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  1. Just like David is the source of his theories, so am I the source of mine. I have sent this to David as well as he needs this bit of info to see through the whole of the conspiracy. There is no one else on this planet that CAN see or understand this unless such person is spiritual. Search the topic on Google and you won't find it as it is removed from facebook searches as well as from Google. That should tell you that the satanists know about me. In this post you w I care what he thinks of ill see that they tried to kill me twice. My facebook acounts are being blocked all the time.. https://www.facebook.com/oppiWeb ( taken away from me and plundered by facebook for a reason! ) and https://www.facebook.com/DirkieoppiWeb and https://www.facebook.com/MasterKeyoppiWeb . If you can't understand that I do my own thing just like David, the just make sure David gets it! I only care what he think of it and don't expect yuou or anybody else to understand this.
  2. I found the reason why Governments around the world act like total morons! They are under control of the legions of omicron evil spirits: THE SATANIC COVID19 CODE BROKEN! Science, Media lies and Demonology are combined in this war against us! Part 1 Vocabulary. CoVid = demons used with witchcraft. Their purpose is to convey information to the demon princes and on behalf of the demon prince/druid to other demon princes or spirit beings. To "CoVid" Information= a demon prince/druid look at an object and the information of what is seen is passed to the CoVid demon reading his mind. An action is also called "CoVid" in druidic language. A camera can also be used to CoVid information. These demons are also used as spys or police and deliver information about a person or area under observation. The CoVid are also used with tellekanesis. Omicron = a legion or legions of fallen serraphims invoked by placing their name on the lips of humans telling them that it is a dangerous variant of the Covid19 virus and then gets everyone talking about "omicron". (There is a clip going around where Bill Gates of hell said that the omicron is NOT a variant but a Jabb! - to be clarified later. Tellekinesis = a communication witchcraft used by demon princes/druids to communicate with one another. Also used by demon princes/druids to make humans commit crimes for them! (Have you heard of people telling Judges that they heard voices telling them to kill?) GO = Graphene Oxide normally used in vaccinations. Graf X = Graphene nano particles also used in lithium batteries. Vax = vaccination injections anti-Vaxers = those who refuse the vax. Jabbed= those who received vaccination injections. Part 2a Druidic Methodology 1. Vaxxes are produced in various countries by various pharmaceutical companies. 2. Each vax come with it's own ID meaning they differ! 3. Each vax therefore have it's own experimental purpose recorded on a computer. Part 2b Witchcraft/Demonology 1. Some vaxes and boosters may contain Nanoparticles particles (GO) that the DRUIDS "CoVid" to demons for identification of the Jabbed. 2. The CoVidted information is kept on record by the CoVid demons and passed on to so called "variants" (evil omicron spirits) on command from the druids. 3. The omicron happen to be a vax like Bill Gates said, but actually it is legions of fallen seraphims identifying the Jabbed on the injected "Nano particles/objects" in their blood! (I have noticed that the omicron were sent out and made the Jabbed became paranoid with fear of the nonexisting killer disease and filled them with anger against anti-vaxers. 4. Some of the vaxxes may contain age enhancers, viruses or even chromosome 21 that can cause a rise in down syndrome babys. If so, a rise in down syndrome births will be noticed shortly. It was already established that Pfeizer caused brain dammage to manny a Jabbed - it could also have been caused by the omicron spirit or Graf X via 5G! 5. Within three to six months the bodies of the Jabbed will cleanse itself from the injected nanno particles and therefore frequent boosters are required. FACT : The mortality rate of this latest flu alias CoVid was reported to be only 0.6% and recently reported even lower at only 0.14% world wide! Ivermectin DOES work but for the dark reasons mentioned here governments INSIT on getting you jabbed! Part 2c The Druidic Mistake 1. The druids made one important mistake not to keep in mind that the demons misused by them, are not trustworthy beings! Part 3. The purpose/goal: 1. These evil Illuminati hiding inside their "the WHO virus" concept need adrennachrome for reasons mentioned below. The opening ceremony of the Olympic games in London 2012 makes that very clear with the hospital beds and CHILDREN...no adults in that show! Those children will be traumatised to deliver the adrennachrome rich blood they need for their vain cosmetic products and bloody cocktails during WICCA sex ceremonies. 2. Chromosome 21 Down syndrome and/or Graf X zombies will be the slaves and baby breeders for the adrennachrome nurseries. 3. The Down syndrome don't get old enough to become pensioners bringing down deep state expenses and world population who will also "be happy" with their circumstances for not knowing better. 3. Different types of zombies are needed for different types of work like: a. Africa may become the farming colony to produce their food. b. The Sahara may become the central dumping site of the world. c. European and Eastern countries may become their industrial colonies. 