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  1. 17 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    When the banks, corporations, the media, celebrities and Rothschilds are supporting the looting and protests, it should tell you that this isn't an organic rebellion, but an engineered one.


    Maybe ... what is sure is that these entities have created the situations wich after generated a violent answer (in reality less violent than many others in the history when the victimes were much more).

    Every situation of danger to their control, they search to dominate and dampen it, for this time I think they will win yet but with the going of the time will become more difficult. The diffuse hatred to the system evident, either you like or don't like, in this situation is a good signal, at least for me, enemy of the society.

  2. However until now what is happening represents a manifestation of rebellion against Police State. Confusionary, a bit stupid, what you want, but however a signal of discontent and opposition, of action, of facts. 

    Errors and instrumentalizations (but the protests against lockdown of the past months were in part organized by organizations of the Republican Party, did you forget it?) will be always a constant, it's the life!

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  3. However, only who is in the places of the protests can tell us which are the sentiments of the protesters, the real reasons wich triggered the rage.

    The critics I read here, risk to be reductive to describe something of complex.


    The critics certainly are shareble, but we are typing and stop. The rebellion need facts, not only words.

  4. 1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    So destroy the middle class so there is just the poor and the rich? That's madness and evil. Don't forget that the megacorps are supporting this. This isn't an organic revolution.


    Not all people that look white identify as white either.


    For bourgeois world/system I did not mean the middle class. Rather, I meant a whole of traditions, customs, mind schemes. Think for example about the rules when you go for a job interview ...

  5. Personally I think that the protest is more complex than it's supposed to be.

    The racial movent is present but it's not the only one. In several images we can see more whites than persons belonging to minorities.

    I think there are many issues in game but the common issues are the hatred against the State and the bourgeois society.

    I don't share the looting (but the thing does not scandalize me because looting has always been part of the riots in history), I prefer the difensive violence after protesting pacefully is obstacolated, directed to the real targets and not any ordinary shops.

    I solidarize with protesters who challenge the system, better than us who stay to type.

  6. From Italy: several restrictions are lifted, reguarding circulation. Remain the social distancing and masks and glooves mandatory in close spaces and where it's impossible to keep social distance. Then there are the complex rules for business activities.

    Certain, for me that I am a simple citizen, life is much better than some weeks ago. Politicians and scientists continue to do psycological terrorism.

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