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  1. If I take the ‘materialistic’ approach, I’m still trying to work out if there is a ‘purpose’ or not as some have suggested . It could just be a individual thing. What gets me, was the brain download they gave me in 2003, whatever they showed me, then make me forget, I still remember the feeling of extreme awesomeness. It was so wonderful I tried so hard to remember. First was cool, flying through space, then I’m sure they showed me what they intend to do(I think) the feeling was like what the f is this, I was shocked, then I realised or made me realise what’s happening, then I was going f yeah! They telepathically said “now you are going to forget that” what? no, it was too great to forget. This was the only important thing I was shown, everything else was cryptic. This is why I don’t think I have a purpose, maybe they just wanted to see my reaction?
  2. i practised Hare Krishna meditation, westerners have a warped view of Hindu based religions of Karma I realised, it was fascinating they include akarmic, or spiritual Karma. The goal in these practises was to leave the illusion of the materialism, to go back to god or the spirit realm. I practiced mostly the Maha Mantra, Hare Krishnas number one go to for spiritual meditation. still after all that no realisation
  3. Don’t apologise you pretty much nailed it. apart from the atheistic world view but I understand where you are coming from. Closest thing to astral travel in my experience when I was 4 years old, I nearly drowned in South Africa, and was saved by a beautiful Argentinian lady. I clearly saw myself floating limp in the water in my spiffy sailors suit. It was one of the clearest memories in Africa. It’s the way my mind works I suppose, studied a few religions such as Hare Krishna, even at a temple for 2 years. A monk recently described my story as demons also. I can’t take that view as all my experiences as a whole appear benevolent, explain easily with logic and in a way helped me be a better person. As with the logical approach, the observed tech they use can be explained to a certain degree. The way I see it, if they are malevolent we would of been already wiped out.
  4. I do usually won’t buy stories that include words or phrases like Astral Travel, frequency, vibrations, demons angels etc as most of these stories are too hairy fairy, for my liking. My observations in body language, shows most people interviewed on video,who have similar “vibrational”stories, have had real experiences but they add a ‘creative’ explanation to their observations. Due to the fact I can’t see you or read you, I have no choice but to give you the benefit of the doubt. that includes everyone posting on this thread.
  5. How do you know they are inter-dimensional beings and demons?
  6. Every interpretation is different
  7. Yes still in Australia, I travelled to Ireland in 98, no experiences. No one in my family has been diagnosed with a mental illness.(that I’m aware of) About a year, i awoke in my room standing, something wrapped around my legs, I could move or it was very difficult, blanked out, woke up in morning in bed.
  8. i don’t expect it to be anything, I don’t know what’s going on.
  9. The only thing I could mention, are family account of UFOs in 60s. My grandmother and step grandfather lived in a interesting place in Melbourne Australia, they had a house in Northcote Burt street, on the map it says ‘All Nations Park’ which used to be the the second largest man made hole in the Southern Hemisphere, a quarry that built melbourne.! I remember 40 years ago my cousins and I would sneak off and play in it as it was used as a landfill, it was still dangerous and high had a cyclone fence which we could easily get through. Anyhoo my step grandfather with a family friend saw a massive cigar shaped UFO I believe in the early 1960s descend in to the quarry late one night. My Aunty as a child witness a classic UFO ‘hovering’ at the cemetery behind the Burt street house, something she swears by. Image of Burt street Northcote
  10. Hi All (First time I’ve written this fully down 2022) I’m not much of a writer, but here it goes First experience was in 1992, Surrey Hills Melbourne VIC Australia one night footstep scurried around me, WTF I couldn’t move, couldn’t see anything , then something like a tip of a pen jammed into the side of my head and streams of electricity pulsated from the point of contact, I blanked out, next day I notice my bedside light was blown, felt normal but confused at what happened. This all happened in my room which was a garage, I was also in a metal band, where we would jam in my room, I actually have footage of my room, a lady I knew wanted to film us and make a video clip plus just us jamming. https://youtu.be/iAm4edPuePk That’s me the lead singer, to the front left of me was where it first occurred(you might want to turn down the volume) From there almost 2-3 times a week, I would be in bed not for long and someone would grab me anywhere, felt like hands, with a paralysing. electricity effect, it wouldn’t last long, never blanked out either, after it finished I was still fully awake. All the time I couldn’t see anything, even if the lights are on, it would grab my leg, arm, and even felt like two hands on the sides of my head, with this electric pulsating effect. I was shitting myself, until one night I woke up and a typical grey(which was glowing white) was leaning over me telepathically saying, “don’t be afraid we are not going to harm you”, it was a euphoric experience. The typical encounters continued, I told no one. A year later 1993, my mother who is a Psychologist approached me and asked if anything strange was happening to me. I let it out, told her I was being abducted by aliens! She told me my younger sister perceive she was being attacked by ghosts, and my mother had similar experiences, at that time she had the perception of levitation. She’s a Psychologist so you know what her diagnosis was. Ok now am I crazy? Still regular experiences, yet soon after, I was driving 2 band member home at night, dropped off one while myself and the guitarist was actually passing close by ‘Westall’ (of all places) a ‘Mimi’ walked across the road! WTF it was very very tall and very very thin, i stared in silence while driving past, , then turn to the guitarist “did you see that” he then said “ye”, I tried to explain what was happening to me, but it was like he forgot the incident or wasn’t interested. I contacted him a few years ago, told him about