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  1. Duke & Slattery – Who is Responsible for this War: Americans – Russians – Ukrainians or Dare we Say it: Jews? JULY 19, 2022 https://davidduke.com/duke-slattery-who-is-responsible-for-this-war-americans-russians-ukrainians-or-dare-we-say-it-jews/
  2. Bill Gates was awarded the title of Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire - "for his great contribution to the development of the British economy and the fight against poverty in the former colonies of the British Empire. A young Bill Gates receives a dollar blessing from the Rebbe of Schneerson, the head of the Chabad movement. Plans of the Chabad Jewish religious movement for the New World Order. Plans of the Zionists against, Ukraine and Russia. Here is the original text of the speech of Menachem M. Schneerson, in which he is quite detailed and open about how the Zionists plan to destroy hundreds of millions of people and make a nest for themselves in Russia - a new "Great Khazaria" ... The war in Ukraine began back in 2014 and only in 2022 entered the active phase of hostilities. And all this is happening under the leadership of rabbis, and Rothschild and Rockefeller banksters against Russians and Slavs in general. The 'Jewish plan' is known in Russia, because the war in Chechnya also took place in accordance with this plan. In 1992, the Chabad movement recognized M.M. Schneerson as "Moshiach" - the messenger of God on Earth. The speech of the Jewish rabbi, the leader of the Chabad movement, Schneerson, was made in 1994. The text was officially published in the Russian newspaper Slavyanin, N-4(32), 2001, Volgograd. After the publication, Jews in Russia filed an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and tried to convict the newspaper editor V. F. Popov for anti-Semitism (Article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code). The court considered, heard witnesses and experts - Russian scientists, academician Y.K. Begunov and doctor of law O.G. Korotayev spoke. The court dismissed the accusation, and the text of Schneerson's speech was found to be true. Schneerson publicly uttered plans of Jews against Slavs and Russians, read the text: 1. Our special tactics against the red-brown (and all Slavs are red-brown), by virtue of their insularity, are Secret Knowledge. We will direct the main spearhead of the struggle against Slavs, except for the renegades, who are related to the Jews by the same interests. True, after we have used them for our own purposes, we will remove these "kinsmen" from our society. Slavs, and among them Russians, are the most disobedient people in the world. They are disobedient because of their mental and mental abilities, laid down by many generations of ancestors, genes which cannot be remade. Slavs, Russians, can be destroyed, but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to elimination, and at first, to a drastic reduction in its numbers. 2. Our methods of struggle will not be military, but ideological and economic, using security forces equipped with the most modern weapons to physically suppress the rebels with even greater ferocity than it was done in October 1993 with the shooting of the Supreme Soviet of Russia. First of all, we shall dismember all Slavic nations (300 million of them, half of them Russian) into small, weakened countries with broken ties. Here we will use our old method: divide and conquer. We will try to pique these countries against each other. To draw them into internecine wars for mutual destruction. Ukrainians will think that they are fighting against the expansionist Russia, fighting for their independence, they will think that they finally gained their freedom, while they are totally dependent on us. Russians will think the same, as if they are defending their national interests, returning the lands "illegally" taken away from them, and so on. We will do all this under the pretext of different sovereignties, fighting for our national ideals. At that time, we will not allow either side to self-determine on the basis of national values and traditions. In this war of fools, the Slavic bull will weaken itself and strengthen us, the main conductors of sedition, allegedly standing aside and not only not participating in the bloody events, but also not interfering in them. Moreover, we will completely secure ourselves. In the minds of Slavic protagonists (the uninitiated) we will put such stereotypes of thinking, in which the most terrible word will be "anti-Semite. The word "Jew" will be uttered in a whisper. With a few trials (like the trial of the anti-Semite Ostashvili and his subsequent extermination) and other methods (radio, television, scary movies like the revenge of the Israeli super-intelligence agency Mossad for the murder of Jews) we will intimidate the cattle so much, that not a single Jew will lose a single hair on his head while Slavs are being shot off by the thousands - at borders where Jews do not serve, in peacekeeping forces, by terrorism, by contract and criminal murders. 3. The stupid Slavic ethnos does not understand that the worst fascists are those who never, never speak about it out loud, but organize everything supposedly according to the most democratic norms (like the presidential elections in March). On the contrary, we will make the word "fascist" itself profane. This label will be feared by everyone to whom we hang it. We know very well that nationalism strengthens the nation, makes it strong. The slogan of "internationalism" is outdated and no longer works as it used to; we will replace it with "universal human values," which is the same thing. We will not allow any nationalism to rise, and we will destroy with fire and sword those nationalist movements which seek to lead the people out from under our dictate, as we have done in Georgia, Armenia and Serbia. But we will ensure the complete prosperity of our nationalism - Zionism, or more precisely: Jewish fascism, which in its secrecy and power is super-fascism. It is not for nothing that the UN General Assembly passed a resolution in 1975 defining Zionism as the most egregious "form of racism and racial discrimination", but by virtue of our victorious march across the planet, repealed that decision in 1992. We have made this international body the weapon of our aspirations to seize power over "all kingdoms and peoples". 4. Numerous population of Slavs we will deprive the national elite, which determines the development of events, the progress of the country, and, ultimately, the entire course of history. To do this, we will lower their level of education - in the next five years we will close half of their institutions, and we will study in the other half. We will let more Armenians, Chechens, Gypsies and the like to study there. We will make sure that the governments of the Slavic countries have as few indigenous people as possible, and they will be replaced by our Jewish elite. In the media - in radio, television, the press, in the arts, literature, theater, cinema, we will gradually displace the national cadres, replacing them with our own or, as a last resort, cosmopolitan ones. There will be a humanization of education, with the result that the subjects structuring left- and right-brain thinking will be diminished and destructive: (a) Language and literature, (6) physics and mathematics. There is nothing to talk about history. We will give the bourgeois our view of history, where we will show that all human evolution has moved toward recognizing a God-chosen nation of Jews as the rulers of the entire world. In return for national values we will give you the patriotism of balalaikas and drunken tears. And here our goal is to replace the red-brown elite with ours. We will not allow science to develop in these countries. And the nucleus of scientists (the Academy of Sciences) will consist of our people. We will not allow any high technology, which will lead to the complete decline of industry, which will be narrowed down to the production of basic necessities for a limited contingent of slaves who extract raw materials for us. There are many engineers, skilled workers, and teachers among the townspeople. We will create such conditions of survival for them (no jobs, high rent, utility bills, fares) that they will themselves flee, as Russians from the CIS countries are fleeing now, to the remote villages of the north, where it will seem easier to live, which in fact will also be a deception. Destroy the youth - and you will defeat the nation! That is our motto. We will deprive your society of young people by corrupting them with sex, rock, violence, alcohol, smoking, drugs, that is, we will deprive your society of its future. We will strike at the family, destroying it, reducing childbearing. Hitler was a foolish boy. He acted directly, openly. And had to do an incredible amount of work - millions burned, shot, buried and the like. He left bloody footprints. We act more cunningly: we will have no traces. To reduce childbearing by at least half is to destroy 2-3 million Russians a year without any physical cost. No furnaces, no bullets, no graves. And no trace. No births. No perpetrators either. Let's create better living conditions for criminals than for the working cattle, let criminals be released from prisons, so there will be more murders, looting, instability. Amnesty will apply only to thieves and murderers, in short, to everyone except those convicted under the article "inciting ethnic hatred," which now replaces the law on anti-Semitism. Sow fear among the people. Fear for a life that will become worthless, fear for a job that could be taken away every minute, fear for the future of your children... Fear is what will rule. 5. These enormous tasks will be carried out in several stages. What will help us is that Russians are constantly drunk, love power, and are ready to fight with each other on this basis. True, there is another structured organization, the Orthodox clergy. We will send our Jewish representatives as priests there, who, according to the Talmud, are allowed to outwardly perform the rituals of other religions, while keeping their Judaism faith in their hearts. The rest will be bribed. And those who will not succumb - we shall destroy. The Russians do not have more or less organized structures, and the Russian steppe is not able to unite and create them, because the Russian steppe is already drunk and degraded and is not capable of structuring. We will drive all the mountaineers to where they should be - high in the mountains. At the same time, we shall cut off the Russians from the East by the Great Arc. We will create a confederation of free peoples "Itil-Ural", cutting off the Urals and Siberia from Central Russia. We will create such an intolerable environment there that the national minorities themselves will ask "Western society" to protect them from the bloody Russian colonizers. If the U.S. bought Alaska from Russia last century, then in the twenty-first century it will buy Siberia outright. Which would include the Siberian territories between the Yenisei in the west, the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the east, and the border of China, Mongolia, and North Korea in the south. These lands are twice the size of the United States itself. An acre of land would be bought for $1,000, but for the whole of Siberia, it would cost $3 trillion over 20 years. The annual payments would be 200 billion dollars, half of which would go to purchase goods from the United States. The Siberians aren't going anywhere from having to submit to some foreign influence, and the U.S. looks nicer than its Asian neighbors. After all, Vladivostok is closer to Los Angeles than it is to Moscow... 