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  1. 4 hours ago, Firebird said:

    Poland is 'too' conservative and not globalist enough. I expect big things to happen there in the coming years. Soros will be licking his fingers and smell opportunity in Poland. Across the world the youth will form 'antifa' groups and help usher in the NWO.


    Maybe, but if this government, beyond imposing the sanitary tiranny, imposes even a moronic iper-regulation according to a liberticide view, that was the first globalist attempt furthermore, It's logic that people with the straight back, enrage and act.

  2. 2 hours ago, Defbalt said:

    What they're really protesting for is the freedom to go on fornicating like rabbits. The fact that deformed babies are being invoked as a reason to justify their evil desire to abort unwanted outcomes of said fornication just highlights their depravity.


    Abortion is murder, end of story. And sooner or later (looking more and more like sooner), the blood of the countless millions of little ones murdered by their own mothers will be avenged by God... In case anyone hadn't yet noticed, the world is spiralling into ever worsening crises... that's what happens when you embrace Sodom and the murder of babies.


    A deformed fetus can be originated also by a sexual intercourse within a regular married couple.


    But then, who are you to decide how must the sexual life of a person be, admitting that in case of abortion we have to understand when the life starts effectively.

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  3. The government has banned the abortion in the case of deformed fetus. Who will take care about a severely damaged human being destinated to do a shitty life?
    Do all those anti-abortion take care of the persons that they want in this world?


    The protests are right. A religion cannot ruin lives. The same government imposed the police state for Covid! And I think religions and Covidiotism are faces of the same medal.

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  4. 46 minutes ago, Woodsman said:

    This afternoon I saw a mature couple driving down a rural road with closed windows and both wearing masks and face shields. Normal life around here with no lockdowns and no muzzle wearing so the world is going total madness. I am told certain supermarkets in England and Wales are now wrapping section of products in plastic and hazard tape as considered non vital sales. Who are the idiots running this shops?


    I have had enough of this mask madness, 8 months that I enter in a shop and I don't see in face the owners, the cashiers.

    People who drive in mask drive very badly.

  5. 1 hour ago, Orange Alert said:

    I see the Italian government has back tracked today on the closure of bars and restaurants on Sundays and national holidays which was part of the new authoritive order, sprung out yesterday to come into affect on Monday 26th.  However, bars and resaurants are still required to close at 6 pm.


    Now for those cathegories it' ended, just several of them went in ruin during the previuos months. Italian economy is crushing. 

    The requirements in the frame-times of openess are streect and a lot of people is not going longer in those places for fear or because are quarantined.







  6. Situation in Italy: new restriction al governative and local level, expecially on the closing of certain businesses (bars, pubs, restaurants, gyms) and masks, made compulsory also in open spaces in several situations, in some regions even everywhere.

    Today I signal first popular mass protests in some cities of the Campania, the region more affected by severe laws.

  7. 4 hours ago, ItsTheTruthThough said:

    I’m absolutely gutted I can’t go, I live in the north and just can’t afford the fare to get there ☹️ I’d be there in a heartbeat if there was any way I could. I bet there are millions in my position


    I think that protests should be done also in small towns of countryside. If to move to the biggiest cities it's impossible, what does it matter? A village can be a front for the battle. Can't it?

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