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  1. No idea I'm afraid - I don't have anything to do with it. I keep an eye on where / when protests are happening to avoid as I live in London.
  2. As well as the yearly Anonymous / Million Mask march, there's also the Peoples Assembly Protest (made up of lots of groups). They're assembling 12pm Embankment and have organised coaches from different parts of the country, so that'll get round some of the train strike issues, as expect many for the 6pm meet up will use / do both (and looking at the link that march ends in Trafalgar Sq.). https://thepeoplesassembly.org.uk
  3. Thank you for this thread, I am starting to consider leaving the UK, and Edinburgh was one of the places I was thinking as a possibility. Definitely not on the list now! (and worried for some friends who live there who have very young children :( ) Very thankful for you and this place (and synchronicity, like DI, it is the guiding force for my life). Have been aware of HARRP since the 90's (still have 2/3 books on it from then), but had no idea there was a station so close to Edinburgh. Wonder where other UK ones are, (but will do a search as this place will probably tell me). Thanks again, Tetragrammatron - and agree, this needs more research for sure,.
  4. Hello, started reading David Icke in the 90's (but had a hiatus due to life stuff for a decade or so). Been catching up with his later works (last one I read back then was 'Tales From the Time Loop'), since the lockdowns. Pleased to be here (joined a little while ago, but didn't intro myself), not much of a prolific poster (but an avid reader), so thanks in advance for all the different perspectives / expansion of my knowledge.
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