6. In order to carry out all these archival events for us, under the guise of "democratic transformation," we will give the Slavic cattle a monarchy. A puppet president for everyone! Monarchism is good in that it sends all the energy of the masses to the whistle. It distracts from our secret active work of structuring the population according to the model we need. The president is a screen, seemingly elected by the people (and we will fake electoral procedures so that everything seems legitimate), from behind which we will manage all the necessary processes. The president will be endowed with unlimited powers. By reshuffling personnel in top positions in the security and law enforcement agencies, he will put our people in charge of them. The army, "the Ministry of Internal Affairs" and "the Federal Security Service" will be directly subordinate to the President. And hence - to us. We will have only strings in our hands, leading to the president's hands. And we will pull these strings as needed to implement the grand design of conquering all the tribes and kingdoms, to subjugate them by our supernational, the chosen of the God of Israel. 7. But the main thing is money. It does everything. They are power. They are power. Who has the money has the weapons. High-tech. He has a hired army. Money owns the media, fooling billions of human cattle. Bribing the people we want. Taking out the unruly. Bombing resisting fans - Iraqis, Serbs, eventually Russians. It's all about capital and taking power. We have been practicing the accumulation of capital and the seizure of power for over three thousand years, and no one can compare to us in this field. You don't have your own money. Neither do you have power. You don't have it, and you won't have it! We won't! We hate you immeasurably! This hatred gives us the power to smile sweetly in your face, infiltrate your trust and lead you, showing "concern" for you and your children, future grandchildren and great-grandchildren, which in reality will not appear. You are doomed. And as long as you do not understand this simple truth, as long as you keep fidgeting, you will be beaten more than you should be. If you are obedient, there will be 65-70 million of you, otherwise there will be 40-45 million. The main thing now is to hold on to us for at least another two or three years. And then there won't be any problems for us here in this country. We will create such defenses that none of you will move. Everything that will be known to us will be controlled and secretly managed. And no one will be able to stop us! What we will do!!! 1. Our aspirations are now directed at Russia with two objectives: first - the elimination of the most powerful and independent empire, occupying one-sixth of the earth. The second - the capture of its riches, which amount to 60-70% of the world's raw materials and 75-80% of the discovered oil and gas reserves, concentrated in Siberia and on the shelf of the Arctic Ocean. 2. There is intense climate warming on the planet. Desert is moving northward at a rate of 10 km per year, dehydration of the earth is 25 m per year. Already now, the ancient centers of the world - Athens, Rome and, most importantly, Jerusalem (Israel) fall into the zone of only artificial irrigation. In 20-30 years, one will have to think about the resettlement of huge masses of civilized peoples to the north of their present residence. By that time, Ukraine will have an amazing subtropical climate, and the Black Earth Region and the north of Ukraine will have the climate of today's PredCaucasia. If you remember history, we must recognize that these lands - the original lands of the ancient Jewish Khazaria, that is Israel, captured by Kievan Rus in the X century. The Slavs are temporary guests here and are subject to eviction. We shall return this territory and create on these fertile lands of the Great Khazaria - the Jewish state, just as 50 years ago, created Israel, ousting the Palestinians. Part of the Israelis will move here, and we will drive the Slavic cattle far to the north, outside Moscow. There will be a small northern territory - a reservation with a compact population, a reservation similar to the Indians in America. On March 9, 2014 in New York City, Manhattan, a very curious event occurred: between 50,000 and 100,000 Haredim (according to various estimates), members of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic sect, held a prayer stand, which seriously frightened the residents of Manhattan. The official version of the event is that the prayers were said against the call by Israel of yeshiva graduates and students to Tzahal. But it begs the question, why wasn't it held in Jerusalem in front of the Knesset or elsewhere in Israel? Clearly, the annual gathering of Chabad "envoys" in New York was combined with a protest against military pressure on the Haredim, but why so pompous? Could it be that the prayer was offered by so many people for a different reason? It is most likely true, because such reasoning is prompted by recent events in Ukraine, in Russia and in Europe, where a fierce information war is taking place, turning into an attempt to push NATO and Russia into a war on the territory of Ukraine. But why is this being done and what do peaceful yeshiva students and gray-haired Chabad-Lubavitch Torah scholars have to do with the flaring up of the conflict?
  3. Who rules this world? Sons of the Covenant, the All-Seeing Eye on the Threshold of the New World Order. Digital fascism in a new package. Zionist plans for the coming years. Phase 1: Threat Imitation and Fear Creation. (December 2019 - March 2020) - Set up a pandemic in China. - Kill tens of thousands of elderly people. - Increase the number of cases and deaths. - Position vaccination as the only solution from the beginning. - Focus all attention on Covid-19. Result, (almost) general panic. Phase 2: Sow tares and division. (March 2020 - December 2020). - Introduce a host of unnecessary, libertarian and unconstitutional coercive measures. - Paralyze trade and the economy. - Oversee the submission of the majority and the resistance of the rebellious minority. - Stigmatize rebels and create horizontal division. - Censor dissident leaders. - Punish disobedience. - Generalize PCR tests. - Create confusion between cases, infected, sick, hospitalized and dead. - Disqualify all effective treatments. - Hope for a life-saving vaccine. Result, (almost) general panic. Phase 3: Bring the insidious and deadly solution. (December 2020 - June 2021). - Offer a free vaccine to all. - Promise protection and a return to normalcy. - Set a goal of immunizing the herd. - Simulate a partial economic recovery. - Hide the statistics of side effects and deaths from injections. - Pass off side effects from injections as "natural" effects of virus and disease. - Restore the notion of variant as a natural mutation of the virus. - Justify maintaining coercive measures by not applying the herd immunity threshold. - Punish health care providers for illegally administering care and treatment. - Result, doubt and sense of betrayal among vaxx, discouragement among opponents. Phase 4: Establish apartheid and QR code. (June 2021-October 2021). - Voluntary deficit planning. - Introduce a vaccination pass (QR code) to reward the vaccinated and punish those who resist. - Create an apartheid of the privileged against the rest. - Deny the unvaccinated the right to work or study. - Deprive the unvaccinated of basic services. - Impose PCR payment tests on the unvaccinated. The result, the first phase of digital control, impoverishes the unvaccinated. Phase 5: Establishment of chaos and martial law. (November 2021-March 2022). - Take advantage of commodity and food shortages. - Cause paralysis of the real economy and closure of factories and stores. - Allow unemployment to explode. - Apply a third dose of vaccine (boosters). - Get busy killing the living elderly. - Introduce compulsory vaccination for everyone. - Reinforce the myth of options, vaccine effectiveness and herd immunity. - Demonize vaccination opponents and hold them responsible for the dead. - Arrest opposition leaders. - Impose digital identification (QR code) on everyone: Birth certificate, ID card, passport, driver's license, health insurance card... - Establish martial law to defeat the opposition. Result, the second stage of digital control. Imprisonment or elimination of opponents. Phase 6: Debt forgiveness and dematerialization of money. (March 2022 to September 2022). - Trigger economic, financial and stock market collapse, bank failures. - Save the banks' losses in their customers' accounts. - Activate the "Great Reboot. - Dematerialize money. - Cancel debts, loans and credits. - Introduce a digital portfolio. (Digital Wallet). - Seize real estate and land. - Ban all global drugs. - Confirm compulsory vaccinations every six months or a year. - Impose food rationing and a diet based on the Codex Alimentarius. - Extend these measures to developing countries. The result, the third phase of digital control. Extend the New World Order to the entire planet....
