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  1. I agree. It does not make any sense and shows the levels of propaganda lies reached. Not unless the councils demolish houses with the COVID-1984 plague victims still inside, but again a flamethrower would be more efficient. (Don't worry, I am taking the piss here a bit.)
  2. For years, I have wondered how they would implement the drastic changes needed for Agenda 21 & 2030 to society, like the demolition of the economy to usher in low income dependence on the state, without the population railing against it. The pre-planned COVID fear story does it all nicely.
  3. It gets more mad and nonsensical by the day. It seems COVID contamination is now on a par of radioactive isotope Plotonium-239. Do demolished buildings get dumped in deep, old mine workings or would being encased in concrete and dumped out at sea be safe enough for future generations? Will not hospitals have to be demolished and ambulances destroyed? 10 Downing Street and any cars that Boris had been in would need to destroyed since Boris had the COFRAUD-19. Just an idea, is this the future with current residential buildings getting demolished and replaced with COVID secure, living pods in the cities?
  4. Telling what his supporters want to hear and believe. We heard prior to the elections of both Obama and Trump, with the real changes they would be bringing, they would be assassinated before reaching the White House. Not to mention, during Obama's presidency, about midway through, it was said the elite were unhappy as he was not doing what they wanted.
  5. Laying the groundwork for another lockdown. David Icke has said the second lockdown will be more stricter than the first, which I am sure we will see, like in Australia.
  6. Before you were saying about ramming migrant boats with fishing boats and popping their inflatable boats. Now you are back tracking that you dont want migrants dead. There is no point discussing this further with you when you advocating at putting people's lives at risk at sea. You can't see the bigger picture and blunder into attacking the symptoms and not the cause of the problem. Anyone ramming or popping migrant boats at sea even if nobody dies is going to be looking at a life sentence for attempted manslaughter when the legal establishment comes down like a ton of bricks and some.
  7. That is a picture of David Cameron with a Hitler moustache and hair.
  8. I agree with your opinion about punishment for leaving the EU. But, however tempting it is, direct action such as ramming migrant boats is the wrong solution ethically and tatically . The migrants are not our enemy, it is the controlling elite. IMO, if there is going to be direct action with migrants, coming via the EU, they should be shipped to and housed in EU remainer areas. The first port of call should be Liberal Democrat, Richmond upon Thames.
  9. A nice case there for assault, false arrest and detention. I can hear the compensation till go "ka ching". The only caveat, is the area/compound he entered public?
  10. I would not be suprised if the migrants get thrown under the bus, blaming them for or in part for the CV second wave outbreak fiction story.
  11. Yes, banjo dog, a set of ridiculous rules just to feck people over and continue the invented state of emergency. In today's Telegraph the new rules on the local lockdowns. You are not allowed to meet in other peoples homes or their gardens. You can meet them in a park (maximum of 6 people, 7 would be illegal), but not their private garden. Nor can 2 households meet in a restaurant or pub, which will be filled with all other households. Weddings, civil partnerships, funerals can only have a maximum of 30 people. 31 people would be unsafe and illegal. Also it is OK for 30 people to attend a wedding or funeral, but they cannot go on to a party afterwards. Also to note, the lockdown restrictions in Aberdeen, Scotland have closed bars, pubs, restaurants and an advisory 5 mile travel limit etc.
  12. That man needs to go back into an incubator and grow a brain! What sort of mask was the guy wearing, just the normal type that if there was a deadly virus, down to 0.3 micron, it would pass right through, like a fly flying through a chain link fence? I would reply something on the lines of, which I have done, "that mask is not going to save you from an incubator" "I am Mr Health and Safety and if there was a real deadly virus, I would wear my military grade respirator without hesitation, and not a piece of toilet paper across my face ."
  13. In the presentation it is said that ventilation systems to be fitted with UV light to kill pathogens and help prevent germs multiplying. The building is fitted with air sensors and sensors worn by staff. A standard, COVID-19 secure office is becoming more like a nuclear power station with such safety systems and sensors. Also if UV light kills the virus, why are there a major incidents, red alerts called when people go down to the beach when the sun is blazing, during a heatwave?
  14. +1 (out of likes) All planned for what they wanted to do and the COVID was the story to get it into action. Good that, dual purpose camera, to check temperature (health and safety) and to scan the face to allow entry into the building (big brother security). Social distancing is still the norm and hand gel. Can't have lift buttons because of the COVID, voice control instead (big brother security by the back door) The see through screens in open plan offices that go up if there is threat of an outbreak and they come down if the threat subsides. All I see is just total control, fear and monitoring of everything in minute detail. Yes, I agree the thing about travelling home to the suburbs, seems odd. Maybe this infographic is just early programming and later people will be looking at working from city working/living pods?
  15. +1 (out of likes). Exactly, perceived discrimination done in different ways, so both sides feel they are victims of the other side. I looked up the uniform thing with Golding and I came across this photo. I think your comment - Britian 1st tossers is too nice. People involved in groups like that need to wake up and see they are being controlled and used.
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