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  1. About this last case, the point is that the cops wanted arrested him for sleeping in the car because he knew he was not able to drive and wanted to wait the right moment to come back home. If you are not able to drive because you drank, logic that you rest in the car, for your safety and that one of the others. He was doing the correct thing.

    I don't know if it's a felony sleeping drunk in a car in Atlanta, but, a bit of elasticity!!! Certainly if some cretins want to ruin for such a thing, I can react violently.




    Some phrases of the speech I did not understand, English is not my first language, it seems he was asking for taking him at home.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Jode said:

    So are we back on the side of the police now????? So confused 


    Nearly all the forumists (10 years ago the forum was diferent!) tend to support police e state against these recent protests. Many of them manifest a reactionary mindset.

    Several critics I read here about these protests I share, but sometimes the risk is to simplify excesively a protest that at least in America is more complex. In these protests there are things I don't like, it's instrumentalized (but evere large protest does not start without interests in high spheres, always, let's put our heart in pace).

    However, to pass to stand on the police side, neither the police I would say, but on the reaction side, has little of revolutionary or antagonistic. I don't give anything about statues of guys who did great damn to humanity (I respect statues of the Confederates but about Christopher Columbus or Winston Churchill or Leopold II... ), I don't defend capitalism, I don't attack whom avoids bourgeois traditions.

    The most coerent position for us, I believe, it's the sane neutrality. Don't take part at the bullshits of a dying system.

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  3. I don't think that the protests are covered protests against lockdowns. Rather, the lockdowns exacerbated certain sentiments, the cops would have done the bastard more than the usual. It's a protest against the system, the police state, where plays a mediatic role the racial matter of the blacks.

    The protests are violating the protocols, yes, but apart from that the protests against lockdown were in act a month before, the riots are direct against the police state and the racial discrimination.

  4. The conquer of a piece  of India by China is a strong notice, and this Turkey put fear. Certainly, as the Covid 19 gets less predominant, the geopolitical situation will warm.

  5. Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:


    The elites fear the samurai.


    Where is the global tech hub start-up nation where a lot of this intrusive tech comes from?


    You are refering to Israel, pheraps I have understood, but the point of launch of the technocracy are these Asian nations, like China, South Korea. The most technological nation is China.


    Samurai don't exist anymore, now Japanese are automs. That world had been destroyed by "Americans" and after Second World War, the conquer of Japan was accomplished, becoming that trap wich is now.

    I am on the side of the Kami wich attacked Pearl Harbour, instead.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    You sound like you on the side of the thugs, alfredo79.


    I don't defend the system wich is cause of the problems, some of them you sometimes complain against.


    I know that the protests in question will not bring nothing and will be hijacked, but I'm not a cop of complement. I share some sentiments of rebellion.

  7. 2 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    It's not just about a statue. It's about erasing history and the fact that it's only white history being erased. People shouldn't have to explain why this is an issue on the David Icke forum of all places, most people should know that this is becoming very Orwellian.



    It pretty much already has succeeded. Are you blind? Take a look at the long march through the institutions. Smart slave cities is the end of the West, at least as we know it.



    No it's the start of something more sinister. Destroy the heritage first, then the people. You say it's an illusion, but elites have made it very clear about what they want to do to the West.



    And what are the real issues? Elites weaponizing minorities against white people? Do you think these elites actually care about minorities? They have made it clear that they want Europeans, South Koreans and the Japanese out of the way because they think other groups are easier to rule over. Surely that is racist to minorities?


    Leave Europeans, but South Koreans and Japanese are amongst the most obedient people, together Chinese. These are predilet races among the capitalists.


    In my opinion the main issues are: exploitation in labour world, taxes, private central banks, pollution, transhumanism, destruction of agriculture, ruin of natural enviroment ... 

    Smart cities are the natural evolution of the Wester system, at least since the start of the modern capitalism.

  8. Are you really terrorized for some statue thrown in the water (it's always possible fish them)? Seriously?

    Do you think that a commie revolution is going to succed? Do you think that the West is close to the end? (the West of the banks, the microchips, the smart cities?)

    These are only outbursts to give the illusion of a small revolution to a angry youth, and you who are so scaried make the chickeen laugh.

    Continue to think the commie army wich vandalizes the statues of some ugly character and ignore the real issues.

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  9. I don't think that in the forum there are infiltrations. I see it's full of reactionaries who think that the main, the only threath is the communism, the marxism. These are views I don't share, that I find alien for a forum supposed to be antagonistic to the system, but they are genuine, I think. I don't agree with them, but I don't believe in infiltrations, then all is possible.

  10. 1 hour ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    I don't see a lot of animosity at the protestors as such. 


    Speaking for myself, I have huge animosity for the rioters /Antifa and the hand that has engineered this whole thing, at this particular time. I hope the reasons for that are too obvious to need to outline them.


    It's frustration I feel at the protestors currently.


    There are highly sinister things going on that a lot still don't realise, so the focus of the masses is now deliberately massively directed to a different issue. The issue of equality is real and worthy. But at this point in time, it's a distraction from dangers and threats being imposed on us by all countries leaders on everyone- every single person, indiscriminately.


