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  1. On 5/25/2022 at 4:06 PM, sock muppet said:


    In mine it is because if i were to also cut my head off i know it would stop.


    Do you ever get it that bad that you want to do that? I used to then all that remained was this ribbon of light that slowly passes across my eyes. And to be honest I'd take that any day of the century over the full migraine!

  2. 17 minutes ago, tommydrifter said:



    100% confident doesn't mean correct. Recently I witnessed a hit and run accident and was 100% convinced the car was red. It was blue. During the time when I was waiting to be questioned I was in a driveway with a red car in the corner! It was only when we found the wing mirror and it was blue that I realised my mind was playing tricks.


    The mantra 'question everything' should always apply to oneself.

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  3. On 5/15/2022 at 6:04 PM, sock muppet said:


    Venus may very well turn out to be a relative new comer to the solar system and may be better described as a comet, also if Venus has been captured by the Suns gravity it could be the cause of the scarring on Mars Valles Marineris.


    I'm not sure that's right. Venus has a unique clockwise spin compared to Earth, it's suggested that somewherealong its long history it got flipped by the Sun's tidal forces. Weird though.

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