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  1. Save Our Rights UK, Keep Britain Free, Stand Up X, and The Reclaim Party are controlled opposition groups. These groups are designed to distract, misdirect, and induce fear. What have they done but lead people around in circles with placards, or encorage people to vote or sign government petitions? What have these actions achieved? Nothing. Exactly as planned. If voting or government petitions made any difference, we would not be allowed to participate in these activities. These activities only exist to give the impression of choice. Political leaders are selected, not elected. Not a single vote makes any difference. Contrary to what many people continue to believe, the political system is not designed to "serve and represent the population" but to manipulate and control it. It is a slave system. Voting, government petitions, or joining or supporting any political party will not make any meaningful difference. The system itself is the problem. For things to move forward, large numbers of society will need to recognise this. Revolution is the path forward.
  2. The usual one eye symbolism from Justin Bieber, displaying his allegiance to his cult.
  3. No politician, celebrity, or royalty have had any COVID-19 vaccine or any vaccine of any kind. Vaccines are designed specifically for you and I, the "commoners", "peasants", and "useless eaters", as they say, and have always been about manipulating and controlling the population. All vaccines are founded upon deception, and should be avoided. Any politician, celebrity, or royalty claiming to have received the COVID-19 or monkeypox vaccine are being deceitful. When the cameras are off, none of them comply with face coverings, social distancing, self isolation, lockdowns, or any of the restrictions. They only do these things on camera, to deceive us into thinking that COVID-19 is real and to condition us into being fearful, subservient, unthinking slaves. The restrictions are nothing but indoctrination strategies.
  4. Face coverings, social distancing, and social isolation have absolutely nothing to do with controlling any virus (there is no virus), but about controlling us. Face coverings, social distancing, and social isolation have been used for generations to manipulate and control people – especially those who challenge the official narrative. Religions and prisons are two examples.
  5. Hello. I am new on this forum. I think for myself and question everything. I am not here to argue but simply to share what I consider to be true and important, and to encourage others to think for themselves. I am truthful and straight-talking, and have no time for tribalism. I do not have any allegiance to any religious or political group.
  6. No one has suffered or died from COVID-19. COVID-19 does not exist. It is impossible to suffer or die from something that is nonexistent. The case and death statistics are completely fabricated, nothing but indoctrination. It does not matter what causes someone to become unwell nowadays, they will automatically believe they have the imaginary disease called COVID-19 (or another imaginary disease such as monkeypox or tomato flu). And they only believe they have this imaginary disease because people on the television, or their general practitioner, have told them there is something called COVID-19 and that it is harmful. Without news broadcasters and other forms of propaganda, no one would believe there is a pandemic. The pandemic only exists on the television and the radio – it does not exist in everyday reality. If it existed, it would be observable. This is straightforward logic, but few seem to be able to comprehend it. Very few people stop to question or even care to question what they are taught, especially by those who are said to have authority or be in a position of expertise. The real public health emergency is indoctrination, groupthink, and cowardice.
  7. SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 does not exist. It is nothing but a fabrication – a deception. Likewise with influenza, AIDS, monkeypox, swine flu, bird flu, and tomato flu. The elitists invent fake diseases and pandemics, and other fake emergencies, to manipulate our understanding of the world in order to control us. Face coverings, social distancing, self isolation, hand sanitiser, track and trace, travel restrictions, and vaccine passports are indoctrination strategies.
  8. I do not agree with all the claims on this blog (especially it's endorsement of Christianity), however it does make some important points in relation to matters concerning indoctrination, controlled opposition, groupthink, etc. https://puretruth407214157.wordpress.com/blog/
  9. Kung Fu Orange https://brandnewtube.com/@KungFuOrange Videos about the "pandemic", cult symbolism, Freemasonry, Satanism, Luciferianism, and more.
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