  4. Almost 100 years have passed, but Henry Ford's words about Jewish infestation can still be repeated today. "If people knew and understood how the Banking System worked, the revolution would come before tomorrow". Henry Ford. Here is an example of how TERROR (very vividly described in the Protocols as an effective means of "processing" public consciousness) can "change" the position of even the most convinced and ideologically consistent people. Henry Ford knew where the real evil was coming from. His publishing house, the Dearborn Independent, published The Protocols of Zion and a four-volume book called "World Jewry" in the early 1920s. The books exceeded 4 million copies in circulation and were distributed not only in the United States, but also in Europe. For this Ford was publicly mocked by the media of the day and he was threatened with physical violence by his own family and friends and forced to confess officially that his position was wrong. In 1925 an assassination attempt was organized against him and he narrowly escaped death. The harassment continued. Eventually, fearing for his life and capitals, Ford backtracked. At the end of June 1927, he publicly apologized to the Jewish people to the head of the North American Jewish Committee, Marshall, and gave the "go-ahead" to destroy the books he had published. The next day, trucks rolled up to the editorial office warehouses. The books were taken to a vacant lot and burned. The same fate befell the copies of books Ford had already published and sent to many universities in the U.S. over the past seven years. --------------------------- Jewish organizations declare war on the biggest propagandist and distributor of the Protocols of Zion, H. Ford. Unable to defeat him in court, Jewish activists organize a campaign of harassment and intimidation. The largest Jewish bankers organize an economic blockade of his businesses, as a result of which Ford suffers huge losses. Thousands of threatening letters are sent to the "Car King". In 1925, an assassination attempt is made on Ford. On the way to Dearborn, where the editorial office of the newspaper The Dearborn Independent was located and where his book "International Jewry" was stocked, a truck ran over the car. It was only by some miracle that Ford escaped death. Already in the evening he received an anonymous note informing him that the next attempt would be more successful. In fear for his life and capitals, Ford threw out the white flag. On June 30, 1927, he sent a letter to Louis Marshall, president of the American-Jewish Committee, renouncing his views and apologizing to Jews. The next day, trucks hired by Jewish organizations drove up to the Dearborn Independent and to the bookstore. All the books produced by Ford were taken to a vacant lot and burned. Moreover, the same fate befell Ford's books that he had sent to U.S. libraries. The Department of Justice sends a circular letter to all libraries and educational institutions in the U.S., recommending that the Protocols of Zion be removed from their collections. At the insistence of the Jews, Ford also orders the destruction of International Jewry in Europe. There is a correspondence between Henry Ford and a well-known anti-Jewish activist, Professor Theodore Fritsch, in which he writes a fair evaluation of the cowardly act of the American millionaire. <Dearborn, Mich[igan], November 1, 1927. To Mr. Theodore Fritsch in Leipzig. Dear Sir, On June 30, 1927, I published a statement concerning those articles on the Jews which appeared in the Dearborn Independent, some of which were subsequently printed as a book entitled International Jewry. Convinced that these writings were unfounded, and that I therefore had a duty of honor to withdraw all these printed charges against the Jews from sale, I made public the statement I had made. In so doing I believed that my desire in this respect would be honored by all in good conscience. I enclose herewith an exact copy of this statement with my own handwritten signature. All the copies of International Jewry which were in my publishing house at Dearborn were destroyed before my eyes. I have learned from the newspapers that you are still publishing this work in various countries in various languages and putting it on sale, and that you are using my name in connection with it under the pretext that the publishing rights have not yet been revoked by me. In order to remove any doubt as to my intentions in this matter, I hereby inform you that all rights which you have or claim to have, by publishing International Jewry anywhere or in any language whatsoever, are hereby revoked and deemed destroyed, and that the publication, sale or other distribution of International Jewry, as well as the use of the name of H. Ford or the Dearborn pablum, are hereby revoked and deemed destroyed. Ford or the Dearborn Publ. Camp. in connection therewith is hereby forbidden, both to you and to every third person or society in which you participate or in which you have power of attorney, concession or other rights. I ask you, in confirmation of this letter, to certify to me that you are in all respects in agreement with my demands. Henry Ford. Leipzig, December 1, 1927 <To Mr. Henry Ford at Dearborn. Dear Sir, Your decision by which you have forbidden me the further distribution of the book "International Jewry" is most regrettable. Less so because it destroys a significant book wealth (for it would devalue 9,400 copies of the German and Spanish edition), but chiefly because it would destroy the inestimable spiritual wealth of mankind. It is not true that the book published under your name is unfounded in its contents. On the contrary, it contains much more facts and evidence, which, in the struggle of honest people against the tyranny of the abominable power of money and lies, constitute a terrible weapon. What you have set forth in this book, with the assistance of ingenious and thoroughly honest collaborators, concerning the influence of Jews in the economic, literary, social, and political fields of the United States, are all proofs of exceptional force, even if you have not avoided in particular those minor defects which are characteristic of every human conviction. In general your book is a courageous work and a weapon of truth against the lies and deceit of a shameless and cruel conspiratorial society. The publication of this book will remain the most significant work of your life. It will leave a memory of you to posterity, even when your gigantic achievements in industry have long since been consigned to oblivion. And here come those mercantile souls who hate all that is great and sublime, for it reveals their own nothingness, and want to turn this bright beam into a smoky effigy - they want to destroy this book. No, great Henry Ford, in this Judas business you must not take part. I and my friends are convinced that you and your collaborators have expressed only your innermost convictions, to warn an indifferent world against a terrible danger. And we ask ourselves the question: what insidious forces have had a hand in causing a man of your spiritual strength and your economic means to sacrifice the best and call himself a liar? If proof is still needed that your book speaks the truth about the enslavement of honest humanity by Jewry, we already have it in this case in the form of Henry Ford's capitulation to Jewish money power. It is a case that may lead some weak souls to despair as to the future of the human race, for if the best and the strongest lay down their arms before fraud, who will defend the cause of justice and right? It seems to me, however, quite clear why your struggle should have been unsuccessful. With all the thoroughness and honesty with which you and your collaborators have gathered the facts of everyday life and portrayed them successfully and truthfully, you still have not got to the true root of the disputed question. German thinkers unravelled the mystery of Jewry more than a hundred years ago; unfortunately, these discoveries have not yet received the attention they deserve in other countries. Even for most educated Germans they still remain hidden. The fatal blindness has been achieved by a sect based entirely on material and political gain, hiding under a religious guise. The Jewish religion has nothing in reality to do with doctrine, i.e., uplifting moral law, for it seeks only economic and political gain and the expropriation and enslavement of non-Jews. As far back as 130 years ago the philosopher Fichte warned against Jewry as "a powerful and hostile state, which has spread over all the states of Europe, standing in continual struggle with all the other countries and oppressing in some of them with terrible force. This hits the nail on the head. The Jewish creed is not a moral law, but in fact a constitution that unites the Jews into one state entity and thereby prevents Jews from serving any other state honestly. Nowhere in your book do you mention the specifics of the rabbis' teachings in the Talmud or the Shulchan Aruch. Meanwhile, it is only through the study of these books that the full horror of the Jewish being is made clear. It is hard to expect that a man of your superhuman economic activity would find the leisure and energy to engage in scholarly research in the field of philosophy or the history of religion. And yet I am sure that if a small part of the above monstrous things were made known to you, you would find no rest day or night until the mask of humanity's most dangerous enemy had been torn off, and the most shameful chains, the chains of spiritual slavery, had been broken from our souls. You, Mr. Ford, you were the man who could do this. In all your words and deeds speaks the spirit of an irrepressible desire for self-improvement, for the elevation and liberation of humanity, a genuine idealism, full of power to be realized. It is incomprehensible how a man like you could become a tool in the hands of humanity's most dangerous enslavers. There was a time when everything thinking and honest in the world looked with hope upon you, Mr. Ford, as a liberator. Ford is a genius, a mighty spirit of enterprise, monetarily invincible, he will break the chains to give freedom to all. Such was the general expectation. And here is the result. The thinking world stands before something unfathomable, before the spectacle of one of the most energetic and inspired bowing before the power of falsehood and asking forgiveness. Only diabolical cunning could cause this incomprehensible. We are a small bunch of fighters for truth without means or influence, we will not give up. As strong as Jewish power is now, we laugh in its face. We know its weaknesses, for all that is based on lies is empty and rotten. We know that on our side are the unshakable forces of life, which flattery, lies, and the tyranny of mammon cannot long withstand - reason, truth, and justice. Before them, the whole temple of lies will be blown to pieces when the time comes. We know that the day is coming when the Jewish web of lies will strangle itself. In the meantime, we have the advantage over all those who are spiritually blind: a deeper understanding. Only this can lead people to a happier future. Only out of the recovery of life and the creation of a new moral law can the world be reborn into a new life of peace and justice. We are not afraid of anything. We are all too proud to adjust to a life dominated by vice, a life built on cowardice and deceit. We would rather go into oblivion than submit to the domination of the scum of humanity. Regarding your first statement, I will allow myself to say the following. We do not make up "old fairy tales" and in the struggle against Jewry we do not expose the sins of this or that scum. We are not fighting against a few: what we are attacking is all of Jewry in its entirety, as it has been presenting itself for centuries in Jewish sources and in deeds completely undisputed. The statement you made to Louis Marshall on June 30, 1927, I did not consider at the time, for I learned of it only from the Jewish newspapers, which are not a reliable source for me. If you, Mr. Ford, believe that I should have taken this statement into consideration, I should have expected that it would have been communicated to me with your handwritten signature. Although the enclosed legal opinion disputes the prohibition upon the resale of your translated works, I declare myself ready to accede to the author's request and to place at his disposal copies of "The International Jew" in my possession, under the terms to which you will find in the enclosed letter. >>Theodore Fritsch.
