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  1. Will we see surge testing and asymptomatic cases again?
  2. Yes, the vaccine campaign needed a rebranding refresh and publicity makeover to get the crowds through the doors . There are many who have not taken the third jab and are not going to take the fourth and fifth. I have heard they are throwing away expiring vaccines as they are not getting used.
  3. I suppose in a few months' time people will going around in marigold gloves and clamoring for Billy Gates's experimental monkeypox vaccine.
  4. When is the NHS monkeypox app coming?
  5. If there was a real end of the world "pandemic", then it will not be on the telly, it will be down to our own observations living in the real world and then to take action. This will be us on this forum up in the hills, keeping away from everybody (timecode - starts at 30 mins, 11 seconds on the link below). From the first episode of the 1975 BBC series Survivors where only 1 person in 5000 survives after an accidental Chinese bio lab leak. The youtube upload quality is poor, but the DVD boxset is far better. I watched it during the pandemic lockdown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAyjkaFYnzE&list=PLBufidKHPAw_Wo6KnoH96VPBHaa1EmWYs&t=1811s
  6. Why don't they just go full Mad Max and issue them with sawn off shotguns and leathers.
  7. We better be careful with the number of posts we post here as this Queens Jubilee 2022 thread could become a mega monster thread. Another exciting news report of Prince Charles opening the Jubilee line, it comments that the station adverts had been censored "none of the underwear adverts to titillate the commuter" or Prince Charles for that. There is a general secretary of the railway union in attendance, who postponed a signalman's strike in respect of the royal visit. Sellout! Prince Charles comments on his delight of a captive audiance underground and the shut gates. "You are captive!"
  8. It was not that long ago, a regular or a special constable carried a wooden truncheon and like their issued handcuffs it was not on show, unlike nowadays.
  9. This 2022 Jubilee thing will it match the excitment of when Prince Charles attended to open stage one of the Jubilee line in 1979?
  10. From your DM article link,the line on the chart is now going effing vertical! Is that the start of a moonshot? Fun and games in store.
  11. I agree. Also the willing listeners constantly go along and believe, year after year, decade after decade, what the mainstream "highbrow" financial talking heads say, as always, the central bankers are behind the curve, fighting the last battle, and make mistakes with their actions and future predictions. The official stats released today are 9% CPI and 11.7% RPI. IMO, the real inflation rate , on average, is double that.
  12. I have seen people with smart meters who think with the new wonder gadget that their electric bill is correct and corresponds exactly to their usage, yet they are getting estimated readings as the meter's signal is not getting through. They are in actual fact many hundreds of pounds in credit. If people economised by switching off things like their TVs and stopped recharging their smartphones the price of electricity would quickly drop.
  13. My sentiment entirely. A masterpiece, very stylish and unique. I saw it on the big screen for the first time when it was re-released, after Kubrick's death, (after being withdrawn in the UK for nearly 20 years) at the Odeon, Marble Arch in March 2000. I thought back then the Minister of the Interior, played by Anthony Sharp, could very well have been the then Home Secretary, Jack Straw of the New Labour government, with those words and policy to free up prison space for political offenders and treating the common criminal with the Ludovico Technique (aversion therapy).
  14. All these people believing there is a deadly virus wafting in the air, yet are wearing Chinese or Indian sweatshop made "surgical" masks, costing pennies, often reuseed again and again, thus are unhygienic. If you believe COVID is real, for example, a £250 German made, civil defence grade, NBC/Nuclear, Biological, Chemical respirator is the minimum level. Why do "important" people like Boris or even Bill Gates, who is yet to be seen to be wearing any mask, do not wear something like this for life saving protection?
  15. I recall this from last year about a report that the British Fuzz had seized crypto as part of their investigations, as well the US authorities. Police make UK's biggest ever cryptocurrency seizure as they confiscate £114m The Metropolitan Police did not say which cryptocurrencies it had taken, or when the operation took place. Friday 25 June 2021 12:09, UK About £114m of cryptocurrency has been seized by UK police as part of a money-laundering investigation. The Metropolitan Police said the confiscation was the largest of its kind in the UK, and one of the largest in the world. Last year, US authorities said they had seized around $1bn (£718m) worth of Bitcoin connected to darknet market place the Silk Road, which was shut down in 2013. The Met did not say which cryptocurrencies they seized, but revealed the operation was carried out by their Economic Crime Command team in connection with money-laundering offences. https://news.sky.com/story/police-make-uks-biggest-ever-cryptocurrency-seizure-as-they-confiscate-114m-12341035
  16. My thoughts on seeing the video about the food plant fires, that many of the fires are not just crude arson cases, but look like more sophisticated sabotage and reminds of the what the British, Special Operations Executive (SOE) did in WW2. Also I question how inadequate the on-site fire fighting/suppression systems seem to be, again sabotage?
  17. Hochul calling for a censorship crackdown on hate speech. However, the best thing to do would be to completely shutdown and dismantle the internet to stop hate speech and incidents like this for once and for all. Bill Gates would have to ditch Smart Digital ID for Dumb Analog ID and the spy agencies would have to get out of the office to spy on people.
  18. Back in 1977 at the Silver Jubilee, it's funny to see all those loyal subjects showing their deference, in Rotherhite, South East London, to the Queen and Prince Philip, then got population replaced by the Elite's agenda. Anyway, back to the subject of CONVID.
  19. I am just waiting to hear in the MSM 1984 news that Ukraine forces have taken Stalingrad and are on the outskirts of Moscow.
  20. Yes, maybe. We will have to wait and see either for Bill Gate's the Big One pandemic prophecy or the Ukraine circus show, which they are not doing a thing to calm down, as any normal human being would do. They are all insane. Another one of those outlandish, nuclear armageddon, terror porn stories in the Express to frighten the sheeple with. Do people believe this crap? 'Grab bottle of whisky and wait for end' Dire warning as Putin threatens UK with nukes BRITAIN faces a grim fate if it is attacked with nuclear weapons, according to a disaster management and nuclear weapons expert speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk. Professor David Alexander says that preparing for a nuclear disaster is “entirely futile” and that the correct response to an attack is to “wait for the end”. He also said tactical nuclear weapons used in Ukraine would likely damage other parts of Europe with radioactive fallout. Dr Alexander works at the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction at University College London. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1608698/putin-nuclear-strike-uk-survival-plans-futile
  21. I would say, it is Part Deux of the Chinese action movie, which we first saw over 2 years ago with roads being closed with boulders, hospitals being built in 7 to 10 days, spray cleansing/fogging of streets, the famous Wuhan wet market cordoned off, clips of people instantly collapsing or collapsed in the streets and shopping malls, some guy falling off his chair at work, squads in white suits taking "bodies" from appartment blocks and people locked into their appartments. I would expect we will see more of the action movie franchise here and elsewhere, from September onwards, being adapted from the Chinese model depending on local consumer acceptance and the agenda's goals.
  22. I must take issue with your post, which could not be further from the truth. It is not a Jag. It is a Vauxhall Omega which those 2 peados are riding in.
  23. In Italy the over 50s are getting warning letters from the Italian Inland Revenue if they have not got jabbed or are not "fully vaxxed" with 3 doses, with threats of 100 Euro fines coming into effect from the 15th June..
  24. I wish I was wrong, but this is not the end of it. It will be back, just bigger and badder under an all encompassing digital ID.
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