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  1. Funny that, they don't know how long it lasts, but they say it is tested and safe.
  2. I agree about your thoughts on the new breed and not being fully human. They are like robots. The short, peanut headed bar steward is also one of the extra special breed of police officers who volunteer and are recommended by a senior police to be part of the public order police units. They sit in their vans without masks, for hours on end with nothing to do, bored witless, waiting to spring into action and then pile onto someone for the slightest thing, four or five or more onto one. The Australian Max Igan, of the Crowhouse, when he sees such police brutality says they need a baseball bat t
  3. It certainly kicked off with a guy getting arrested and bundled into the police van, by 4 of 5 cops, and got a good kicking, 4 times, by one cop. Timecoded link.
  4. One of the many David Icke forum members "Cooler Kings" being brought back to the qurantine hotel.
  5. There will be plenty of vaccine junkies eager to get their next mRNA fix. Speaking to someone I know about the jabs, they treat it like some software update and via these injections it will get them to 100 years-old.
  6. Exactly. Update - The person who said that has now had the Pfizer jab and again has felt really bad afterwards. Now he is puzzled by it, as he thinks it should not have happened with the Pfizer jab as it is different from the AstraZeneca one that made him ill the first time. Maybe he will be lucky third time around with the Moderna.
  7. I have also heard them say "the first dose made me feel really bad, but I will take the second dose - what can I do". Another "I was really unwell for 2 weeks with the AstraZeneca. I am going to take the Pfizer injection next time". Also I have heard about people taking the first vaccination and will not take the second, due to the ill effects they experienced.
  8. I expect 2021 will be the last year for anyone to travel into the EU without the jib jabs and the restrictions will be tightened even further for travel between EU countries at some point in 2022, Schengen or not.
  9. Out of likes. That would be the Cricklewood/North London Suburbia variant, very nasty indeed.
  10. Two imagined/invented computer generated virus images, the first one is of the many scary looking COVID-19 things, to strike terror into viewers on the BBC, and the second The Death Star Variant, which can vaporise a whole planet. Since nobody has isolated the so-called virus, to show what it looks like, the Death Star with golf tees sticking out is just as valid.
  11. Sure, Whitty is a maggot. The comparison is not of the actor, but the role Yul Brynner played (as per the photo), a cold, robotic gunslinger, with dead eyes, gone haywire, in the 1973 film Westworld, who will relentlessly track you down and kill you without remorse.
  12. It gives a new meaning to Jab & Go! Could it be that BA is in "crisis talks" with the CAA/Civil Aviation Authority?
  13. He sure was. After 50 years, The Prisioner TV series remains breathtaking to watch with its predictions. The episode A Change of Mind is one of my favourites. I wonder sometimes if Patrick McGoohan was still alive what he would think of the last decade and the last 15 months. I expect he would say, I told you so. Keep it up Number6 being unmutual and disharmonious. Be seeing you.
  14. Local taxi service only. No self-drive.
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