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  1. I think there is a split. Some want the China as driver nation for the NWO, other want the supremacy of US.
  2. The technological and financiar supremacy is passed to Far East Asians, expecially China. If Western plutocracies don't want to be subjugated, must be go at attack. It's the fate. Days ago I listened to a discussion on-line in wich there was an Italo-american adviser to the Donald Trump's staff. They said the same things, except the militar action (the hope was an exclusion of China from finaciar channels in order to create an economic crisis, so to trigger a violent revolution).
  3. In my opinion the next racial clash will be between white race and yellow race.
  4. 20 Indian soldiers killed in clash with Chinese troops in border area, army says https://www.rt.com/news/492047-twenty-indian-soldiers-killed-china/
  5. Seoul says North Korea blew up inter-Korean liaison office, which it had branded ‘useless’ https://www.rt.com/news/491950-north-south-korea-liaison-office/
  6. 2 Indian soldiers and 1 officer killed in clashes on Chinese border - New Delhi https://www.rt.com/news/491953-indian-soldiers-killed-chinese-border/
  7. About this last case, the point is that the cops wanted arrested him for sleeping in the car because he knew he was not able to drive and wanted to wait the right moment to come back home. If you are not able to drive because you drank, logic that you rest in the car, for your safety and that one of the others. He was doing the correct thing. I don't know if it's a felony sleeping drunk in a car in Atlanta, but, a bit of elasticity!!! Certainly if some cretins want to ruin for such a thing, I can react violently. https://www.rt.com/usa/491764-bodycam-video-atlanta-police-rayshard-brooks/ Some phrases of the speech I did not understand, English is not my first language, it seems he was asking for taking him at home.
  8. Nearly all the forumists (10 years ago the forum was diferent!) tend to support police e state against these recent protests. Many of them manifest a reactionary mindset. Several critics I read here about these protests I share, but sometimes the risk is to simplify excesively a protest that at least in America is more complex. In these protests there are things I don't like, it's instrumentalized (but evere large protest does not start without interests in high spheres, always, let's put our heart in pace). However, to pass to stand on the police side, neither the police I would say, but on the reaction side, has little of revolutionary or antagonistic. I don't give anything about statues of guys who did great damn to humanity (I respect statues of the Confederates but about Christopher Columbus or Winston Churchill or Leopold II... ), I don't defend capitalism, I don't attack whom avoids bourgeois traditions. The most coerent position for us, I believe, it's the sane neutrality. Don't take part at the bullshits of a dying system.
  9. The dream of small governments and communitarism it remembers me. However for me the solution would be the hermitage in countryside.
  10. I don't think that the protests are covered protests against lockdowns. Rather, the lockdowns exacerbated certain sentiments, the cops would have done the bastard more than the usual. It's a protest against the system, the police state, where plays a mediatic role the racial matter of the blacks. The protests are violating the protocols, yes, but apart from that the protests against lockdown were in act a month before, the riots are direct against the police state and the racial discrimination.
  11. Enigmatic World, the Japanese that I estimate today are the "hokkikomori", I don't think you need presentations about them. I always stand on the rebels.
  12. The aggressivity can have two aspects, a negative one and a positive one. The aggressivity in certain cases can be a barrier against certain dangers. However I don't want neither crime and innatural perfection. Both are ugly.
  13. The conquer of a piece of India by China is a strong notice, and this Turkey put fear. Certainly, as the Covid 19 gets less predominant, the geopolitical situation will warm.
  14. You are refering to Israel, pheraps I have understood, but the point of launch of the technocracy are these Asian nations, like China, South Korea. The most technological nation is China. Samurai don't exist anymore, now Japanese are automs. That world had been destroyed by "Americans" and after Second World War, the conquer of Japan was accomplished, becoming that trap wich is now. I am on the side of the Kami wich attacked Pearl Harbour, instead.
  15. I don't defend the system wich is cause of the problems, some of them you sometimes complain against. I know that the protests in question will not bring nothing and will be hijacked, but I'm not a cop of complement. I share some sentiments of rebellion.
  16. Leave Europeans, but South Koreans and Japanese are amongst the most obedient people, together Chinese. These are predilet races among the capitalists. In my opinion the main issues are: exploitation in labour world, taxes, private central banks, pollution, transhumanism, destruction of agriculture, ruin of natural enviroment ... Smart cities are the natural evolution of the Wester system, at least since the start of the modern capitalism.
  17. For Columbus it's the karma, using some religious phrase. What he did, he now receives.
  18. Are you really terrorized for some statue thrown in the water (it's always possible fish them)? Seriously? Do you think that a commie revolution is going to succed? Do you think that the West is close to the end? (the West of the banks, the microchips, the smart cities?) These are only outbursts to give the illusion of a small revolution to a angry youth, and you who are so scaried make the chickeen laugh. Continue to think the commie army wich vandalizes the statues of some ugly character and ignore the real issues.
  19. Police corps will have always the means to break the balls. Now a few of defundings to calm the angry masses, then stop. The Italian case shows it: in the past years police corps had been defunded a bit but in the period of streect quarantena the presence we felt, we felt! And what presence!
  20. I don't think that in the forum there are infiltrations. I see it's full of reactionaries who think that the main, the only threath is the communism, the marxism. These are views I don't share, that I find alien for a forum supposed to be antagonistic to the system, but they are genuine, I think. I don't agree with them, but I don't believe in infiltrations, then all is possible.
  21. Brad the Lad, thanks a lot for your experience. Very interesting. You are acting and touching the things with hand. Congratulations and carry on!
  22. Most of you observations I agree. Only 2 points: - There will not be significative (if yes) defunding of the law enforcement forces because they are useful to break the balls to enforce things like lockdowns. - The distruction of the cities is ended 4-5 days ago, and into a few years the cities will become smart computer science traps that to burn them will be the less evil.
  23. If Governments and big business are in favour of the protests, I don't know. The trouble is that, yes, they try to contain and hijack the protest in the rails unoffensive for the system in itself, wich will launch some gratifications to calm and then instead the substance remains like before. Reguard MSM, a certain journalistic and political world live on these issues, for always, it's not a new thing. On the other side, many "alternative truthers" who criticize the protests will say to vote Republican Party (or parties tied if in other countries), demonstrating their antagonistic coerence!
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