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  1. Volunteer divers find body of Edinburgh dad in 50 minutes after police searched for five weeks https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/volunteer-divers-find-body-edinburgh-28628607 I have included this tragedy due to the strange & freakish nature of it. It also has some similarities to Missing411 cases in the U.S. where a missing person search has taken place, (finding nothing), only to find that after retracing their initial search pattern they find the body in a place that was previously searched.
  2. @GrumpyGrapes, In general terms, there is a lot of pyramid scheme type scams around U.S. based Kabbalah groups, where the use of the 'red string', is a giveaway. These groups tend to produce followers instead of developing robust explorers who will make the effort to take steps to explore the Tree of Life (in terms of ritual & practice) @Campion Without going into personal details i am the "real deal". If your in doubt about me then just take a look at my long term thread, "The Dybbuk Saturn Saga";
  3. Because of Mr Willett & Christopher Jon Bjerknes toedip into the Kabbalah, i am setting up what is hopefully a long term thread on the subject. There is a lot of ignorance around the subject & practice of the Kabbalah/Qabalah, even amongst supposed Jewish experts due to their religious outlooks, distortion of history, and the lack of actual experience due to their fear of the occult. I have more than a passing understanding of the subject, due to having over around 30 years study of the Kabbalah & the occult. I never really speak about it, or have the need to "pull rank" about it. Everybody learns at their own pace, on the basis of need & experience. The basis of this thread will be to provide neutral commentary of articles & stuff published in MSM, that will need a counterpoint. To get best use of out of this thread you will need to invest in the following books; * A copy of Aleister Crowley's 777 * A copy of Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia A good but simplistic online resource is the Gematria Resource of the late occult researcher Bill Heidrick (You will still need the books, trust me); https://billheidrick.com/works/hgemat.htm
  4. Sleepynanas has just revealed to the world that the South American country Mexico, is on the Gaza border. Mexico & Gaza are now neighbours!
  5. The Empty Hollow Eyes of Liezyl Margallo Castaña, who was jailed for torturing children & helping to produce snuff movies;
  6. The Empty Hollow Eyes of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (Not photoshopped); He is a Person of Interest to us; https://careers.nba.com/executive/adam-silver/#:~:text=He is a member of,the Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.
  7. The Empty Hollow Eyes of Betsy Duncan Smith (wife of British politician Ian Duncan Smith);
  8. To the Trump campaign, what i relay here isn't political. what i am relaying here is suggestive of something of a practical purpose that needs done, when the office is taken. 1: Kristi Noem. (She's good at her job) 2: The White House is not a religious institute or a place of worship for various religions. 3: The president does not have time to meet & mingle with various religious groups at The White House. He is too busy undoing the mistakes of the previous administration. First year is going to be a baptism of fire. 4: No dual passport holders will hold positions at The White House. No dual passport holders in position of military or espionage either. The government needs a clean out. 5: Chabad Lubavitch will be subject to an unofficial ban of accessing The White House or The President during term time, until that organisation explains the New York tunnels fiasco & the bloodied mattresses. Until then all Chabad lobbying is subject to a blanket ban. 6: Jared Kushner. He's out of the band. 7: Every good thinker needs a foil. Where is Steve?! 8: Read up on Operation Wetback. Study the logistics. Eisenhower done it with 750 agents. 9: You wont have a functional U.S. military until all the freaks are out & you get rid of all the D.E.I. crap. 10:There is a 70% probability President Trump will be subject to some sort of an external attack. Possibly 2 weeks in hospital (max). You need a continuity of comms during this time. Everything is kept within the family during this time. No technology or digital. Handwritten/by the hand. no one out of the immediate circle. (Kushner is out the circle. Share nothing with him). 11: First week of office, all senior cabinet staff & The President will collectively will have a prayer meeting in the Oval Office (if possible) and use Psalm 91, followed by The Lords Prayer. There is an occult cipher in Psalm 91, that works as a "cleanser" & purge. You dont need to know why. Just make sure it's done though. 54/45
  9. The Empty Hollow Eyes of brothers Todd & Kristen Cooper, who were jailed for filming & participating in the torture of animals. Note the lack of empathy (or anything) in their eyes; https://news.sky.com/story/brothers-who-tortured-animals-on-camera-and-terrorised-new-forest-residents-jailed-13053373
  10. The Empty Hollow Eyes of Emma Tucker (Editor-in-Chief of the Wall Street Journal);
  11. I'm not assuming this is to do with Craigkelly Transmission Station but a local user is telling the world to avoid travel to Edinburgh this week fot the next 7 days. Warns of serious horrific side effects due to some type of audio hum in the surrounding area. Could be tied up with a military naval ship that has docked in Leith Docks this week. But that is speculation. https://old.reddit.com/r/CityofEdinburgh/comments/19b8xv9/the_hum_is_back_avoid_traveling_to_north/ Whoever (or whatever) is doing this, doesnt seem to understand the internet & social media. Once a person picks up on the side effects, it is posted online , taking away any tactical advantage or discretion. So it sort of renders the whole point of it impotent & useless. Stay safe brothers & sisters.