it, couldn’t remember. I know Convenient! I tried real hard how to replicate what I saw, I would need a giant convincing alien puppet, with some puppeteers in black, in the background, the area is semi bush and not much road lighting. Walked weird lanky, like it was going for a stroll, didn’t look at me, just straight ahead. Thing took a step up in 1994 I moved to Seymour VIC(which at the time unknown to me Seymour is right next to a army base), where encounters intensified, I could almost see them in the house. I said by myself, “if you are aliens please give me a sign so I know I’m not crazy”, I had a thin mattress on the floor I was sleeping on, it was day time. I laid down then somethings(emphasis on the plural) grabbed my ankles with the electricity sensation, then began dragging me around the room, I was going WHOA. Another night in Seymour, I was lifted out of bed, first sensation of levitation, black out, woke up in a car, backseat middle strange movement, and 2 humans these people I knew they looked like friends of mine, the front passenger look at me, I blacked out, woke up in what looked like a massive hangar, 10 meters in front of me were casually dressed humans, looked like dads going shopping, standing in a circle talking, one look at me I blanked out, woke up in front of my front door, levitated to a horizontal position, and place nicely back into bed! By this time I wasn’t scared, it was like “oh yeah the usual weird shit” In Seymour I also practised psychic abilities, it always worked, performed subtly with no psychic violence. My mum would say as a child, I would know who is calling on the phone etc. that’s another story. Moved to Footscray, the encounters decreases significantly, 1996 ‘they’ or ‘elaborate illusions’ began coming couple of times a year. Moved to St Kilda in 2000… Around February 2003 was the big weird one, completely different, I was laying in bed one night lights on, I heard a scuffling out on the balcony, I went out to look and saw, small dark 4 foot figures jump over the balcony railings and were looking at me through the railing. I thought nothing of it, as you do, went back and decided to ignore them. A voice telepathically in a well spoken male voice said “get up” I ignored thinking “am I thinking that?” The voice then said “if you don’t get up, a loud noise will appear in your ear, I ignored, then a sound increase to a ridiculous level in my left ear., It sounded like a jet engine. I got up, the sound stopped, they were invisible, but definitely here, they told me to turn on my computer, I did, it oddly took what felt 10 minutes, they told me “I’m being watched, due to your antiwar stance on the Iraq war”! Ok?? We telepathically chatted about certain people, a website I made in 2000, I found similarities with claimed alien tech, we talk about the fog seen in sightings etc, I knew exactly what it was, and it’s potential, especially for a Justice Field, and a path I had envision after reading Engines of Creation by Eric Drexler and Nano by Ed Regis. Website I wrote in 2000, the ‘Grey’ image that I drew was what I saw leaning over me in 1992. They said to me it was ‘historic’. http://www.nanomessiah.com/alien-nanotechnology/ (most of the links don’t work) (nanomessiah is a joke name inspired by Ed Regis book Nano) The visitors they wanted a CDRW disc of mine, which had software that I used to rip DVDs to CD back in the day, and backup to my now relic websites, I had to take it outside, and put it somewhere, I went out the back, walked down the street, in front distance a man was walking towards me, he was tall olive skin, black hair, reclining hairline, stunk of alcohol and mumble a inhuman noise while walking past, the ‘voice’ said that was one of us. I continued on to the end of the street, which was a little distance, I placed the disc in a bin where they told me to put it. Walked back and the same man was again walking toward me, this time, he said nothing and didn’t stink of alcohol. This was in the middle of the night. Back in my room, they sort of showed me something, I believe was important. Now they were in my mind visually took me to their planet, all this wonderful information of our future I saw and completely understood what they were doing. Then they said “we are going to make you forget most of that”. What? I tried so hard remembering it all but it slipped out, and only remembering bits and pieces, the only thing that was intact was the feeling, it was like I won the jackpot by the end of the vision, I was in shock first trying to make sense. What I ‘believe’ to understand was they were showing me is a type of Justice Field, the only glimpse I saw was it was almost impossible to harm a child, which can be easily done. I knew the controlling creeps of this world will hate this. most important i think still we will be left alone to our self determination, ‘restricting tech’ preventing violating peoples or outer rights. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking? Cryptic They played with my emotion later on, it was like they were flipping a switch, I would be scared, then brave, angry, and one so-called switch gave me a boner, it wasn’t at all sexual, more observation on what they could do. It started getting light outside, and they said they were going to go, I heard a sound outside some turbine sound rotating, the said if you want do you want to see the UFO, I didn’t see the point, all I was going to see a disc floating, I had the funny feeling they weren’t happy I refused going out to see the UFO, the whole night was awakard I was in control and not in control. I’m not sure if they were visiting telling me of a future or trying to say something about myself or both, or is this something more beyond my understanding? They then left sometime in the morning. I suppose it was good I didn’t get paralysed this time and dragged around the room. Now again yearly typical encounters. As with the cryptic nature, I can’t be 100% it’s aliens from a different planet… too many possibilities Due to my experiences I lean towards ET, just makes logical sense. Over the years, if the subject is brought up, I tell people, they are shocked, as no one I know sees me as a BS artist, funny thing is I find people forget I tell them. I’m open as a few friend, have opened up, one guy even said a small grey entered into his room while he was on his computer, said something ominous then left! I’m happy to talked about the subject with anyone, particularly would like to talk to abductees.
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