  5. Yevgeny Zamyatin's "We" (1920s) is the first great dystopia of the 20th century. Vaccination and Conspiracy Theory. A Guide for Elites. New World Order. It was thanks to "We" that many of the masterpieces that have become classics today appeared in dystopia: a view of dystopian society from within, a failed revolt against the system, constant surveillance, ubiquitous propaganda, absolute totalitarianism, punishment for any dissent, mass dehumanization of people, surgical operations for "brainwashing", the regulation of sexual life, programs to correct language and speech. Using the formula created by Zamyatin, other authors simply added 'their' knowledge of the real world order, creating new pictures of a dystopian future. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_(novel)&ved=2ahUKEwiCp7fVrdj4AhW4S0EAHZKaBqIQFnoECCcQAQ&usg=AOvVaw01X7UVjNlxWeMYtZLt82S3 200 years have passed since The Great War. Almost the entire population of the Earth has been wiped out. The remnants of humanity live in the perfect Unified State. Despite an authoritarian system of serial numbers, uniforms, glass houses, and scheduled sex, happiness and harmony reign in the society. An engineer named D-503 considers such a life ideal. He celebrates it by putting all his knowledge and talent into the construction of a super-powered spaceship. A chance meeting with a woman named I-330 completely reverses D-503's self-image. He discovers in himself the uncontrollable “ancient” impulses, feelings and passions. And he is yet to find out that there are those who do not like the existing world order and seek to destroy the last bastion of humanity on Earth - the Unified State… "Brave new world" and "1984" are constantly on everyone's lips: they are actively inspired by the creators of other dystopias, they are often argued about, modernity is compared to them. Eugene Zamyatin's novel We, on the other hand, is far from being as popular, although Huxley and Orwell would hardly have written their most famous books without it. Zamyatin's work has been called the first great dystopia of the twentieth century - we tell you why. The novel's backstory. Evgeny Zamyatin was a convinced socialist from his student years, which is why the plots of almost all of his early works described the "rotten" society of the early 20th century. In the story "Uezdnoe" he showed the provincial society bogged down in vices, in "Na kuchitki" - stagnant life of the Russian army detachment in the Far East. The material for his works the writer collected during his exile - for his revolutionary and anti-war activities he had more than once conflicts with the authorities and justice. In 1916 Zamyatin went to a British shipyard to design Russian icebreakers. The writer did not like England at all: in his opinion, British society, although well-fed and quiet, was extremely conservative and mechanized. Under Taylor's system, the workplace viewed people as only parts of one big machine. Moreover, World War I was in full swing, where British inventions were used en masse as weapons, which horrified the writer. During the trip, Zamyatin became acquainted with the works of Herbert Wells and was impressed. As a result, he decided that fiction was the best way to reflect reality, with which to 'warn' society of the coming dangers. Evgeny Zamyatin. Inspired by the successes of the February Revolution, Zamyatin returned to Russia in 1917, where he found work in the editorial boards of several magazines. There he openly supported the Left Socialist Revolutionaries and often criticized the activities of the Bolsheviks. In 1920 he wrote the fantastic anti-utopia "We" as a satire on the radical ideas of his socialist contemporaries. "We" is by no means the first dystopia. Even Jonathan Swift, in his Gulliver's Adventures, described the dystopian flying island of Laputa. At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries came Walter Besant's The Inner House, Jack London's The Iron Heel, and Claude Farrer's Condemned to Death. But even H.G. Wells, in his novel "When the Sleeper Awakens," in his detailed modeling of the world of the future, simply showed the conflicts that have long been familiar, only somewhat more acute. Illustration for the novel "When the Sleeper Awakens". Zamyatin, guided by his life experience and the ideals that guided many of his contemporaries, created a different picture of the future. No other dystopia before "Us" had built such totalitarian societies and told such dystopian stories. Image from the trailer of the movie "We" 2021s, based on the novel by Yevgeny Zamyatin. "The City of Glass" (Or City Under a Dome). The novel is set one thousand years after the devastating bicentennial Last Revolution, which destroyed almost all of humanity. The survivors have built a huge city - the One State. After the chaos of war, stability has become the ultimate human value. Anything that was not subject to logic, was declared chaotic. That's why the city is fenced off with a green wall from the surrounding nature. There are no plants left in the One State, almost everything in the city is made of glass and concrete. The walls of every building are made of clear glass, because good citizens, who are called "numero uno", have nothing to hide anyway. The level of technical progress of the One State was relatively high: for example, the people in the novel build a spaceship. It was desired to be used to carry the word of an ideal society built on Earth throughout the universe. This echoes the philosophy of the futurologist Nikolai Fedorov, according to which people need to curb all the elements and emotions, and then begin to preach their ideals in space. On the whole, this description of the city of the future was not very different from other fantasy books of the time, telling of the victory of cities over villages. In When the Sleeper Awakens, all of humanity lived only in huge cities under glass domes, resembling giant anthills. The structure of society. At the head of the Nummer State was the Benefactor, who was elected every year on the Day of Unity on a non-alternative basis. The lives of the Numers were regulated by various Bureaus: the Medical Bureau was responsible for people's health, and the Guardians Bureau for maintaining the existing order. Everything was subordinated to the public good: for example, poets could only praise the state and use their art to teach socially useful skills. In case of disobedience, execution. Private life and property in such a society simply could not exist. Unlike the anti-utopian predecessors, Zamyatin did not describe the state as a hyperbolized England or the United States, where capitalists flourish while exploiting the finally enslaved working class. In general terms, the One State resembles Plato's ideal state, Thomas More's Utopia, Campanella's City of the Sun, and many other utopias. In these too, totalitarian control reigned over all spheres of life of citizens, all benefits were centrally and equally distributed, and an all-powerful repressive apparatus was at the head. Except that in the One State there were no slaves, all numers were equal before the Benefactor and the Guardian Bureau. There is one curious similarity between utopias and the Nummer Society: all of them forbid atheism. Although Zamyatin did not directly mention the compulsory religiosity of the Numers, he clearly indicated a deification of the structure of the One State. <...