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  1. Yes, I am still waiting on the Q announcements, almost 5 years ago now, for Hillary Clinton and others of the deep state swamp to be arrested and the Republic to be restored by POTUS Trump.
  2. It's beyond a joke! Yes, she is in need of deradicalisation from extreme State brainwashing. Hardly any ethnics there, but plenty of white, robotic citizens. Anyway, I expect this is all rather like the Queen's Diamond Jubilee all hyped up by the media, giving the impression the country was celebrating, yet most couldn't care less.
  3. I am in full agreement, CD. The self-debasement of some people to be willing slaves to serve on hand and foot to perfection for these worthless, scumbag nonentities is grotesque to watch. The uniforms, the medals, the titles, Royal protocol etc. is all bull$hite!
  4. I just edited my original with another aspect, I personally feel with this whole thing. The British people are being given a 2 week booster conditioning course to adore and be more loyal the system that rules over them, which the sheeple think has it best interest at heart. This whole thing of the wall to wall mourning for the Queen built up by the media and the State reminds me of the passing of some cult leader like Stalin, Tito or Kim Jong -il.
  5. Interesting. The lull before the storm? A reinforcement of the cult of the British State before things get really tough? Italy has it's own distraction going on with their current election circus, those voting selecting their personal favourite political stooge on the 25th Sep. Return to a full-on COVID hostilities and or energy & economic crisis from late September or in October?
  6. King Charles III will be on the telescreens going on ad nauseam, do what I say, not as I do, about making personal sacrifices to combat global warming, climate change, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis caused by bad cop Putin etc.
  7. I feel it all fits nicely with the next phase, pushing the massive life changing agenda with more haste.
  8. Here we go again! More entertainment for those who believe and indulge in the political circus freak show (fake Left VS Right opposition/divide and rule game), adding fuel that Trump is a victim of those nasty Democraps and the Deep State. Get those disillusioned RepubliCon, MAGA and QAnon believers to return to the Trump fold.
  9. Another thing to add to the feudual robber barons aspect, if we were neighbours and you generated your own electricity and you sold it directly to me that would be illegal in their books. It's so nice to live in a free country. Regarding your war veteran friend, do they have one of those nasty, useless, piece of crap, spy/smart meter things, which can be in dumb mode/not communicating readings and thus getting overcharged with estimated readings?
  10. So nice we have the priviledge to live in the free West and we are not prisoners in some grotesque police state. More and more since 9/11, crossing borders, especially by air travel, has been like checking in into the nick.
  11. True, however one has to think of all researching lurkers which are seeing the content, like yours, on here and it has given them a new, true perspective on things or a reinforcement to their awakening.
  12. Heineken says - The night belongs to the vaccinated.
  13. Take out the battery and fit an onboard diesel generator and then it becomes a diesel electric car (loco). Preferably the Tesla getting a Paxman Valenta power unit.
  14. I have recently had the privilege in watching the BBC's 1954 (Nigel Kneale screenplay) version of George Orwell's 1984, released on disc by the British Film Institute, and what you report and comment on as Orwellian is a shockingly, perfect description.
  15. On the plus side with The Great Reset, they will be speed restricted to something like 20 MPH.
  16. They do like chopping and changing the naming of these things, to help keep the dead donkey fresh. Maybe, someone on the committee, tasked with CONVID rebranding, rehash and makeovers, had nostalgia for the old Ford Centaurus.
  17. Yes, it certainly does. I can't wait to see Tom Baker in Genesis of Transhumanism with Davros (Klaus Schwab) and Nyder (Yuval Noah Harai).
  18. I would highly recommend Max Igan, The Crowhouse. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/TheCrowhouse/ https://thecrowhouse.com/home.html
  19. That is why we don't live in a democracy, only a fake one. There is no choice on the important things affecting our lives and the direction of society. So many need to wake up from the democratic illusion.
  20. A demonstration of the first autoland system fitted to the De Havilland DH121 Trident in the early 1960s.
  21. IMO, from the outset, the overly complicated Tesla cars did not make sense on the basis of saving the planet. A vehicle should be built with strength, lightness, simplicity, being easily repaired and parts being overhauled for use again, room for possible future improvement upgrades etc.. A vehicle should have a 50 year or so design lifespan and having a half life overhaul, for example. The whole direction of ever increasing technology in society, driven by the PTB does not make sense on eco grounds. There is another agenda goal at work here.
  22. The next pollution card they can play is the dust from brakes and tyres, so that has electric cars covered. Pollution warning over car tyre and brake dust By Roger Harrabin BBC environment analyst 11 July 2019 Dust from car brakes and tyres will still pollute city air even when the vehicle fleet has gone all-electric, a report has warned. Fragments of microplastics from tyres, road surfaces and brakes will also flow into rivers, and ultimately into the sea, government advisers say. Ministers say they want to pass standards to improve tyres and brakes. But critics say they need to go further by developing policies to lure people out of private cars. The government’s Air Quality Expert Group said particles from brake wear, tyre wear and road surface wear directly contribute to well over half of particle pollution from road transport. Full article - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48944561
  23. Are the kids in that class that brainwashed or are they taking the piss out of the teacher? Regarding the video of the golliwog stickers and the example given by that police sergeant, I and many, including in the black community (really offended), find the word police offensive, time to get out the hair dryer and peel off, without damage according to sarge's logic, the POLICE decals on that car and had them back?
  24. That would be a waste of time complaining to the Daily Mail , but far more important is exposing Trumps lies, just like Obama's lies, with both working for the elite, for those here and the lurkers questioning the whole reality of day to day life and what is to come. You posted that here so it's open to praise or criticism.
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