  12. The Empty Hollow Eyes of Børge Brende, (President of the World Economic Forum);
  13. In Edinburgh on Christmas Night the management at the accursed Edinburgh Castle thought it would be a "good idea" to cover the castle in a demonic looking blood red colour giving the appearance of something truly disturbing. And again the people of Edinburgh are silent & complicit in this; https://old.reddit.com/r/Edinburgh/comments/1907bl7/castle_on_christmas_night/ https://www.reddit.com/media?url=https%3A%2F%2Fpreview.redd.it%2Fdwv50kxhbvac1.jpeg%3Fwidth%3D1024%26auto%3Dwebp%26s%3Da8996c29974fd57438b04bd49d43ae82bca1ff8c Should be noted that to the right side of the castle, is where they hung supposed "witches", in serious moments of historical injustice.
  14. Epstein survivor Juliette Bryant relays how she saw Jeffrey Epstein phasing into something demonic, during a moment of anger & rage. She was so shocked by this she had to turn & look away from its face. Note she doesn't use the term reptilian here. Bryant uses the term "draconis" & "alien". Possibly why Leslie Wexner-Shedim was affiliated with Epstein. Two demonic entities recognising each other. To the Ickonic production team; in the interview Juliette mentions that she done a talk about her research into the Rh negative bloodlines. Twitter deleted it. You need to get her back on to talk about her bloodline research.
  15. Side effects of the morphic-resonance-field at The White House (Washington DC); Joe Biden has spent 38% of 2023 on "vacation". https://www.infowars.com/posts/trump-blasts-biden-over-constant-vacations-when-i-take-vacations-im-always-working/ What's happening here is that Biden is being "kept" & chaperoned behind closed doors. He is also heavily drugged & medicated up to his eyeballs to keep him "manageable". Well that's what they think. Thing is the drugs dont work, since The Dybbuk filters them out of his body using a speeded-up metabolism technique. Even the cocaine they have given him doesnt work. (Yeah we know about that too Mr William J Burns ). If you look back in this thread i openly stated that if either Demonic & ET faction didn't leave the White House, The Dybbuk would put counter measures into place to render The White House unusable for the foreseeable future. This has come to pass. The morphic-resonance-field is doing it's job. Joseph Biden-Dybbuk emanated the morphic-resonance-field inside the building, whilst in a state of being skyclad (naked). It's an old technique that when the body is naked it allows the internal energy to flow through the body without hinderance, due to modern clothing not being compatible with spiritual energy work (It's in The Bible look it up. the prophets had to wear woollen clothing.). So all those times when staff at The White House have been shocked by seeing Biden naked, what they are actually seeing is Joseph Biden-Dybbuk be in a state of emanating the force field directly into the structure of The White House. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12840189/alex-jones-tucker-carlson-joe-biden-drugs-naked.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skyclad_(Neopaganism) The Dybbuk is Hungry
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