> We go - one million-headed body, and in each of us is that humble joy that molecules, atoms, phagocytes probably live by. In the ancient world, it was understood by the Christians, our only (though very imperfect) predecessors: that humility is a virtue and pride a vice, and that "WE" - is of God, and "I" is of the devil. excerpt from the novel "We". The Island - Thomas More's Utopia Another common feature of Nummer society with Plato's State is the control of the sexual life of its citizens. But only if according to Plato the government assigned life-long marriages, in the One State the Nummers were given "pink slips" which could be used for sex with anyone in the "sexual hour". The state was destroying the possibility of the Numbers becoming attached to anyone, which is why it invented the sex voucher system. For the same purpose, children were taken from their parents and sent to the Children's Educational Factories, where robotic teachers eradicated all manifestations of individualism in the young Numers. "Individuality of the Numers." To eliminate differences among humans, the One State sought to make the inhabitants as similar as possible. Everyone shaved their heads, wore the same clothes, and was given a number instead of a name. Even the food was the same, processed from oil. Something of this Zamyatin picked up from Edward Bellamy's utopia "A Glance Backward, 2000-1887". There, the state monopoly on all goods forced everyone to wear the same uniform and keep the same daily routine. The popularity of such ideas was eloquently illustrated by the fact that in the pre-revolutionary Russian Empire the book was officially republished three times. Unlike the dystopias of the past, in Us every citizen was equally unfree within the system. Even the Benefactor, who ruled the One State, was as much a slave to the system as any numero uno. And this was considered a guarantee of happiness, because from the point of view of the ideology of the numers, freedom and happiness were incompatible. People were even selected in such a way as to erase all unique racial and national traits. By the time of the events of the novel, though, this was never fully achieved. Also, no matter what, a sense of affection for some people remained. For example, a protagonist named D-503 felt a sense of closeness to the poet R-13 and the girl O-90, considering them something like family. Although many of the words for such feelings had long ago been blotted out of the language as part of a special government program. Many Numers sincerely believed in the goodness of their society, but it was more because of the state propaganda, for they still experienced some vivid emotions. They were simply unaware of any alternatives - and if they began to publicly question the rightness of such a society, they were immediately repressed. D-503. The vast majority of dystopias and utopias before Us were characterized by a detached view of the states being described. The narrators came from outside, from another country or from the past altogether. Often the familiarity with society was only superficial. D-503, the protagonist of We, was born, raised and never left the borders of the One State. He is an engineer who worked on the blueprints of the first spaceship. The whole story is told through his diary, which he keeps in a rather dry style. And this allows you to feel better the atmosphere of the society, which puts rationality above all else, and to trace all the metamorphoses in the character. Fan art for "1984." According to the story, D-503 meets a girl musician with the number I-330 and falls in love with her. It turns out that she was involved in an underground organization called "Mephie." In a society where individuality was considered something diabolical, "Mephie" could be interpreted as "Mephistopheles," as members of the resistance were also tempted by the Numbers to put their own selves above society. The organization sought to destroy the One State: to destroy the Green Wall in order to let the wild tribes living outside into the city, accustomed to stability. They were to bring chaos and emotion back into the lives of the Numbers by any means necessary, thereby enriching society. Having gained spiritual freedom, D-503 began to be torn between his sense of duty to society and his own desires. However, for a long time he chose the latter, drinking forbidden wine, smoking cigars and having sex with I-330 for his own pleasure. His sense of freedom blinded D-503's eyes and made him selfish, which eventually drove the hero into a rage. He became jealous of I-330 for the other men she seduced for the cause of resistance. It also made D-503 angry that Mephie was just using him. He was only needed to finish the spaceplane whose engines would be used by the resistance members to burn down the city. "The Mephi treated D-503 virtually as well as the One-State government. Amid the failed attempt at revolution, D-503 went to the Guardian Bureau to repent. In the end, the main character had his "soul" surgically cut out, which deprived him of fantasy and emotion of any kind. Zamyatin showed an absolutely hopeless situation: emotions and the desire for freedom eventually led the protagonist back to a soulless, machine-like society anyway. Even though O-90, pregnant with D-503, managed to escape the city, it still made the ending of the novel pessimistic. According to Zamyatin, nothing can be done about the society of brainwashed people; the only way to escape from it is to give up all the benefits of civilization. This echoes the thoughts of Jonathan Swift, who believed that a perfect society can only be built - if there are no people in it. "Influence." In the year of publication, Zamyatin's novel was seen as a caricature of the bright communist society of the future and banned from publication. So until 1952 the book was published exclusively abroad. It was thanks to "We" that many of the masterpieces that have become classics today appeared in this dystopia: a look at the dystopian society from within, a failed revolt against the system, constant surveillance, omnipresent propaganda, absolute totalitarianism, punishment for any dissent, the mass dehumanization of people, surgical operations for "brainwashing", the regulation of sexual life, programs of language and speech correction. Using the formula created by Zamyatin, other authors simply added 'their' knowledge of the real world order, creating new pictures of a dystopian future. Aldous Huxley used this template to tell the story of a degenerate consumer society. George Orwell simply saw a partially realized technocratic authoritarianism in practice, after which he wrote "1984" based on the structure of "We". Other authors of dystopias were inspired by the already more modern "Brave New World" and "1984". Despite the popularization of the genre, We remained a little-known book. But Zamyatin's legacy is alive in dozens of works, from "Fahrenheit 451" degrees to "Equilibrium", from "Black Mirror" to "We Happy Few". And why do all dystopias look like "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"? Let's turn to Henry Ford's book "The International Jew" for an explanation. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_International_Jew
  6. "Don't pull hard on the rope! If he suddenly looks under his feet, we'll be in trouble!" Catholic France on the trail of a Jew and a Freemason. Caricature from the right-wing anti-Dreyfusar magazine Le pélerin, 1902.
  7. The double standard of "HOLOCOST" Pictured left. This is what non-Jews (i.e. Goyim) looked like at the time of liberation from Auschwitz: French, Hungarians, Italians, Czechoslovaks, Greeks, Romanians, Danes, Belgians, Soviet citizens, etc., etc. In the photo on the right. And this is roughly what the Jews looked like (well-groomed, well-fed, richly dressed, well-groomed) when they were liberated from the so-called "death camps. For example, a 1945 photograph by a famous war photographer shows a Jewish family just liberated from the Budapest ghetto. Unlike the goyim, the Jews in the Auschwitz camp lived very comfortably: they had a swimming pool, theater, brothels, sports fields and even six symphony orchestras. International Jewish organizations, for free, with money stolen from the goyim nations, continually delivered food parcels to Jewish prisoners through the Red Cross. Needless to say, the Jews did not share the food with the other prisoners. Because Judaism has for thousands of years taught the Jews that only Jews are human beings and that all non-Jews are goyim, i.e. two-legged animals in human guise. Judaism severely punishes non-Jews for the slightest assistance and relentlessly calls for the killing of as many goyim as possible. It is known that when Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army, these "well-to-do Jews" were no longer there. Because the international #Zionist organizations colluded criminally with Hitler's Nazis to take them all out of there before January 1945 to create a Jewish state of Israel on the territory of Palestine. And this is what happened in all the so-called "death camps". According to estimates of unbiased objective researchers during the entire period of existence of Nazi Germany no more than 60,000 Jews died from Anglo-American bombings, epidemics and starvation in concentration camps and ghettos. But then, where did the 6 million innocently murdered Jews come from? It's all about Judaism. The Torah and the Talmud tell the Jews to always lie to the eyes of the gentile and make the most of it. This is what happened with the great Jewish scam called the Holocaust, under the pretext of which hundreds of billions of dollars are being sucked out of Germany by the #Zionists.
