitehall is stunk out with a significant amount of low base vibration entities in the government. If you know what your looking for then they stand out quite easily. (empty hollow eyes, repulsive energy around them, control freak tendencies). 5: Mr Ratcliffe's hunger strike would have acted as a catalyst on the occult level. You are going to see a lot of weird stuff happening in Whitehall between now and early 2022. His raised vibrational level would have acted like a ....."lighthouse" that will have attracted all sorts of interesting occult beings & non human intelligences to the area of Whitehall. The Dybbuk will be having a family reunion this Xmas... The Dybbuk is Hungry
  19. Just a photo of Joe Biden sexually assaulting a child in plain view of public and ( more importantly) his wife Jill. Note the lack of reaction in Jill. She knows. She has always known;
  20. Vehicle of the Dybbuk Priti Patel & Revelation 12:1-3 "a woman clothed with sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth." From 13 to 25 August 2017, Priti Patel visited Israel on a family holiday paid for by herself. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-41904459 / https://www.gov.uk/government/news/statement-from-international-development-secretary-priti-patel) During that time there she had many meetings with many members of the Israeli government & its military too. At one point Patel was manipulated to attend what was supposedly a "field hospital" on the Golan Heights. Technically it was but it was actually a location close to the stone circle on Golan Heights that was used by non human entities pre-BC. It was here that Patel was used as a vehicle for The Dybbuk. In fact Patel was carrying The Dybbuk as her "child". She was pregnant & cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Revelation 12 sign prophecy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revelation_12_sign_prophecy If my private sources are correct Patel was near Jerusalem on Mon 21st August 2017. Strangely enough it was a solar eclipse on that day. Mon 21st Aug 2017 The Saturn Conjunction Moon in Virgo 20:25 (GMT) Moon sextile Jupiter 3:32am (GMT) Moon conjunction Mars 3:55am(GMT) Moon trine Saturn (retrograde) 5:26am (GMT) Sun trine Uranus 6:22am (GMT) Moon trine Uranus 17:39pm (GMT) Solar Eclipse 18:30pm (GMT) The Trine of the moon with Uranus & Saturn on that day was a "birthing". A pregnancy long awaited The birth of The Dybbuk came on 23rd September 2017 as the alignment took place over Jerusalem. Saturday 23rd September 2017 The Saturn Conjunction Moon in Scorpio Moon Octile Mercury 0:43am (EET) Moon sextile Venus 3:35am (EET) Moon octile Saturn 9:44am (EET) Mars octile Jupiter 10:25am (EET) Moon sextile Mars 18:53pm (EET) Moon trine Neptune 20:22pm (GMT) (Time calculated in EET; Eastern European time to get the exact time over Jerusalem) It was on Saturday 23rd September in the UK that The Dybbuk was earthed and born. It transferred itself from Patel into Boris Johnson. The "child" was born. The Dybbuk is Hungry
  21. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk attending Hexham General Hospital in Northumberland on Mon 8th November 2021. Note the mouth. Notice how something is trying to pry its way out of Johnson's mouth. The Dybbuk is Hungry.
  22. @skitzorat thanks for converting that video to the bitchute format. Makes it easier for everyone to see the mental decline in Biden.
  23. Bump. Keep in mind that video messages can be deepfake now. Its quite easy to have a decent version of the queen reciting any message that would have been pre-recorded years back. Also do we know if Elizabeth II was even at Windsor Castle?! Or why she really left Buckingham Palace? All sorts of weird going on here.
  24. The Empty Hollow Eyes of Anne-Marie Trevelyan; Secretary of State for International Trade. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk has cast a glamour on that one (notice the redness of the eyes too);
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