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  1. Hermitage, but it was a solution more practicable centuries ago, when countryside was much more extended and rich of food. Else, suicide.
  2. Unfortunately you Asians have a culturale attitude to acquiescence to authorities. If in Asia there is little rebellion against this hell in progress it's for cultural reasons. I hope also Asians pick the ass up.
  3. Traditional religions were not followed in West anymore, so they had to invent a new system of beliefs to crush freedom and make the people follow a severe life-style. The health-care medical dogmatism is what serves at this purpose. Now I see the women with the face covered by a shitty mask, in Canada the director of the national medical policy told to have sex with masks and that it's better masturbation than to have sex with a not-cooliving partner. How you see, new pretest for an old game.
  4. I hope civil wars erupt at this point, nothing to loose by now.
  5. Melbourne police clash with anti-lockdown protesters as hundreds gather for ‘Freedom Day’ rally in Australia (VIDEOS) https://www.rt.com/news/499920-melbourne-anti-lockdown-protesters-clashes/
  6. It can be a move to permit a bigger partecipation: for a person it can be easier to go at a place rather another.
  7. Until an asteroid fall on the Earth, destroying this civilization, or similar distructive events.
  8. Bastard Cops. They deserve the stick bits. Australians, start fighting!
  9. True that Donald Trump is attacked a lot and stays on the cock of some elites, but it is always a struggle between them. They are like the street gangs. He can be sympatic when slams the masks, but, apart from having little power to ride Fauci and Birx off, he is serving the ultra-capitalism and the high finance, furthermore he is very divisive.
  10. First of all they are bourgeois parties, that follow only economic interests and don't believe in high ideal and have not got eroic soul. Second, the network of entities wich command, above the parties, have organized the system in order to keep all the sides of the politcal spectrum under controll, excluding whom is not controllable.
  11. Un employé de supermarché malmené par des gendarmes pour avoir mal positionné son masque 22 août 2020, 15:58 En savoir plus sur RT France : https://francais.rt.com/france/78144-employe-supermarche-malmene-par-gendarmes-pour-avoir-mal-positionne-masque https://francais.rt.com/france/78144-employe-supermarche-malmene-par-gendarmes-pour-avoir-mal-positionne-masque
  12. And however, who rules are others. The President has got little power. Donald is against masks but doct. Fauci and doct.ess Birx are in charge.
  13. Also in my family they have not got the spirit of the rebel, but your situation is more tragic. My mum is more open-mind, she shares several things I said, but she is entrapped with left-right dicotomy, the story that you must study hard to realize yourself in society and other stuff, to break totally with the system is not easy. My father comes third, while my sister is the most obedient, the most entrapped in systemic mind-views. Let's say that my familiars are honest hard-workers for attitude and pheraps less inclinated to contest.
  14. This is happening in the "democratic" West https://davidicke.com/2020/08/18/knock-knock-its-the-thought-police-its-always-the-not-very-bright-ones-they-use-to-do-their-bidding-thats-why-they-do-their-bidding/
  15. Correct to doubt about all. But the aggression against the "dictator" seems to me sincere. Also, let's keep in consideration the conveniences of a situation, it can be good for some and bad for others. For globalists, for computer science giants, the covid 19 scam is a fortune, but for a Lukascencko not.
  16. I don't believe so. It's true that usually leaders against lockdown and masks are right wing populist: Matteo Salvini, Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro. Lukascenkco is nazional-socialist with sovietic heritage. In Sweeden instead we have a progressive social-democratic government. Might it be a play of the parts? Who can exclude it? But I suppose that in certain political areas a certain individualism is stronger.
  17. In our countries we see the alternance between parties that but have in common a lot. So, if he is in power for long time, where is the diference? All those protesters should come in Italy, Spain etc, so they see what is a healt-care dictatorship.
  18. I stand on Lukascenko. He resisted to the pressures to impose lockdowns in Bielorussia, pressures arrived by international institutions. WHO tried to offer 60 milions of dollars, and Lukascenco refused, then IMF offered 120 milions of dollars, always to impose lockdowns similar to the Italian one, and again he refused. The "dictator" denounced the plot of the Covid 19, openly he said that this thing was utilized by world elites to transform society. He was outspoken. He got the virus and claimed that was transmited intentionally. I think that this violent coloured revolution is a punishment for refusing and debunking the Covid 19 dogmas.
  19. Also in Spain the protest starts https://www.elmundo.es/espana/2020/08/16/5f396a9c21efa0fd5a8b45fc.html
  20. At supermarkets I have taken the habit to keep the mask lowered under the mouth. In the small shops I cover the mouth to avoid troubles for the owners (in Italy the owner of a small store is fined and even the activity suspended if someone does not wear a mask).
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