  8. On the reasons for the emergence of Freemasonry and its connection to Zionism and the DeepState. New World Order. The Templars, followers of Christ, in fact, secretly practiced Judaism. Secretly because they lived in the Catholic world in the Middle Ages. When the open confession of any religion other than Christianity in its Catholic form was fraught with if not destruction, then the loss of influence and status. And Freemasonry came from the Templars. And all this Templar-Masonic mysticism with degrees of initiation into the secret was nothing more than a way of recruiting Catholics into the true faith, Judaism, by the method of gradual involvement. ~~~Rex Deus. So, #RexDeus, the theory of the existence of families of Divine Kings. Actually, the Divine Kings are just such a colorful name. It refers to the descendants of noble Jewish families, each of whom could claim the throne in Jerusalem. As everyone probably knows, Joshua Ha Nozri, the nationalist leader from Galilee, was a descendant of King David and Solomon. His wife, known as Mary of Magdala, came from the tribe of Benjamin, and their union basically united Israel if the throne in Jerusalem was given to Yeshua. ( Well, it's a complicated story there, the kings of Herod were not entitled to the throne by blood, besides, they cooperated with Rome. Kafirs and murtads, to make a long story short). After the crucifixion and the disappearance of Yeshua's body, another Jewish revolt against the Romans broke out decades later. But this time it provoked a real war. The Roman regular army crushed the revolt by force, destroying Jerusalem and the Temple to the ground. The Jews were partly slaughtered, partly continued their desperate resistance in besieged fortresses in other cities (the last to fall was the fortress of Massada, where the defenders committed mass suicide), and partly fled. Among those who fled were members of the most aristocratic Jewish families. They were well-educated, bookish people. They were also wealthy. Joseph of Arimathea, for example, was known to have traded successfully with Britain, and his assets were outside of Palestine. This was also the situation of many wealthy Jews. The Jews fled to Greece and from there penetrated into Western Europe. Especially France and Britain. Probably many know that Joshua's family, Mary Magdalene, her daughters, close relatives, and servants landed on the shores of Provence, near Marseilles shortly after the Crucifixion. Mary of Magdala is said to have spent the last years of her life in a picturesque cave near the town of St. Bom, near St. Maximin (not to be confused with St. Maxime). I have been there many times, and I can describe what I saw. The cave is in a rock mass that rises high and rather unexpectedly: valleys, hills, and suddenly a huge barrier of mountains. The cave is thus high up, and nothing obstructs the view of the valleys from it. These places are not meant for tourists, and are not advertised. The road to the grotto goes up, and is quite difficult. Or rather, there are two roads. The cave itself is cared for by Dominican monks, and services are held there. There is a source of water, water is certainly considered miraculous. Judging by the memorial tablets, the cave was visited by all French kings after their coronation. The descendants of the Jews settled in Europe, and because they were rich and educated, they quickly mingled with the local "aristocracy" and sort of dissolved into it. However, as we know, Jews do not assimilate completely, although they can adopt whatever faith they want if it is necessary for the cause. That is exactly what happened this time. According to the #RexDeus theory, only one son in the family received information about who the family really was, and about their "royal-divine" roots. (I will say right away that I don't know why I am talking about a son and not a daughter, although there is a contradiction with Jewish custom here. I'm just telling it like I know it.) And the son did not have to be the eldest. It was up to the father to decide which son to tell. The #RexDeus are not necessarily descendants of Yeshua. There were many families besides him entitled to the throne, if anything. ~~~RexDeus 2. These very families, called #RexDeus (this is not the story of Yeshua's offspring, this is the story of many Jewish "houses") who in time became part of the circle of the highest European aristocracy, thus keeping the knowledge of their origins. This went on for quite some time, until 1088. At that time a certain Ed (Odo) de Chatillon de Lagerie, a Frenchman, a native of the province of Champagne, was chosen as Pope. He took the name of Urban II. The province of Champagne gave history 50% of all the first Templars, as we shall see later, and Urban's connection to the #RexDeus families is obvious. At the same time, representatives of the families gathered, and decided to go to Jerusalem, for proof of their lineages. They were aware of the dungeons beneath Solomon's Temple, and they hoped to find evidence of ancient Jewish legends there. Jerusalem had long been in Muslim hands, as was the whole of the Middle East, excluding the areas remaining under the rule of the Orthodox Christian Byzantine Empire. In the area around Solomon's Temple there were already Muslim shrines. Excavations and searches there were not possible, either clandestinely or explicitly. So the families decided on the adventure of the millennium: to lead the Christian world to war, and to invade Jerusalem. This adventure was called the Crusade. First of all, it was necessary to get the support of the Pope, but objectively speaking, any other Pope, except Urban, was not going to do much good. For one thing, the Pope himself was always in need of money. And war is expensive. The spoils of newly conquered territories usually went to the marauders and their barons. Secondly, the Roman Church became the "Main Church" in the Catholic world, and the Bishop of Rome became Pope for two reasons only: 1. the Jerusalem Church (the Elder of the Sisters) did not exist, for Jerusalem was in the hands of the Supremes, and thus the Roman Church took her place. 2. thanks to a forged document known as "Constantine's Gift". And now it was proposed to go to war on Jerusalem, and take it from the infidels. What, is the Pope a fool or what? We would have to appoint a Bishop of Jerusalem, and then how would we control him? But contrary to logic, Pope Urban fervently jumped into preparing the campaign. It is said that his speech was so significant that it has no equal to this day. ~~~RexDeus Cross Archaeology. The propaganda ignited the hearts of Catholics. Especially since sinners and criminals were promised both earthly and heavenly amnesty at once. The homeless and the poor were promised shelter and food, the scoundrels a chance to get rich, and so on. Surprisingly, the barons did not quarrel with each other completely, nor did they slaughter each other over their spoils during the march. But the internecine and very serious disagreements were settled by some miracle. But when Jerusalem was taken, the informal leader and favorite of the Crusader army, Godfrid of Bouillon, suddenly died out of the blue. He was 39 years old, a healthy, handsome man who had never been ill. And Pope Urban, too, suddenly had his hooves kicked in. Both died of something. The barons elected a relative of Godfrey of Bouillon as their first King of Jerusalem, and he took the name Baldwin the First, King of Jerusalem. Well, while the marauding and then consolidating, building and organizing in the new place, certain things began to happen. Not that secret, but not particularly noticeable in the hustle and bustle. The influential Baron Hugo of Champagne visited Jerusalem. He looked around and left. Then some of his vassals and their friends, nine in all, organized a kind of brotherhood, and swore an oath to each other of loyalty and mutual support. No one knew much about the brotherhood, and it was called the Brotherhood of the Poor Knights of the Temple of the Lord. They even chose a logo: Two riders on one horse. Newly minted Brothers immediately got down to business. But it was a strange business. They settled down there, where once stood the Temple of Solomon, and began to dig. They were digging for eight years. They did not protect any pilgrims from the Saracens, and they were not even seen. They dug. There were only nine brothers, and they did not take any, even the smallest military action. Eight years later, the brothers found what they were looking for. They climbed out of their vertical adit, put on their ceremonial armor, and stood before the Pope. What they talked about, and what they presented to the Vicar of Christ, remained a mystery. But the brothers came out of the papal chambers as an order, with never-before-seen "privileges" and "rights," and the Pope began to fear them. From this moment the history of the mighty Order of the Templars began, visible to mere laymen. ~~RexDeus. From Templars to Freemasons. The Order of the Templars grew by leaps and bounds. For one thing, it had privilege, prestige, and perspective. That is why both impoverished aristocracy and even rich feudal lords aspired there as nowadays careerists aspire to the administration of the President. Second - the Templars had their own army, that is, a reliable support, which protected the financial and political affairs of the "Brothers". And this was a lot of business. Third - the Templars perfectly mastered and promoted the banking, they even organized something like "Western Union" - an office that takes money in one part of the world, and gives it away in another, for a fee. By skillfully steering, investing and usury, quite in the Jewish tradition, the Templars were rapidly getting rich. Soon the brothers' political influence also became dominant in Europe. One could say that the Templars could claim an organization like the "European Union" and the "Schengen Union"... ~~~RexDeus. From Templars to Freemasons 2. As we already know, the founding fathers of the Templar Order were the Rex Deus families, that is, those who considered themselves descendants of the higher Jewish aristocracy. Hence, Jews. Thus, their Order, essentially a supranational state in Europe, had to rely not on Catholicism and Christianity in its Pavlian form, but on Judaism, and not the same as the rest, but esoteric Judaism, with elements of Satanism. But here's the concrete problem: Imagine that you are a Master of an Order. A certain neophyte, a young Catholic aristocrat, comes to the Order, and he has to be accepted. And what do you tell him? We are actually Jews, we have the Torah, the Pentateuch, circumcision and the Sabbath? The Order is claimed to be Catholic, isn't it? So the Templars invented a whole system of rituals, stages and steps to gradually prepare the newcomer to accept the truth, if he can accept it at all. And not be able, or being in the process of "learning" it will be gradually moving from degree to degree, from degree to degree. Some such "careers" lead to a dead end. The neophyte receives "degrees" but essentially does not advance. But other measures were taken by the Templars: For example, they explained to 'their own' that Jesus was not the Chief in that biblical story: but John (known to us as the Baptist) was the Chief. This of course was a strong 'argument'. Turns out it wasn't Christ who was in charge in life, but John! That was strong. Still, this could be indoctrinated into the neophyte. And by accepting this nonsense, it was easier to manipulate the newly minted 'brothers: After all, John the Baptist was not a Christian. He