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  1. Ok "archon" i am going to "bite". 1: Why do your fellow Archons use the holographic image of Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) to manipulate small children? 2: How are the Archons able to track & sense small children? (biochemicals, growth hormones?) 3: Archons feed on chemicals in human blood. Its not just Adrenochrome. What are the biochemicals you are feeding on? 4: Archons have had a long presence on this planet. How long? At the very least i know Archons predate the human life wave. 5: Archons didnt originate in this universe. Where did your species come from? And how did they get access to this universe? 6: Whats the Archon feeding cycle? How often does your species need to feed on children and victims? 7: Why do you make your victims suffer? Where does this sadism come from? Why do you need to use Stigmata as a cover to feed on your victims? 8: How many Archons are here on this planet at any one time? 9: When are all of you going to leave this planet once & for all?
  2. Why has the British Orange Order been silent on Prince Andrew? The Orange Order holds itself to a high moral standard, so why has it been silent about Prince Andrew and his refusal to speak to the FBI? The Orange Order prides itself on its loyal connection to the British monarchy going back centuries. So its very strange that they havent come out in support of Prince Andrew. Any Orange Lodge members here? Whats your position on Prince Andrew at the moment?
  3. Just the usual annual freakazoid fest of Scotland being used as a playground for the military-industrial-complex. All the Empty Hollow Eyes have all started popping up in the Scottish capital doing their usual freakish thing to the locals. So Scotland can expect a spike in high strangeness over the next 2-3 weeks. (For those of you here with a long memory after the Nato exercise that happened last year in Scotland around the same time, we had all the bizarre stuff with earthquakes & weird weaponised weather from November onwards.) https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18747648.joint-warrior-military-aircraft-ships-around-scotland/
  4. Here is an eccentric story about everyones favourite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/24/stained-relations-israeli-pm-netanyahu-accused-taking-dirty-laundry-state-trips There is an occult theory & practice behind this practice of taking soiled clothes way from their residence to be cleaned elsewhere. In the occult & ceremonial magick you have ceremonial robes that you keep apart from your everyday clothing. Also whenever you come into contact with negative entities or demonic intelligences you are supposed to destroy the clothing worn during the encounter to ensure no trace elements remain. If Netanyahu was initiated into the Freemasons (properly) he would have known this. And thats even before we even come to the issue of The Dybbuk... The Dybbuk is Hungry "Bibi"......... (Historical note; in 1953 Masonic unity was achieved and, in an impressive ceremony conducted in Jerusalem by Brother the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel was consecrated. M.W. Bro. Shabetay Levy, mayor of Maifa, was installed as the first Grand Master. All lodges then working in Israel turned in their charters and were admitted into the new Grand Lodge, which quickly established fraternal relations with regular Grand Lodges throughout the world.)
  5. As if right on cue Channel 4 News does a brilliant piece on these freaks who are travelling to the shooting estates. notice they all cover their faces to hide their identities. Its a 6 min video piece with Alex Thomson; https://www.channel4.com/news/is-queen-about-to-turn-her-back-on-the-grouse-shooting-industry https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=aLCr2CBZd5c&feature=emb_logo Things to observe; 1: Why does the Queen need to own a shooting estate? 2: Note the real nastiness, disturbing, hateful behaviour of the keepers and attendees. Would you let your children near any of those men? 3: Also note the decommissioned military vehicles that they are using on the estate.
  6. Britain no longer has rule of law. When an elected British Prime Minister can break all laws of his choosing without legal consequences, then we no longer have rule of law. So close to 1000 years of legal precedent have just been discarded. Johnson's buddy/handler Dominic Cummings can break the law, and the police wont touch him. Prince Andrew can openly lie on national TV about raping children. So the British Royal Family/ Six Ravens Family are protecting child rapers in their own ranks and wont allow them to be subject to the rule of law (which they are supposed to uphold & defend) The next 6 months are going to be fun.
  7. Why would the British state need to have an exemption for Grouse Shooting during a pandemic?!........ https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/sep/14/hunting-in-england-exempt-from-rule-of-six-covid-19-restrictions When was the last time they done a ritual sacrifice? When was the last time they could get access to vulnerable children and take them on to a shooting estate? If there are any animal rights people here pay attention to who is coming and going on the shooting estates. You will be shocked to see members of the UK government & members of the British Royal Family (aka the Six Ravens Family) all making a beeline to these places to partake in their blood rituals. The way these types of shooting estates are designed they all have discreet wooded areas where an occult altar/grotto will be placed in a ritualistic position. The child/victim will be manipulated into going into these woods. These shooting estates are used as cover for a form of occult initiation in their "tradition" (as they call it). The 1980's horror movie Damian; The Omen II actually revealed the concepts behind this in the Military Boarding School scenes, where the child is made an offer and an impossible choice. However i can say with some knowledge on these issues they have missed very important key dates this year for their rituals. So there is going to be heavy heavy karmic repercussions this year for all of them. This is long overdue.
