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  1. they are here to stay for a long time
  2. An ambiguos guy. Always part of the system, also if now he is appearently contrasted. He can be sympathic when slams masks and lockdown, however his power is almost null.
  3. A civil war is dutyfull in these cases. Better the death rather a shitty life.
  4. Today I went in two supermarkets to buy food for dogs. At the access, I entered with the mask leaving uncovered the nose, into the shops I walked leaving also the mouth uncovered. At the exit I re-put the mask on the mouth. In a small shop I don't tend to do the rebel because I don't want that shoppers have problem (it some cop enters in the shop also the owner is fined if clients don't wear masks). From Capoterra, province of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.
  5. A mix of truths and lies to get votes and to illudes that voting changes the fate.
  6. When cops stop someone ask them documents. If you have the aspect of a teenager, clearly they don't stop you, but according on your apparent age, they stop and ask documents.
  7. I read that in the world of the souls we keep a certain level of free arbitry, there are souls who refuse to reincarnate. If the world remain this shit here, I doubt I will have the pleasure to return.
  8. I think that a second lockdown is a certainess. Why? To cancel liberties, excercise tiranny, convince to accept vaccines, transform the society, create mass unemployment ... For now in some countries they make us breath a bit, we are in summer and people started to enrage. So they have lifted the choke but they will tighten it in the autumn.
  9. Less bad that I don't have sons! To put in the world children in this hell is unresponsable. What you are telling us make me hope that a termonuclear war arrives as soon as possible. Else we will not exit off this horror. Better to return to live as native americans or australian aborigen at this point.
  10. In Italy masks mandatory yet in close spaces, with these temperatures and humidity rates it's a torture. Masks are dangerous because create health problems like heart attacks and cancer. Who is working all the day long with that shit in face I don't dare imagine what they are living.
  11. What a delusion! I was used to see latino-american people fighting the reactionaries and loving freedom. Really monstrous.
  12. I agree. The Third Reich wanted the people in good health, if masks and "stay at home" create damage to the body, clearly these solutions would have been unconfortable at those times. What is happening is that the "winners" are revealing fastly their nature.
  13. To attack the Savoiard symbols would be a enrichment of the hystorical memory, because what happened to Sardinians is little known. We speak about tiranny at damage of Europeans. The debate about what doing with monument of Savoia Kings had started before the manifestation in Sardegna of BLM supportes, precisaly by Sardist identitarians. I am in fovour of leaving the statues where are but putting labels describing who were them.
  14. Sympathizers of BLM act also in my region, Sardinia (Italy). They ask for the toppling of the statues of the Savoia Kings, because they were colonialists and racists against Sardinians. Under the Savoia dinasty, a lot of wonderful local archeological patrimony was destroyd to build rock-made enclosures for latifondists and streets. I see often when I walk in my land. With the destruction of statues of those tirannies, I agree so much. https://www.unionesarda.it/articolo/news-sardegna/sassari-provincia/2020/06/19/caso-floyd-mobilitazione-anti-razzista-a-sassari-nel-mirino-anche-136-1030981.html
  15. ‘Disgrace to our country!’ Trump calls for arrests as activists topple & BURN statue of Confederate Gen. Albert Pike in DC (VIDEO) https://www.rt.com/usa/492428-statue-confederate-toppled-disgrace-dc/
  16. It's the fate. West and East are two worlds done to clash. Now China has gotten the leadership in technology and finance. The militar supremacy require time yet, but it's near. The West is in the position "fight or die".
  17. If John Bolton is correct, that would confirm what Daniel Estulin said time ago: Donald Trump is a project of Rothschild, black nobilty, jesuits, Vatican, to favourite the Chinese New World Order; an isolationist policy had to stop West and permit the advance of China and Russia. Pratically a traitor is discovered. I expect the forced resignation of Donald Trump by Republican Party within August and the victory of the GOP on november. The new wars will be conducted under a new republican president. Unless Donald decides to start new wars to appease the blackmailers and satisfy the pro-west US establishment. He must decide wich master is more convenient to serv.
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