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  1. A very good point. One thing that can be be mentioned is that, through the 2000s, the New Labour government had a big campaign to get the backlog/waiting times down with GPs, out patients and in patient/hospital appointments, it was a check box, conveyor belt, cattle market to hit targets.
  2. If you need anything else other than a "free" weekly COVID test from the NHS you will have to wait. More than 4m people waiting to start NHS treatment amid Covid pandemic 15/04/21 According to data from NHS England, a total of 4.7 million people were waiting to start treatment at the end of February 2021. The number of people in England waiting to begin hospital treatment has risen to a new record high. According to data from NHS England, a total of 4.7 million people were waiting to start treatment at the end of February 2021 – the highest figur
  3. Yes, it is all very odd. The story changes everyday with this COVID nonsense. As the vaccine is not the main driver for lowering cases, deaths etc., that would be another reason for not taking the experimental jab, added to the other 1001 reasons.
  4. It sure is on cue. However, the current Number Two aka Boris Johnson says it's the lockdown on the most part that has done the business in getting cases, hospital admissions & deaths down and not the vaccine. 13/4/21 The Prime Minister has said that the fall in Covid-19 cases is not due to the vaccine roll-out programme but it is mainly down to the country’s national lockdown. Although Boris Johnson said it was “great” that the country has managed to achieve its target of getting everyone in the top nine priority groups vaccinated by April 15, he warned
  5. There is nothing normal about the situation. The rules keep on tightening when things should be coming to an end. Time soon to go underground.
  6. Good points. It will be less enjoyable. I expect where people still have money there will be custom for pubs. Even after a year of lockdowns and restrictions, businesses have learnt nothing and will continue to bend over backwards to comply with all the overelaborate COVID rules, designed to destroy their independent livelihoods. I see pubs getting ready to re-open, the ones that have not permanently gone out of business, and I wonder how long before they will have to shut again? I don't indulge businesses with even the pretence of following COVI
  7. Prince Philip on what should be done about overpopulation. Youtube upload 20th April 2012. "... Says the father of 4, grandfather of 8 and great-grandfather of 2. From: BBC - The Duke at 90" Now Prince Philip has 10 great grandchildren. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23272491
  8. It's not you. Even as a native, often I can't understand the Maskey language.
  9. Just like David Icke, I will never have a smartphone, nor the vaccine. Today it is a smartphone you carry for any app they decide to roll out . Tomorrow it will be a microchip implant. Today to fly it is a PCR or LFD "test", which will never roll back. Tomorrow it will be vaccine only to fly. Edward Snowden warned about the mass surveillance by the security services of smartphones, yet people lapped them up. The high take up of smartphones has dropped everyone in shit street with easy, efficient and centralised electronic control by the few and the decimation of physical cash p
  10. That only works because the masses have their smartphones, without them the PTB would lose their easy push button control. I enjoy everytime I go into a local shop, for local people and not the likes of Warmart. Regarding the big corporate shops.
  11. People need to get rid of their smartphones ASAP to stop this shite.
  12. Tony Blair will say more people would have died if it was not for the jab invasion.
  13. Just had someone at work, the model citizen type, who believes in all things COVID, could not wait to get jabbed, and the radio was on in the background, it was LBC radio on about the freedom passports to go to concerts, night clubs etc. and hearing that he said, surprisingly, "it is a police state". I have heard a number of normies who are now getting sick and tired of the MSM going on and on about COVID. The endless crap about variants is doing a good job in getting people to switch off the MSM.
  14. Where I am, around 1% have masks on in the parks. Last monday, it was just like one big, packed out pub garden, as per usual no worries about social distancing or maskies.
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