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  1. Henry Makow put it well I think "the real battle is not between left and right but the age old conflict between super rich who want monopolize all wealth ,and rest of humanity who seek to sustain a comfortable life "
  2. also as some details Henry Makow writes in" illuminati" Josslyn VictorHay member of Cliveden Set 22nd Earl of Erroll 1901 to 1941 knew real cause of WW 2 and therefore it was Churchill's Operation Highland Clearance to silence / murder him as Bankers used Cliveden Set to fool Hitler into thinking England approved of his plans to conquer USSR with loose Nordic alliance with England.(half Cliveden Set knew plan) instead Bankers used Hitler as means to menace Stalin ,have world war and destroy Germany at same time.to consolidate power Erroll knew too much too. after that Hess flew to Scotland and Hamilton with peace proposal Makow thinks Erroll silenced because he opposed Communism and NWO
  3. Roger Waters censored for trying to encourage Peace https://www.nme.com/news/music/roger-waters-denies-cancelling-polish-shows-over-comments-on-russia-ukraine-war-3316674 If
  4. Yeah and as regards forcibly sterilisation that's been going on for too long especially via plastics ,toxins and now special gene therapy fashion accessories
  5. https://postflaviana.org/warning-oysters-beware-walrus/ Very interesting interpretation of I am the Walrus too
  6. It seems like need to be timed with the radiation in air to be affective and thereby not over use them or sort of 24hours time frame I think ?so that needs state or local instructions I suppose if ever / when necessary , hopefully not!
  7. If I remember right iodine is only useful for thyroid protection against radiation for small window of time .
  8. Yes I happened to hear same Quadrilla man saying it wasn't viable in UK . Mog Still pushing for it in house commons and anyone against it is Luddites sponsored by Russia. Lot of opposition . No mention of the irreversible pollution it causes on radio just the lorries and earthquakes .
  9. Yeah history always been written by the" victors" so it can be distorted then by repitition become norm whereas true history often is washed away by the tide and true science is questioning things and testing ideas/ hypothesis with open mind undeterred by consensus opinions etc
  10. Yeah ,being able to read /interprete tables and statistics and data collection and how they can be misleading/manipulated should be priority teaching definitely. Maths can be enlightening too I especially like Marty Leeds books like "the Peacocks Tales the Alchemical Writings of Claudia Pavonis" and "PI and the English language"
  11. Yeah As always it's about raising a population of compliance with limited critical thinking if possible so it's up to individuals in each generation to think for themselves
  12. Just re found this again ; very interesting 20 page pdf research paper with conclusion won't have it and /letter of exception / liability to send to employer https://auticulture.com/investigating-the-mrna-gene-therapy-non-vaccine/
  13. Weird ! apparently was originally Gorki 400 (Soviet ) Then later addition changed to Wuhan towards end of cold war apparently according to Reuters But doesn't mention Li Chen coincidence
  14. It might be the age of Aquarius buts it very strange
  15. Yes this is really exciting for healing and possibly spiritual awareness . Seems like ancient people used sound and frequency waves in ways we not discovered too for various purposes .
  16. Yes and the way they got rid of all the rubble and not allow proper studies of the materials after. David Icke two books on it as so much details worth reading
  17. Oh forgive me but when you play the second video William signs at end too( could not help noticing ,) trivial comment on my part in bigger picture of things!
  18. Interesting (to me anyway) I notice that William writes like me left handed and hand above which is tiring if write a lot and get a lot ink on hand too plus can smudge ! ( So does Obama if I remember too!)
  19. Talorgan


    I knew some people in "talking books "years ago who used to narrate onto tapes in those days (lare80s) back in Bournemouth , so perhaps that's another way to do it something like that if too time consuming ?
  20. Exactly how long has this been going on and for how long will people need it? I'd say we don't need to externalise what we all are.
  21. My feeling is he followed some intuition that in his case meant travelling to Mexico . Interesting place to have gone to too .Who knows what insights might follow from that?
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