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  1. https://www.rt.com/news/511592-doctor-paralyzed-covid-vaccine-mexico/
  2. morph is one of the hatchlings, pretending that the argument of the behaviour of governments is over bbc articles or whatever, and ignoring the overarching agendas of UN Agenda 2030, The Gates Foundation, The World Economic Forum, Event 201, then questioning our supposed 'beliefs', and getting bogged down in whether or not a bbc article is accurate or not. He's not an honest broker.
  3. This morph poster is very similar to the other troll from a few days ago. don't you 77th lot get bored?
  4. Fake environmentalist, human hater, he founded 'Friends of the Earth'.
  5. Jesus. Well, we need to try and stay positive. Not hex ourselves. I've been concentrating on 10% of people waking up to this shit. I think that will be enough, 1 in 10 brave souls should do it.
  6. The can get a good feed off a big sacrifice, like WW1 and 11. Long term, who knows.
  7. I think Hancock is far more like the camp nazi in 'Allo Allo', Lieutenant Hubert Gruber:
  8. The Pfizer one was approved, which was mostly developed in Germany. The Oxford one was sponsored by a different company, AstraZenaca. I think their one didn't need to be kept at -70 degrees. I guess they're running into storage problems with the Pfizer one, so you can now pick your poison. Fucking ridiculous. Russian Roulette.
  9. yeah, I'm gonna stop replying to 'it'.
  10. I have no fear of you. I have a problem with obvious government shills pretending they've come to this forum just to ask questions. You're a liar who signed up just over an hour ago and goes on about 'claims'. This thread is 679 pages long with loads of shit going on, and you're acting like a typical 'hey I'm just here to discuss and find things out', but with a strong bias towards the established narrative. You're a fraud.
  11. What claims? Who are you working for? I'm challenging you do admit what you're doing here. Are you afraid to admit that Covid is an overblown flu used for other agendas?
  12. Hancock gives him £2 WHSmith book token per post.
  13. In with the 'I know someone who's had it, and oooh, it was bad all right, so just wear the masks for another ten years, even if you're not sure it's real'.
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