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  1. The same seems to be the case with Liberty https://www.libertyhumanrights.org.uk/ Their latest press release on the Corona, is very weak and fully acceptive of the narrative. Things on CV are tucked away and not prominent as it should be. There is nothing on the vaccine with its trashing of human rights just around the corner. With their funding, George Soros is there with his Open Society Foundations. Coronavirus LIBERTY RESPONDS TO THIRD NATIONAL COVID LOCKDOWN Posted on 04 Jan 2021
  2. A disposable mask is a complete waste of time and money in a real pandemic. In such a situation, one needs a quality respirator or breathing apparatus with a compressed air cylinder.
  3. Where are the biohazard wheelie bins for all the end-of-life, COVID infected face coverings to be sent for safe disposal by incineration?
  4. Shop down at Abdul's corner shop where cash is king, helping him to make a million.
  5. I think you are right about local independent shops getting more custom from now on. Sainsbury's has now joined Morrisons with COVID rules questioning and enforcement. S ainsbury’s has joined Morrisons in enforcing the wearing of masks in its stores despite police officers expressing concerns over how breaking the rule will be challenged. The supermarket giant confirmed it will post trained security guards at shop entrances to “challenge” any customers not wearing a mask or shopping in groups. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/sainsbury-s-and-morrisons-mask
  6. An alien controlled, artificial life form, known as an Auton (Doctor Who 1971).
  7. Time to only shop at traditional, old English-Pakistani, Bangladeshi etc. corner shops and not at the big corporate supermarkets.
  8. Out of Likes. If I it was possible on this forum I would give your post a Thanks, Like and a LOL.
  9. Yes that is true, they don't have to wear masks outside. IMO, the photos show that many people are not or no longer scared of the COVID virus and are going out where crowds are. In Italy, for example, up to 95% of people, in certain places, are wearing masks out in the street, even though it is not the law when not in groups. You are also right about the propaganda not getting through. As well as the propaganda not getting through, I do think there is a big element of propaganda overload kicking in, people are seeing through the propaganda exaggerations or just tired of it.
  10. The British Army operation for rolling out the vaccine is called Delta Force, named after the U.S. special forces unit which also has the dagger emblem. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9107423/Army-teams-deliver-vaccinations-fleet-Land-Rovers-Chinook-helicopters.html The Armed Forces will create 150 mobile vaccination teams to deliver Covid jabs as part of a mission dubbed Operation Delta Force, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Defence sources say the operation – named after the elite US Special Forces unit – will involve teams of medics and logistics experts
  11. Regarding last Thursday's Clap for Carers/Clap for Heros/Clap For NHS, I asked a neighbour why he did not clap at 8pm, who had clapped the last time, he said everyone is fed up with it all and did not bother. Also, nice to see here all the people who have had enough with the BS just going out and not wearing masks, including the law enforcement community. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9131071/Priti-Patel-defends-police-strong-enforcement-Covid-rules.html So much for staying at home! Crowds of people head to beaches and town centres despite Boris Johnson beggin
  12. PCR or LFT tests coming into force next week for people arriving or departing the UK, apart from a few exceptions. Covid cases will be 'MISSED' at UK border: Scientists warn of rise in infections over government allowing arrivals to choose 'less accurate' lateral flow tests to prove they are infection-free Travellers to be banned from entering the UK from next week if they do not have negative test MailOnline understands that travellers will be able to present negative PCR or rapid flow tests as proof But there are concerns in the travel industry some will be s
  13. They sure are, people being questioned by the public order police to what they are doing, harassed and told to move on, including local reisdents. Nice to see a protest outside Central London/Zone 1 though. David Icke said quite rightly, in a recent video, we are now staring in the face of fascism, not sometime in the future, but today!
  14. Yes, for example, the MSM like using the superlative SURGE either for COVID infections, cases, deaths. They are always tinkering with the lockdown tiers and rules, every 2 to 3 weeks, to keep people in constant flux. In my opinion, the next step of lockdown tightening will be something like a 10pm to 5am curfew. It could be something else other than a general curfew to further strip away freedom, and I would be very interested to hear what others here think what will be next.
  15. The police caught breaking the rules.
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