is a Jewish prophet, a zealot for the Jewish law (no mention of Faith in this context). Consequently, we are already on the right track. Well next comes Baphomet, the constant shapeshifting of what is good and what is evil? And if so? How about this? And so on. If you put the question directly: Were the Templars Heretics? The answer is unequivocally yes. The top of the "initiates" were more like Jews, IMHO, though with elements of what is commonly called Satanism. Records of interrogations have been preserved, and while in France the Templars were tortured and tormented during interrogations, in other countries it was rare. However, testimonies about the rituals given in different places by different people coincide. In defense of the Templars, it must be said that all Christianity, including the Divine Essence of Jesus Christ, was invented by one single man: Pharisee Shaul, a murderer and Roman agent. This man is known to us as the "apostle" Paul. Knowing the real story of Paul, his quarrel with all the Apostles and how things were, the Templars rightly believed that their "Heresy" was just an innocent child's play, compared to the deeds and monstrous forgery at the heart of Christianity. ~~~RexDeus. Defeat of the Templars. By 1306 the military glory of the Templars was a thing of the past. The order had fled the Holy Land and settled in Cyprus. But even there the Saracens attacked it, and the Templars acted as bargainers, in keeping with their essence, by buying back their prisoners. In banking and usury throughout Europe, however, they had no equal. Their financial power only grew. The Hospitallers fought Rhodes, the Teutons attacked Russia, and the Templars offered little resistance in Cyprus, supporting a coup against the local king. In short, for the Grand Master to move the Order to the European mainland was quite desirable. The Pope and Philip the Fair kept talking about uniting the Hospitallers and Templars. So, united, we would regain Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulchre... Surely Philip knew that the Templars would not agree to unite with the Hospitallers. Among all the other reasons, there was another: the Templars had secretly restored the tradition of the High Priesthood of the Temple in Jerusalem, and served "one God," i.e., they were Jews rather than Christians. And so, at a perfectly timed moment, Pope Clement insistently invited Master Hospitaller and Master Templar Jacques de Molay to France, to negotiate a unification of the Orders. Philip knew that the Hospitaller could not come, he was at war. And Jacques de Molay would not be able to refuse. The pope asked De Molay to come secretly, with a minimal entourage. But Jacques de Molay arrived in the port of La Rochelle with a whole fleet, 18 ships. And he brought with him a huge treasury. 150,000 florins, it seems. All this the rich Magister ostentatiously unloaded in front of the poor King at his Paris residence, the Temple. Once again, neither Philip nor the Pope asked Jacques de Molay to bring the money and the fleet. Apparently, De Molay wanted to buy either the King or France. While De Molay was living in France, and was plying his trade between Avignon and Paris to prevent the unification of the Orders, a rebellion broke out in France. The people could not stand the poverty, and the King had to hide with the Templars in the Temple for three days until the revolt was put down. When the rebellion was investigated, it was discovered that two of its instigators were Templars and one was even a Prior. Philip spoke to them intently, and they gave him the whole Order, accusing him of mortal sins. At dawn on Friday 13 October 1307, 15,000 Templars were brutally arrested by the police (seneschalais) of France. It should be noted that this Order, once militant, cautious and strong, had turned into some kind of 'sack of shit and gold'. No one warned Jacques de Molay. No one offered resistance. Everyone surrendered, and surrendered the most fortified building in Paris, the Tampel. When the French captured Tampel, they found a windowless 'chapel' there. The floor was in black and white checkers, with a big "G" nailed to the ceiling in the center of a star. The walls were painted with symbols which were incomprehensible to Christians. (I will tell the connoisseurs at once - compare this with the decoration of modern Masonic lodges. Take into account that the seneschals of medieval France knew nothing about Freemasonry, because it did not yet exist). Jacques de Molay, was immediately interrogated and tortured. The Order of the Templars was defeated. The remnants of the survivors converted to Catholicism, disguised themselves. However, kept their secret rituals, hoping to restore the former power. Subsequently, they became known as Freemasons. Why Freemasons? Because over time, the union of financiers degenerated into a union of masons who built palaces and temples. Temples have been built for centuries. Around these builders developed stable hereditary collectives of specialists, jealously fighting rivals and surrounded by secrets. So the Templars' old rituals and methods of keeping secrets came in handy. And the reason for the Templars' degeneration and demise was that by the 14th century the Jews in Europe had gained enough rights to exist openly without fear of anyone. ~~~RexDeus. Modern Freemasons. New World Order. Basically, I started this series of posts just to show where, from my point of view, the origins of the European Union, the Freemasons and the Kingdom of Money come from. The Templars went to the islands of Great Britain, and from there Freemasonry stepped into the world in the early 18th century. Although the Masons link their history to Biblical times, Egyptian civilization, and even the Sumerians, their real origins are the Templars. The Freemasons do not have any "scary secrets". The Templars had the scariest mystery of their real religion, and that only because they existed in the midst of Catholicism. For the sake of this, all sorts of barriers, degrees, allegories and rituals were conceived. The Freemasons had only this: rituals and degrees for the sake of rituals and degrees. The Templars flourished and degenerated in only 200 years. That's not a time frame for past times. And because Catholicism in Europe after the Reformation and the religious wars fell into the deepest crisis. And the Jews became even more emancipated and gained influence and power. And they no longer needed to masquerade as Catholics. And they no longer associated their impending revival with Freemasonry. They were allowed to speak under their own flag. In essence, Templarism was a front and interface for Jewish networking organizations to communicate with the Catholic world at a time of religious fanaticism and obscurantism. Jewish secret networking organizations controlled the top Templars. The top Templars controlled the Brother Knights of the Order. The Order controlled the finances of Europe. And operated openly under the banner of the Catholic Order. And the Jews created and maintained their secret network organizations in parallel with the Templars and the Freemasons, since ancient times. The very spirit of Jewry is much older than their religion - Judaism, Israel and the book of the Bible and Moses himself. By at least a couple of millennia. "Why did Moses choose a strip of semi-desert on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea as the promised land? Couldn't he find a better promised land? Well, no, there wasn't! You have to know what that strip of semi-desert was like in those days. The point is that it was inhabited by a remarkable people for its time - the Phoenicians. Also Semites. It was difficult for them to feed themselves on land, so they conquered the sea. They were sailors, merchants, pirates, slave traders and moneylenders. Their ships ruled the whole Mediterranean area for several thousand years, right up to Roman times, and had been sailing around Africa at least 3000-4000 years ago. Their riches were legendary. On land, however, these lords of the seas did not have a standing army. They either paid off their enemies or used mercenaries to protect themselves. Or, when the measures described above did not help, they simply loaded everything of value onto ships and sailed to their many colonies. So Moses did not expect much resistance. And there couldn't have been. The Phoenicians were nomads of the sea. The Hebrews were nomads of the desert. They were virtually out of touch in their activities. Nor could they have had any serious cause for conflict. A conflict between them is like a whale fighting an elephant. This people, the Phoenicians, by the way, were the first in the world to invent the alphabet. They based it on Egyptian hieroglyphs. But they did not draw them as a whole, but dotted them. Sometimes they simplified the hieroglyph for easy contouring. But this outline was not a hieroglyph. It was the initial sound of the word that this hieroglyph stood for, but in the Prasemitic language. This Phoenician alphabet was later transformed into the alphabet language, which in later times became known as Hebrew. The strength of these merchants was the unity of the Phoenician world, in spite of all the distance. And they strictly saw to it that the local colonies, scattered all over the Mediterranean, did not assimilate and lose their language. For written Phoenician was a letter language, not a hieroglyphic one. And the uniformity of pronunciation was important. Do you recognize familiar features of the Jewish character? Do you recognize the familiar Jewish occupation today? These characteristics of the wanderer people were formed long, very long before Moses. This people had great merit from the standpoint of the founder of the new religion. They were scattered all over the world, which facilitated further missionary activity in the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the Phoenicians were not subject to any king. No kingdom stretched as far as their colonies were scattered. And on their ships only the captain ruled at sea. He was the head of the family. But this people had one great flaw: the lack of a unified ideology that held the people together. Which is best served by a religion with a single jealous and vengeful god. But the Phoenicians, instead of a single god, had a great variety of tribal gods. Gabri-el, Uri-el, Mika-el, Rapha-el, and other elohim. And the Semitic people of the land had Yahweh, the tribal god of Judah and probably all of Israel, who had come out of Egypt. And many different tribal gods of Semitic tribes hostile to Israel. Later, when the Romans conquered the entire Mediterranean and ravaged the pirate bases of the Semitic-Phoenicians, they moved their operations overland and continued. By that time, most of them had already converted from paganism to Judaism. And just by this time Judaism had closed in on itself. Or rather, it divided into an all-human part - Christianity, and later Islam, and a closed sect - Judaism, which had to ideologically ensure the cohesion of the financial diaspora - the descendants of Phoenician merchants, pirates and slave traders. As you can see, the financial diaspora was not born now and will not disappear tomorrow. It will exist as long as mankind will need its services, no matter how anyone likes it. And if necessary, it will cover itself again with something like a new Templarism. Even under the banner of communism, even Satanism, even Confucianism or Hinduism. According to the demand of the era. For unity, the financial families of moneylenders are more important than the signs under which it exists...