  8. @allymisfit, if any of your friends have plans to go to Edinburgh gently put them off going. There is major weirdness going on in the city at the moment. There has been excessive military flights (helicopters & low flying planes) going over the city at night from the north. they claim it is "training exercises", but this is silly considering the amount of terrain in Scotland. so its a cover story of some sort for something else (might tie in with the UFO sightings through in Glasgow & the West of Scotland). Stay safe. Keep away.
  9. The deep state freaks are back. Again. Avoid Edinburgh for the next 14 days. Also pay attention to the behaviour pattern of any people who say they are travelling to Edinburgh over the next fortnight. Keep them away from you children if possible. Also they are still using the psychotronic weaponry on Edinburgh. The ferocious lightning storm in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago was a side effect of the H.A.A.R.P. Add to that the excessive military transport planes that have been flying over Edinburgh & the central belt in Scotland for the last 2 - 3 months. Serious disturbing stuff. Keep safe.
  10. Do we have any updates on the timetable/schedule for when the legacy forum goes live?
  11. The former ambassador to Nepal Richard Morris has been found dead. He has been missing for 5 months; https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/aug/31/richard-morris-body-found-in-search-for-diplomat-in-hampshire Please help me find a photo of him in the company of either Boris Johnson or Theresa May. They will have had 5 months to memoryhole or remove any photos of him with a major politician. I am not saying anything bad has happened here. I am just trying to cover all bases and be thorough. (Did Boris Johnson have any contact with Morris when Johnson was at the Foreign Office?)
  12. Dating apps are for scum. Also the concept of "dating" is an American import. Dating doesnt exist in the UK. It is a marketing ploy. Nothing more. Have all of you not learned anything?! You have no business being on this forum if you use dating apps & websites.
  13. Edinburgh is about to become even more strange & freakish. Queen Elizabeth House in Edinburgh (which no one asked for or wanted) is now fully operational; https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/queen-elizabeth-house-edinburgh-boris-18752897 Now that's out the way here's the true reason. MI5's regional office in Glasgow is a tough sell to all the little darlings who are just out of the boarding school system, and who are sent up to Glasgow on secondment. Its a very difficult sell when every day they have to trawl through Glasgow's city centre full of homeless people & junkies bothering them for change. At one point they were using Common Purpose's offices on Bath Street in Glasgow, but it never made a difference to staff morale. It was a big culture shock for all the little dears who were sent up from London. So expect the Glasgow office to be mothballed and some fake office to be set up there in Queen Elizabeth House Edinburgh. (Should be noted too that all of this is illegal, under the articles set forth in the Act of Union of 1707). British Intelligence too will have already set up their usual bugs, taps & cameras adjacent to the buildings surrounding the complex/hub, so if you work or live near to that building, expect your private lives all to receive a metaphorical enema. You will have zero privacy for as long as you live & work in that area. Again all illegal. What does this mean for Edinburgh? It means expect more freaks, non human entities, Ghislaine Maxwell types & a very disturbing atmosphere in the city centre. Not a safe place to take your child (or even worse) nor a place to raise a child.
  14. There is a context to all the national protests in Tel Aviv at the moment. In his arrogance Benjamin Netanyahu made a "surprise" visit to London in 2019 to have a "meeting" with Boris Johnson-Dybbuk. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/sep/04/benjamin-netanyahu-to-meet-boris-johnson-on-surprise-visit-to-london The meeting took place on Thursday 5th September 2019 Oh look its the Saturn conjunction. The Saturn Conjunction Thursday 5th September 2019 Moon in Sagittarius 3:08am Moon Octile Saturn (retrograde) (315' degrees waning) 1:21am (GMT) Mercury trine (240') Saturn (retrograde) 12:37pm (GMT) Moon Octile Pluto 13:35pm (GMT) Moon in Sagittarius at best would have made for an awkward abrupt meeting. The moon octile Saturn would have increased a sense of tension & stress. the trine between Mercury & Saturn would have made any fluid communication near impossible. Imagine two egotistical men breaking wind on each others faces, and you get the idea of how the meeting went. The Pluto conjunction in the chart is The Dybbuk hiding in the room and observing them like a hungry lion eyeing up its next meal..... Pay attention to Netanyahu's behaviour over the next few months. Its going to be epic. When Boris Johnson-Dybbuk shook his hand there was a transfer of...occult pheromones between them. At that moment The Dybbuk had access.....
  15. @Mitochondrial Eve Thanks for the update on the legacy forum. There is a lot of stuff there that i am going to have to replicate here again....
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