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  1. Because Canada has the same crooked first past the post system as Britain, and carving up of voting areas, this prick got elected to the prime minister and his party get the most seats, from a grand total of 33% of the total vote. Trudeau's liberal party: 157 seats, 33.12% of total votes. Erin O'Toole's conservative party: 121 seats, 34.34% of total votes.
  2. It's a satirical account, thank God!
  3. How long before 'not boosted' becomes 'unvaxxed'?
  4. I see they're sticking to their fake number of five million. We learnt from the dailyexpose it's 15 million (over 12) in England, and 23 million in total in England. Scare tactics. Fuck em. It's all gonna crumble soon.
  5. If you're gonna just quote articles from the dailystormer, you should at least give credit. C'mon man.
  6. this Fulford berk has been writing this sort of shite for years.
  7. Running as fast as her disgusting fat arse could carry her.
  8. All based on Jewish fairytales. Lampshades, Bars of Soap, Rollercoaster rides into ovens, death matches with eagles and bears.
  9. Arnie was already a big film star before he married Shriver in 1986.
  10. Disclaimer: The AURS is a satirical critique by political candidate David Alexander Bramante, in association with his campaign David Bramante for Governor 2021. David is hoping to point out how dangerously close our society is to having a company like AURS exist, and a world where friends, family and neighbors are reporting each other to authorities. https://aursonline.com/about/
  11. https://dailystormer.su/bob-odenkirks-collapse-was-due-to-a-heart-issue-pretty-much-definitely-the-vaxx/
  12. The kosher right. Can't talk about demographic replacement, just muslims, muslims, muslims.
  13. Including one from the doctor's office, I've had FIVE letters from the NHS! Wankers.
  14. Please don't. Obviously fake as fuck.
  15. Back when this happened, us nutters were roundly mocked for suggesting that Usman moved his coat around after being shot, and also rising from the dead later on, but because SO many people saw those videos, the inquest has made it part of the official story, that he's some sort of bullet proof monster. Police were 'flabbergasted' that he survived so many bullets. NO ONE IS FUCKING SITTING UP AFTER TAKING TWO HOLLOW POINT BULLETS TO THE HEAD OR TORSO! OR ADJUSTING THEIR COAT! What fucking planet are people on to swallow this bullshit? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jun/04/police-flabbergasted-at-time-it-took-london-bridge-terrorist-to-die-inquest-hears ℂℍ - Madness at #londonbridge shooting.mp4 1575073464088.webm You see, what happens is, when you shoot a terrorist dead, with his explosives vest, you just leave him there for eight minutes, looking at him, and then when he rises from the dead, you start shooting again at him again. This is all normal procedure.
  16. I was listening to a couple of women talking about the Wuflu, and they were talking about the government rushing through vaccines for a certain age group, and how a lot of people won't take it. 'I know', said one, with concern in her voice, 'Idiots', she described them as. If you're waiting around for some great awakening, good luck. They know nothing, have done zero research, don't know anything about statistics, survival rates, effects from 'vaccines', blood clots, the agendas of Gates and mates, but are happy to pass judgement on us 'Idiots'. Fuck these ignorant pricks, they hate our guts, just for living our lives the same as we did just a couple of years ago.
  17. Different story from India than MSM. Eyewitness In India Has A Different Story Than The Mainstream Media Lies.mp4
  18. SARS-COV2 has never been isolated, and therefore there are no 'variants'. I don't care about some stupid footage of some Indians falling over. It's meaningless. Just more bullshit to keep the fear ramped up as people get bored of it all.
  19. Swayne's your usual useless big mouth, talks the talk, like Hitchens, then rolls up his sleeve when it's time. Will not admit there's a deeper agenda going on.
  20. That's Newcastle? Jeez, what a joke. Whole premiere league is Cameroon vs Nigeria.
  21. COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has never been isolated.
  22. So we've had Sheldon Adelson RIP, Edmond de Rothschild RIP, Dutch Government resigned, Italian Government stuff going on, Estonian Government stuff going on, The Arab country who's name escapes me has had ministers resigning, and Washington DC is currently a prison complex. Hmm.
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