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  1. The only choices are peaceful non compliance the Trieze Faction or the White Fang. I'm waiting to die
  2. I wish I could so more than just be angry at the world and post comments. One way or another I believe David Icke is telling the truth about the nature of the vaccine and I'm poor. I live in nyc and I'm hoping to find work in NJ to avoid being attacked with something damn near equivalent to an RFID Chip especially when my family members are all vaccinated what a mess. Motherfuckers are going to start bleeding ivory blood and growing DG cells from shit like this wtf I can't believe I'm still alive to watch this bullshit go down
  3. I ran into 3 people who said they had COVID at one point or another - a former co worker, one of my roommates in a men's shelter and my boss's father was diagnosed with bronchitis and they said it was COVID 2 weeks later. Gunpla Meli says she was sick I think that bitch is lying. I haven't seen anyone actually get sick in front of me either but it takes a leap to say otherwise so I'm curious to see what is or could be happening these people
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