  9. Jacques Attali. Jew M️S👁N and the Illuminati. One of the ideologues of globalism (New World Order). The "right hand" of the Rothschilds. From an interview in 1981: "Vaccination is a way of purging society of the old, the sick, the cowardly and the foolish. In the future, it's about finding a way to reduce the population. Let's start with the old, because as soon as they exceed 60-65 years old, it begins to cost society dearly. Then the weak, the useless, who contribute nothing to society, because there will be more and more of them, and especially, finally, the stupid. Euthanasia targets these groups; euthanasia should be an important tool of our future societies, in all cases. Of course, we will not be able to execute everyone, all these people, or drive them into camps... We will get rid of them by making them believe that it is all for their own good. Overpopulating the useless is something that is economically too expensive. Also, socially, it is far better when the human machine stops abruptly rather than gradually. Nor will we obviously be able to test millions and millions of people for intelligence. So we will create or provoke a pandemic aimed at specific people, a real economic crisis, a virus that affects the old and the fat and whatever else - and the weak will succumb to it, and the frightened and stupid will believe in it and let us, and still ask us to treat them with our drugs. And we will see to it that the treatment is available and provided for - and that our treatment will be the solution... The selection of idiots will happen on its own and they, happy as they are, will go to the slaughter themselves." The Future of Life - Jacques Attali, 1981, interview with Michel Solomon, Les Visages de l'avenir, éditions Seghers
  10. A hidden agenda from #ZOG #DeepState, through the well known #UNO for the period up to 2030. Warning!!! This is an article about something political. It is undoubtedly biased in one's favor. Nobody cares. ZionistOccupationGovernment disapproves of this article. All people are divided into three parts: the people who will never know the truth and the leaders who know the truth, but it is so awful and distant from reality that it is their main concern that no one else knows it but them. And there are a small number of people who try to find out the truth... Many call this the first public declaration of a "New World Order" or the beginning of a totalitarian one-world government. Whether or not you believe in the so-called "New World Order" conspiracy theory, the phrase "New Universal Agenda" and the phrase "New World Order" have the same linguistic meaning. The question is, are they one and the same? As far as the media is concerned, these topics turned out not to be very important to them!!! It is rather strange that a grand plan of such magnitude, is being completely #ignored by the mainstream media. When the entire planet will be striving to achieve 17 mutual goals, and there has been massive media silence all over the world. Most of the population is unaware of this worldwide agenda, and that in itself should be alarming! The lack of reporting on a particular #topic in the top "media" is a sign that the topic is indeed newsworthy. When there is a #mediablackout in a story or #event, it is most likely a topic worth paying close attention to! - "Instead, most of us seem completely obsessed with the latest celebrity gossip or the latest nasty insults our puppet politicians have thrown at each other. It absolutely amazes me that more and more people can't understand that the 2030 agenda is really a big deal!!! - When will people finally start waking up?" Goals #proclaimed and goals #real "Everything has two goals. The first goal is imaginary, ostensible; it gets people to accept [something], and the second goal is real, and it will contribute to the objectives of establishing a new system. Goal 1 End poverty in all its forms everywhere. #Real Goal - Centralized banks, "IMF", "World Bank", "Fed" will control all finances. Digital single world currency in a cashless society (plastic cards, chipization of the population). Goal 2 End hunger, ensure food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. #Real Goal - Lifting bans on the cultivation and sale of Genetically Modified Organisms worldwide. Goal 3 Ensure healthy lifestyles and promote well-being for all, at all ages. #Real Goal - Mass vaccination, changing human "DNA". Goal 4 Provide inclusive and equitable, quality education and promote learning opportunities, throughout life, for all. #Real Goal - Propaganda for the "UN", brainwashing through compulsory education "from cradle to grave". Creating a submissive society. Goal 5 Achieve gender equality and empowerment, of all women and girls. #Real Goal - Reduction of fertility. Population control through forced "family planning". Goal 6 Ensuring accessibility and sustainable management of water resources, and sanitation for all. #Real Goal - Privatize all water sources, don't forget to add fluoride. Goal 7 Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy sources for all. #Real Goal - A smart grid, with smart meters everywhere. Increasing the cost of rates. Goal 8 Promote sustainable, inclusive and resilient economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. #Real Goal - Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, free trade zones that favor megacorporations. Goal 9 Build sustainable infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation. #Real Goal - Toll roads, development of public transportation. Removing free travel and environmental restrictions on people and transport. Goal 10 Reduce inequalities within and between countries. #Real Goal - More regional government bureaucracy. Goal 11 Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe and sustainable. #Real Goal - . "Big Brother", with extensive government oversight powers and complete control over the population. Goal 12 Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. #Real Goal - Forced planned austerity. Universal basic income. Goal 13 Take urgent action on climate change and its impacts. #Real Goal - Emissions trading, carbon taxes/credits. "Chemtrails" - fighting global warming on the planet, by-product of reducing the world's population. Goal 14 Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources. For sustainable development. #Real Goal - Environmental restrictions, control of all oceans, including mineral rights from the ocean floor. Goal 15 Protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems. Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss. #Real Goal - More environmental restrictions. More control over resources and mining rights. Goal 16 Promoting a peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development. Providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. #Real Aim - UN Peacekeeping Missions. International court (blind) justice, make people fear, through fake refugee crises, war, terrorism. And then mediate with more "UN peacekeepers" when tensions arise to gain more control over the region, remove the 2nd Amendment in the US. Goal 17 Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership, for sustainable development. #Real Goal - Remove national sovereignty worldwide. Promote #Globalism and #NewWorldOrder under a new "slogan"!!!
  11. When death is not the goal, but merely a planned side effect. Sons of the Covenant. The Occult games of the Elites.
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