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  1. What you quote there clearly is tucked away at the bottom of the page in small grey print on a black background! I agree 100% about the as usual & cnuts remarks.
  2. From so-called alternative media. Limited Edition Infowars Face Mask Shield yourself and stay safe from incoming germs with the Infowars face mask! You can get this high-quality mask made in America here! $9.95 If you have to stay safe, you might as well stay stylish. This Infowars Face Mask is made to help protect you from outside contagions while also making a statement about the Infowars Crew! Affordable and easy to use, simply slip it on on your way to work, to the store, or anywhere on the
  3. If someone without symptoms gets tested for COVID and their test result is positive are they another mythical super-spreader?
  4. Here we go again a leaked (on purpose) SAGE dodgy dossier, however Macron has really pushed out the boat with the terror nightmare BULLSHITE. Will Professor Neil Ferguson, the COVID Finder General at Imperial College London, comply with the lockdown this time or break it multiple times? New leaked SAGE 'worst case scenario' predicts 85,000 COVID second wave deaths and argues a lockdown will be needed until MARCH - as latest Imperial study says 100,000 Brits are now being infected every day Boris Johnson is under pressure from scientists for a national 'circuit breaker' loc
  5. Not to mention, public firework displays are banned in the UK, so we are back to the 1605 Gun Powder Plot as well.
  6. Here we go with Germany & Switzerland starting lockdown procedures and France on the cusp of very tight wartime lockdown restrictions. Europe is facing a new wave of national lockdowns as Angela Merkel's government reach a deal with local authorities in all 16 federal states to impose a partial lockdown from November 2. The lockdown will see all bars and restaurants closed until at least November 30, while shops may remain open provided they meet a new condition of a maximum of one person per ten square metres in order to respect social distancing. France is also prep
  7. Johnathan Davis on Talk Radio talking about the collapse of the economy due to the lockdown, not COVID and who is really steering the ship.
  8. The man who broke his own lockdown rules twice in early May, during the height of the COVID-1984 pandemic, is back with his opinions and Mystic Meg predictions. National lockdown scientist says England will be suffering 'high levels' of Covid well into 2021 By Daniel Smith 10:52, 28 OCT 2020 Prof Neil Ferguson claims the tiered restrictions approach will be ineffective in the short term The scientist behind the UK-wide lockdown in March says the tiered restrictions approach being used in England will be ineffective in the short term.
  9. Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas - you're nicked. In the article another photo of non-essential items cordoned off in Wales.
  10. For the people dressing up as keep left bollards and traffic cones...
  11. Great to hear about your observations. Germany seems to be going for lockdown light, as the first step. I agree about what you say about yesterday's spike, it's coincidence and the manipulation of figures. It has been reported that COVID deaths are up 40% in Europe in the last week. I expect that next week extensive lockdowns will be in place and coming into force in Europe and else where in the World, this time they will be stricter controls with far more military presence. Germany considers 'lockdown light' to stop virus spread Updated / Wednesday, 28 Oct 2020 07:
  12. There has been enough time to start mass producing decent respirators, but bog roll face masks seem to be just fine and nobody questions the pathetic masks, even though it has been said the virus is as small as 0.3 microns. If I thought my health or life was at risk I would not entertain wearing a Chinese "surgical mask". A friend of mine asked if the face covering he bought, those black rubbery gimp mask things for £2.99p would protect from the COVID. Boris Johnson used to be seen wearing a blue gimpy mask and it seemed to be always being sucked into his gob.
  13. Yes, it is inconsistant. Also why just the tonsils and what happens if the person has had their tonsils removed?
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