4. There are different vaxxes for different regions. Those meant for Africa are not to be used in Europa. Why?? Because various types of zombies are needed for each colony. 5. There is the posibility that those injected with Graf X could be killed instantly or influenced in some way using 5G frequency! Conclusion: 1. Do not fall for the media's fear mongering, there is no killer virus out there! 2. It is a fact that Ivermectin work for this flu called CoVid! 3. It is much easier to give out tablets "saving lives" than injections! 4. We are being mislead by the media! Part 4. History and implementation of their evil virus concept plan. 1. Capture the WHO to get a new name for the "illuminated ones" to operate under! 2. Governments around the globe now dance to the tune of "the WHO" and therefore the document to be signed by Governments giving the WHO a mandate over them is just another myth to keep the glass eyed waiting for a chance to go to the poll and say "NO"...it's never going to happen. Their glass eyed governments WILL sign such document as they still find themselves under the illusion that they still have the power wich they have given away to "the WHO" without knowing it anyway! Like the spike protean projections of a virus, the governments around the world are also just projections to blind the citizens of the world to the fact that "the WHO" is controlling their lives under the perception of "saving lives". The WHO is like the envelope of a virus that house the real danger INSIDE! The english royals and company are INSIDE that envelope that connects like a vein running through the spikes to the PROJECTION that everything is still like it used to be! ( So also are the various governments just a projection that everything is still the way it used to be!) Inside this "the WHO" virus envelope we have "Windsor Castle and company"...the global elite ruling while hiding behind "the WHO"! DO YOU NOW SEE THE REAL VIRUS in this comparison I sketched? I published this sketch in Afrikaans on Facebook round about Christmas 2021 but the contents were "unpublished" by the so called independent fact checkers! As far as I am concerned, we here in South Africa were living under "projections that we still have our own governments" since the day VERWOERD was murdered!! Afriforum and Solidariteit and political parties are also just "projections"! As long as we bare with freemasonry we sit with this "WHO virus" in every board room of note or parlement around the globe!! The second step was to kill Dirkie Johannes Müller, ( born 29 July 1951 at 21h03, Alkmaar ) on 17 July 2018 as a "sacrifice of the first born" to their god, alias satan. According to some satanic prophecy Dirkie was going to spoil their fun by breaking the code of their evil plans they have been working on for centuries. Dirkie's God was stronger than the 300+ savages mobilized for the kill, ordered by "empire building" de Bruno Austin under command of Vusi Mabuza and Colonel Engelbrecht and spoiled the fun for all of those WHO wanted to see Dirkie's body parts lying around in Donga Street Barberton by putting Dirkie back together in front of their eyes faster than they could torn Dirkie apart! Third step was to create this scam calling ordinary flu a pandemic known as the corona/crown virus alias CoVid19 pandemic and use their media lies to scare the glass eyed citizens of the world to make them take injections called vaccines containing the mentioned witchcraft. To make this scam look legit, a few dr. Fauci lab workers were sacrificed in Wuhan! Because Dirkie survived the onslaught on his life on 17 July 2018, it was clear to the WHO that they CAN NOT kill Dirkie, so they made a mistake and had a letter delivered to Dirkie, telling him that he has no chance fighting "the WHO" seeing he has no idea "WHO" to fight. The said letter also stated that the "WHO" doesn't care what Dirkie believe in as "it is nonsense anyway"! 5. One year ago, a brave satan worshipping fool, Leon Pretorious, took a panga (given to him by a mr. Sturgeon, a "building the empire" Englishman) to kill Dirkie with the said panga, but again Dirkie's God, called "nonsense" by "the Who" healed Dirkie right in front of Pretorius's eyes blow after blow! Now it was very clear Dirkie CAN NOT BE KILLED by them! What is happening in the world at the moment is the "NONSENSE" Dirkie believe in, making it clear that He really IS a NONSENSE to their plans bringing about a one world government ruled from inside the envelope of "the WHO" sketched above! By the time you read this, the Rothschild Bill Gates of hell and company hiding inside the envelope of "the WHO virus" with it's spike projections that all governments of planet earth are still in power, will be informed of this writing by their CoVid demons reporting on every move Dirkie makes! Let's hope they keep in mind that information delivered by untrustworthy demons may not be 100% correct as Dirkie and these CoVid demons developer a kind of a "relationship" over the past few years. Therefore, "WHO virus" and western governments of the world, take note that the "forging" of your New World Order will NOT BE COMPLETED! My God will deal with you all and there is NO escape! 1 Thessalonians 5:3 is upon you! Dirkie J. Müller. 7/3/22.
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