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  1. Boris is just another here today, gone tomorrow politician, the latest in a long list of Number 2s.
  2. Professor Strangelove is calling us strange. He is repeating from the exact same script, supplied from central control, as do other goons in other countries.
  3. Gary Glitter advertising Young Persons Railcards for British Rail. Anyway, back to Covidmania world.
  4. To date, in the UK the vaxxed have been treated like shite and I can't see that changing in any meaningful way. With the majority jabbed up and issued with a freedom privilege pass, with it's short validity, will not be an exclusive VIP pass. The pass can be suspended at any time due to any new variant. Life will continue to be restrictive and standards of living will fall. The plan does not include the masses casually travelling the globe. Nor does a CV pass guarantee there will be food to buy in the supermarkets like in pre-New Normal.
  5. Yes, there will be some invented new variant or contrived emergency to keep the continuous state of emergency going. The rules get relaxed for the "Big Half-Term Holiday Getaway" then there will be another spike due to "imported cases" and we will be in some sort of situation requiring locking down to save Christmas again.
  6. Yes, it is sinister and it will get worse, unless more people wake up. However, the UK Government have been very slow to give the vaxxed any freedom privileges and have done their best with fake mistakes, staff shortages, lack of planning and preperation in making travel difficult this Summer. Nothing has changed, they don't want people casually travelling around, vaxxed or not. The vaxxed will still have to comply with locator forms and the rules entering other countries. This relaxation for the vaxxed will not last long, before the Winter season arrives, with a new variant of concern that is 60% more contagious than the previous 60% more contagious variant.
  7. That is going to be the way, if things continue as they are. You highlight the dangers of third party risk. Everyone has to do their best to be as independent as possible, in this case their own landlord, or to do business with like minded people. The landlord is giving exemption for those who do not take the jab on religous or medical grounds for new or renewal of rental contracts. There looks like there is good legal recourse in this case and jurisdition, for now.
  8. Yes, I could live without an internet connection for 14 days and more. If we are not going to take the jab, we have to be prepared to forget about the internet at some point soon, if the Agenda is not stopped. I have never had a smartphone as it is a piece of tech I have never been interested in. A smartphone can easily get one sucked deeply into around the clock internet tech dependence, so I just say no. My dumb phone I can leave at home without a worry. I have gone from using 50/50 cash vs card payments to about 95% cash. I have kept and increased my collection of books and films, so I can always entertain myself without the internet.
  9. The feel good news story of no freedom pass - for now, followed quickly by a very bad news story of jabbing children.
  10. Things are behind the times in Croatia, in the streets, parks, bars and restaurants it is still 2019, pre-COVID. They had a couple of big earthquakes last year, so that was a real emergency for them to focus on. Croatia has much to catch up on.
  11. Yes, something sneaky is going on as you highlight. (Out of likes) The good news story did not last long, again a familiar pattern, within 24 hours they are saying the electronic freedom of movement pass could be brought in during the Winter. The lull before the storm? Go softly, softly until the end of the year, engineering the public's demand for electronic freedom of movement passes? UK Covid news LIVE: Chaos over vaccine passports as minister admits they haven’t been ‘ruled out forever’ 13/09/21 AM Vaccine passports could still be brought in this winter, a minister had said, just hours after the health secretary announced a U-turn on their introduction. Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey said the introduction of vaccine passports has not been “ruled out forever”. She told BBC Breakfast: "As Sajid Javid set out yesterday, although the formal decision is still to be made, but having reflected and looked at the details of the proposal that it's not deemed necessary at this moment in time. “But they haven't been ruled out forever. It's reflecting the fact that a lot of young people have come forward and got their vaccinations over the summer.” It is likely to cause more uncertainty for businesses, such as nightclubs and music venues, who have been left confused over whether or not they need to prepare for them. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/covid-coronavirus-latest-updates-boris-johnson-vaccine-passports-winter-plan-lockdown-news-b954973.html
  12. Peston lifts lid on Covid horror as infections spike in double-vaxxed 40 to 79-year-olds CORONAVIRUS data shows that "the overwhelming majority" of infections in the 40 to 79 age range are from those who have been double vaxxed, Robert Peston has claimed. By BRIAN MCGLEENON 09:33, Sun, Sep 12, 2021 | UPDATED: 11:27, Sun, Sep 12, 2021 ITV journalist, Mr Peston, has just recovered from the deadly pathogen. He has reported that Government data from the Vaccine Surveillance Report shows that the "overwhelming majority of those infected in the age group of 40 to 79 the have been double vaxxed". Mr Peston said that part of this explanation is because leading scientists claim that “vaccine efficacy is not as good as we would like for the Delta variant”. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1489970/robert-peston-itv-coronavirus-news-latest-infections-rise-double-vaxxed-delta-variant
  13. In Italy, with the increased level of terror pumped out by the TV news, people have chosen to put their dirty, cheapo masks back on, for example, in open air markets, even though they are jabbered up.
  14. Above the QR code - "Please scan in a sign" and the mandatory mask sign is another stating "Why wait?" "Unlock the pump with Pay-in-app". It is only a screwdriver's turn away to combine cashless (only) payment with a freedom health pass status.
  15. Someone bought a packet of gravel.
  16. Exactly, the rules can change very quickly, as has been the case with the over complicated, by design, COVID rules over the last 18 months. Also they can lock everyone down, including the vaxxed, as the Vaccine Passport's "freedoms" can be suspended across the board until there is a new vaxxine for the latest scary variant, which of course is more scary than the previous scary variant and so on.
  17. A few days ago, a neighbour and friend, who had his second shot of AZ a month ago had a heart attack and died. He went outside in the garden, sat down and went out like a light. He was 69 years-old. I tried to warn him, but he was so deeply hypnotised by the terror TV news propaganda. He never ever, like some, pushed the agenda on others to get vaccinated, so in my view a tragic victim.
  18. All the usual BS from Johnson. Johnson following orders from Central Control and starting the process of what is already happening in places like France and Italy where people need to be tested, had the bat-snake flu in the last 6 months or had the jab(s) before being admitted for non emergency treatment.
  19. First a firebreak lockdown to ease us back into the prison routine. Then what, a circuit breaker lockdown? I wonder if we will get one of those exciting Continental curfews, where you have to rush home before a certain hour, if you don't have a legit reason declared on a curfew form, or risk getting nicked by the Gestapo?
  20. I think you are right about that. I would expect when it happens there would be a baseline of draconian restrictions for the vaxxed, as they want nobody to be free, with more exacting restrictions for the unmodified/unvaxxed.
  21. It sure is. They have had plenty of time to rig things for their monitoring and control.
  22. Thanks for posting. Meanwhile in France, the heavily armoured and vicious riot police, enforcing the freedom passport entry rules in a shopping mall, get pushed back by a mass of decisive shoppers. https://www.bitchute.com/video/4UTMVYJ6jMBY/
  23. A good point about the troop withdrawl from Afghanistan. There was the Ambulance Strike, just over 30 years ago, where the army provided cover, as well as the police taking emergency cases in police vans to hospital. However, the army has had big cut backs in man power, bases and equipment since then.
  24. That sounds like an urban street fighting version of Robot Wars.
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