    It's also being twisted by many, ironically enough, into an approval of racism against a different group, and I've seen some of the earnest protestors pandering along and accepting it. I've never harmed anyone or even thought negatively about them because of the colour of their skin, yet now, I'm supposed to kneel & apologise because I'm white & therefore privileged? I don't bloody think so! Privileged indeed - I've worked my arse off for everything I've ever had, and am still only just managing. Some people need a refresher on Martin Luther King Jnr's, "I have a dream" speech.


    For every fool who conforms to the demand for proclamations and demonstrations of remorse for being white, how many people do you think will instead have the opposite reaction, and now have black people at the top of their list of enemies? And that despite the numerous call outs from black people who can see through the manipulation and are saying this movement does not represent them at all.


    There are other hidden agendas surfacing now too, like the push to defund the police. Think why that might be a useful thing to the controlling powers, and why that might be a detrimental thing to the average person in society.


    The protests are being used as a cover for the destruction of towns and cities, which the media is cheering on! Consider that. It's chilling.


    Then on top of this, you get the fact that the trigger itself was highly dubious in its authenticity, and the sports star 'twin' of the 'deceased' is videoing himself bragging that he & George did this (i.e. wreaked mass destruction) and they're going to get POTUS out of the Whitehouse. 

    It's a load of bollocks basically. That's why I'm not clapping the protestors on.



    Most of you observations I agree. 

    Only 2 points:

    - There will not be significative (if yes) defunding of the law enforcement forces because they are useful to break the balls to enforce things like lockdowns.

    - The distruction of the cities is ended 4-5 days ago, and into a few years the cities will become smart computer science traps that to burn them will be the less evil.

  11. 52 minutes ago, Storm in the garden said:


    The majority of people here are not against protest, they are against these protesters and rioters who are being manipulated and used to protest FOR a NWO.

    This is obvious because they are being supported in their actions by MSM, Big Business and governments.

    Through schooling, MSM and social media they have been brainwashed to the point where they are incapable of free thought or logic, and are fighting for the agenda.


    If Governments and big business are in favour of the protests, I don't know. The trouble is that, yes, they try to contain and hijack the protest in the rails unoffensive for the system in itself, wich will launch some gratifications to calm and then instead the substance remains like before.

    Reguard MSM, a certain journalistic and political world live on these issues, for always, it's not a new thing. On the other side, many "alternative truthers" who criticize the protests will say to vote Republican Party (or parties tied if in other countries), demonstrating their antagonistic coerence!

  12. 24 minutes ago, Velma said:

    I'm a veteran protester. Since the anti-apartheid demonstrations in the 1980's, the anti-capitalists in the 90's, all the anti-war protests of the 20's and even the one against removing the Education Maintenance Allowance, which financially supported students. The only one I missed was the Poll Tax riot, but if I learned anything from years of demonstrating, it is that they are futile, achieve nothing and are orchestrated by TPTB to diffuse resistance.


    Every time, riot police provoke retaliation, by either kettling the crowd, so they have to push back and then, batons can start swinging, or as in this case, they charge the crowd on horseback. It is provocation and makes excellent “bad press” for the people's righteous cause. I have been kettled on Oxford Street and at Whitehall, where we were permitted to leave the protest, one at a time, through a police cordon. The only protest I would join now, is anti-vax.


    But black youths in London have been getting profiled, harrassed, assaulted and murdered by the MET for a very long time, their greivances are genuine. Here are a few of the victims off the top of my head, Colin Roach, Christopher Alder, Kebba Jobe, Sean Rigg, Mark Duggan, Frederico Da Costa and Rashan Charles, who all died at the hands of police officers, none of whom were ever charged or convicted. The Masons close ranks and lie for each other.



    I don't have experience about demonstrations but for a period of 6 years I did militance in a movement of "social justice warriors" neither marxist and anarchist but inspired to revolutionary fascism (in Italy we know the topic). The work consisted in comunicating to the people in the streets and everywhere messages of contrariety to the capitalism, the zionism, the high prices of the goods of prime necessity etc., to seed for the future.

    Personally I see positively that a lot of youth is acting. Inaction is not a solution; to complian, to complain and then "to do like all" seems to me hipocrisy. The New Word Order is increasing his choke and answers are necessary, dutyful.

    Many critics I am reading here can be right at 100% but all of this animosity against the protesters seems expression of a reactionary attitude rather than a sincere will to contrast the NWO.

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  13. 8 hours ago, KillBill said:


    These 'BLM' protests are state-sanctioned, media driven, top-down organised movements. They are not seeking to 'dampen' nor 'dominate' as they created it.

    Protesting for democracy, or for freedom (against lockdown) is not the same.




    But I don't deny that the most well-known movement of protest are top-down organized, the protests against lockdowns were too. What matters in these situations are the sentiments wich push to exit and act in the streets.

    Health experts support protests ... Many of them follow the wind, they fit themselves at a situation where many did not follow anti-covid 19 norms anymore.

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