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  1. If I had a story to sell/ tell then is there a way of getting it to him please Or is it all a closed shop like London Real I have watched his pod casts and he dose read out stories from the public so may be may be
  2. Hi Is there a was I can view all his latest youtube videos that where deleted in date order by any chance?
  3. not a good turn up today im afrade! bad weather and black man protest thing going off in town centre did not help (think it was promoted by main stream media to dull down the global lock down protests myself) Will put up a link to the video i shot today soon as i can
  4. Just to let everyone know that this Saturday 6th June 12 noon. piers corbyn will be speaking at Regent park, Broad walk, English Gardens if anyone want to come and listen as he is now banned from the speakers corner at hyde park
  5. I have not been posting on the public forum for over a month now Sorry wrong person!
  6. apparently there is to be a protest held at Albert square this Saturday about the black person in America that was killed by the cop Any one with further info please?
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