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  1. To add to the fake narrative around Prince Phillip, we have this bizarre photo where hospital staff are forced to play along with the charade and use a bunch of umbrellas to hide & conceal "allegedly" Prince Phillip "leaving" hospital. Was he even there in the first place?! Fake. All of it.
  2. For close to four years this thread has been maintained in one form or another. And during that time no one has had the courage or presence of mind to ask the right questions of the OP or myself. What this says about the public out there now i dont know. It suggests a fear of asking. A fear of knowing a horrible truth that they want to go away.(Even the global security services never had the nerve to ask in an open forum) THE question remains unasked. However lets ask another question...... Why is The Dybbuk Hungry? This stems from the Chronos/Saturn connectio
  3. Here are the Empty Hollow Eyes of former pr guru Gordon Beattie founder of Beattie Communications;
  4. Addendum (C) Quantrain 2.61-62 "Mars at the port of the arrow. Behind the river the ladder put to the fort, Points to fire great murder on the breach. Mabus then will soon die, there will come Of people and beasts a horrible rout Let go back to the day of the attack on Theresa May-Dybbuk 4th Oct 2017 Moon in Ares (Mars) 20:40 pm (GMT) ; Mars at the port of the arrow Moon squares Saturn (Binah; the great sea/waters) 7:19 am (GMT); Behind the river the ladder put to the fort Points to fire great murder on the breach;
  5. As time goes on the Dybbuk's presence inside Johnson is lobotomizing him. so much to the point his hand-eye coordination is fucked. Boris Johnson-Dybbuk struggling with a pair of hygiene gloves and making seriously ill judged comments about OJ Simpson; Also i want everyone here to note the symbolism of this photo. Note how Boris Johnson-Dybbuk's mouth is hidden behind the mask. The Dybbuk is Hungry...
  6. Here are the empty hollow eyes of "Governness" Sheena Sheikh. Would you let her near your children?!
  7. The head of the British Crown/ Six Ravens Family is hiding away; in shame. she has a lot to be ashamed about; : Paedo Nazi husband ::Paedo son in the form of Prince Andrew : Her son Prince Charles. had his wife killed in a illuminati ritual : Her family is so diseased & repulsive that her grandson exiled himself with his wife to the U.S. : Or that she & her husband was responsible for the disappearance & murder of at least 10 children during an overseas trip to Canada I would encourage any forum mem
  8. Although everyone keeps focusing on the sex offender Prince Andrew, people forget about the other missing Royal; Prince Phillip. What if Prince Phillip is dead and they are trying to cover it up?! Its not looking good for the Six Ravens Family.
  9. So we have the child molester & paedophile Joe Biden getting to act out his Emperor Palpatine fantasies today. In a empty Washington under martial law with no members of the public allowed in. Biden, his incest family & his cronies who turned a blind eye to him abusing small children get to pretend that they are taking part in a democratic event. And all surrounded by the heaviest military deployment ever deployed to an American city in the last 200 years. And all of this even before we get to the heavily medicated Biden who has Alzhiemers now. The optics around
  10. Just to give a heads up, the Ghislaine Maxwell documents are being released now. Dont allow the Biden inauguration to distract you. Use the time tomorrow to download as much of the documents as possible and put them on a back up file.
  11. Long term members here will remember the years/decade long thread on Edinburgh & its strange & freakish nature. Does the forum want this to come back? If i recall the previous long term posters who set up the thread done a real hatchet job on the city and made sure no decent person would go anywhere near Edinburgh. Yes? No?
  12. Before the hack attack on the forum we had an ongoing long term thread called "Empty Hollow Eyes". It was basically just a thread posting photos of people with empty hollow eyes. Now is a good time to reinstate it. Ladies & Gentlemen here is the Empty Hollow Eyes of the new BBC Chairman Richard Sharp;
  13. Things we need to keep an eye on; 1: The UK is now out of the EU. This includes all European human rights act's. The British security intelligence service's have been waiting years for this to happen. Now they have the go ahead to do what they want. Expect a LOT of mysterious deaths & bad shit to follow now. 2: Priti Patel has been putting out for legal papers on bringing back the death penalty. She is looking to fact track this through the next sitting of parliament. Why? The MP's in the Conservative Party are now all conscious that the public blames them for the
  14. At Enigmaticworld, thanks for that video link. so it was the 20th September 2017 when they met (officially) Just checking my astrological aspectarian; that day was a New Moon. Wednesday 20th September 2017. Moon in Libra 10:06 am (GMT) New Moon at 5:30am (GMT) Mercury in opposition to Pluto 3:49am (GMT) Mercury Tri Octile (135') Uranus 6:50am (GMT) Overview. 20th September 2017 is the day that Johnson was educated on what is really running the world behind the scenes. "Lynn F
  15. @ Golden Retriever, very good thread my friend. Good stuff here. Kudos. On the point of the photo of Boris Johnson with Lynn Forester de Rothschild, do we have a timestamp for that photo? Can i get a time & date for that photo/when they met?
  16. Addendum (B) The Dead children & abortions of Boris Johnson-Dybbuk; The Lillith Connection Johnson has the blood of dead children on his hands. Unborn children. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2004/nov/14/uk.conservatives It was actually one abortion. the second was an actual miscarriage. (Link; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6145051/Ex-mistress-Petronella-Wyatt-reveals-rare-insight-Boris-Johnson.html) Also it should be noted that every wife of a British Prime Mini
  17. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 16 When Boris Johnson-Dybbuk met Benjamin Netanyahu (posted Aug 4th 2020) There is a context to all the national protests in Tel Aviv at the moment. In his arrogance Benjamin Netanyahu made a "surprise" visit to London in 2019 to have a "meeting" with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/sep/04/benjamin-netanyahu-to-meet-boris-johnson-on-surprise-visit-to-london The meeting took place on Thursday 5th September 2019 Oh look its the Saturn alignment. The Saturn Alignm
  18. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 14: Side effects of the Dybbuk's presence are physically destroying the British Prime Minster now.
  19. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 12: Boris Johnson visited the cursed Western Wall in Jerusalem 11th Nov 2015. To add to the intrigue of why The Dybbuk chose Boris Johnson as its vehicle, here is a curious piece about Boris Johnson having to make the mandatory visit to Jerusalem to visit the western wall all so he can be on the good side of Jacob Rothschild. So its suggestive that Johnson had a long term plan to be PM even as far back as 2015; https://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2015/nov/11/boris-johnson-jerusalem-western-wall-video There is
  20. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 11: The sins of the father.
  21. The Dybbuk/Saturn Saga pt 10; A school shuts down days after Boris Johnson-Dybbuk visited.
  22. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 9; When Boris Johnson met Jacob Rothschild
  23. The Dybbuk/Saturn saga pt 8 Boris Johnson-Dybbuk's "need" to be near children....
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