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  1. Found clip I saw electro culture , Hobby shops have copper wire too ,not sure , so worth try on small scale anyway ? https://x.com/pills_truth/status/1685991106679279621?s=20 Although the well composted farm yard manure should help !
  2. I think you have to make antenna at top too , Ps plus good old well composted farm yard manure
  3. Has anyone heard of / experience of Electro culture ? As I understand it simply it's twisting copper wire round a stick like bamboo and placing in ground next to plant so can apparently obtain large crop per plant Might help food crises bit in future with small areas of propagation, Too late to try this year (here in UK ) I definitely try experiment see if it works next year though ,
  4. Perhaps they don't want too many in US filtering out fluoride etc and seeing through all the bs.
  5. There is also the other side to this too to these things too I suppose? eg see Jan Irvin ,Joseph Atwills in (gnostic/ logos media ) wher they looked into background study of history of these things as maybe being pushed also as continuation of MK Ultra ??? It's worth getting as much information as possible I suppose in history of the tribal use and how this compares to modern use depending on group etc etc?
  6. This new technique is probably just a fraction of technology/ mind manipulation that can go on above top secret etc
  7. in his new book for example he mentioned the harmful effects and the effect of all satellites and towers going up ,5 g etc 6g 7g etc the internet of everything,and the plan perhaps humans used as an antenna Whilst some people are already v sensitive or suffering debilitating electr sensitivity page 271 etc Arthur Firstenberg has interesting articles too ; like affect on babies born in hospital next to 5g mask etc https://cellphonetaskforce.org/humans-bees-and-wildlife-in-2023/
  8. Inalienable rights Yeah as Neil says people need to know they have Inalienable Rights that Can't be taken away
  9. The Dream by David Icke, Great book clearly explains and describes so much We managed to gain some freedoms from a feudal system but as explained here we are collectively sleep walking into another technocratic feudal cloud system today. But Love-Consciousness can free us as Awakening from the dream and hopefully being Conscious in a mind /dream too increasingly so to avoid being controlled , manipulated and farmed
  10. https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/viruses-unplugged/the-follies-of-peter-mccullough/ Contains great talk by DrMark Bailey and Kevin Corbett PhD in which as Kevin Corbett said you can't just stop at the vaccines you need to question the virology itself which caused the vaccines . It's what science doe ie refute hypotheses
  11. Well The Dream to me resonates spot on and makes sense ,great book. ,as above so below, where even now technology is beginning to reflect what exists on very advanced level perhaps. If we are really being farmed for emotional energy etc even in Astral realms then this would explain what doesn't really add up in terms of returning to learn more lessons but having forgotten previous experiences etc I understand the idea that some say we need to experience this world where there is free choice so we can learn but if it's manipulated in such a way that we are distracted so much and then either it's hijacked original or simulation. Also free choice must exist in higher states of consciousness anyway so perhaps the fall is the simulation. Must look again at nag hammadi translations and John l Lash writing. But it does make sense this notion of being farmed I agree best thing is to Know who we are really Ie Not the simulation but we are beyond it ultimately and chart our Own way out of the farm when necessary and Whilst still in it as well reminds me of phrase " in the world but not of it "
  12. Yeah it's important to Separate the con of climate man made fits the bill for globalist technocratic world Control from our Humble attempts at treading softly on Earth * Corbett explains the former con well here with background . https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-321-why-big-oil-conquered-the-world/ The book on Biochar partly by Tindall despite some possible assumptions from consensus in it does follow the later* as his previous books relating to Amazon plant healing and relationships etc
  13. https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-321-why-big-oil-conquered-the-world/ UN sure if this already posted but so good put it up anyway ? Ie how the big oilygarchs created Man made climate change to stitch up Their long term plans for Total Control via characters like Maurice Strong etc to where world heading unless people realise this con
  14. As Alan Watt I think would put it ,that every one is given a group to join or Stars to follow etc But isn't it also likely that anyone can wake up despite all sorts of indoctrinations? To be an individual is perhaps becoming rare and not to be the mass man in age of mass media too. Yesterdays news on DI headlines & https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/09/breaking-owen-shroyer-sentenced-60-days-prison-speaking/ about Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer and Alex Jones warning trump supporters to stand down Not to go into Capital as was a set up is interesting too though
  15. I wonder what happens if one doesn't go with"them" or towards the white light ? (Assuming one is not overwhelmed by the experience and keeps centered?) Are the entities sometimes described projections of oneself or separate ? How can we tell what is white or dark when it would surely be beyond such concepts ? Is the white light part of DMT experience as body dies as Rick Strassman seemed to document ? He called it the Spirit molecule A kind of portal to spirit world perhaps or resonance with higher frequency as would be beyond molecules ? Perhaps a tuning in to higher consciousness or up the tree of life Also what about individuals that can recall a previous life in some details where is this knowledge coming from ?
  16. http://www.brandonturbeville.com/2023/07/yes-we-can-end-ukraine-war-in-24-hours.html?m=1 ..."The United States has a vested interest in ending the war from a strategic, diplomatic, and domestic viewpoint. Ukraine obviously needs a swift end to the war and Europe benefits nothing from a hostile Russia. There is no sane reason for all parties not to agree to this proposal as it ensures the respect of the interests of all parties involved. 15 point plan :eg 1.) The Donbass region of Ukraine will be ceded to Russia to be considered Russian territory. 4;Russian forces must draw back from areas that are outside Donbass 6;Written agreement that Ukraine will not join NATO. 7;Russia will agree that Ukraine will be free from Russian invasion, intimidation, coercion, or undo political influence. 11; An agreement between the United States and Russia to begin, at the Executive and diplomatic levels, discussions regarding the placement of nuclear weapons by both countries (in Belarus, Romania, nuclear subs, etc), weapons shields, American forces on Russian borders, Russian troops in South and central America, cooperation in the international war on terror, the Nord Stream Pipeline, and Syria
  17. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Xeg03bATIPZU/ https://www.bitchute.com/channel/TheCrowhouse/
  18. Interesting conundrum of the lost past and interpretation of ancient texts . Interesting that William Bramley in "God's of Eden" also kind of following on from Sitching said that to create a slave race to do the mining they needed spiritual beings to meld with created bodies .Custodial society used criminals ,deviants prisoners of war ,racial groups ,nonconformists etc . Homo sapiens sapiens then treated like. Beasts of burden or farmed as Charles Fort also previously wrote in book of the damned, Perhaps something like this happened or not? So excuse pun but it's almost a chicken and egg situation Is it a story made up by an elite donkeys years ago to justify their rule Enki ,Enlil etc or elaborated a bit by eg Sitchin etc later or not? Need "expert in ancient texts but even then doesn't make it "true"! Perhaps our ancestors liked good talk bardic stories round the fire Or it could lead humans to except a slave mentality as inevitable when we are ,to quote David Icke, really. Free! Infinite consciousness having an experience of being human anyway
  19. https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/viruses-unplugged/what-the-media-wont-mention-about-rfk-jr/ Great video on silence of media over non existence of viruses or anything that could lead to anyone thinking it through and then looking at actual evidence and primary papers and the lucrative pseudo science of virology
  20. Yes I wonder it could perhaps be weather manipulation,human activity and energy weapon combination combined +? https://www.elanafreeland.com/direct-energy-weapons
  21. https://www.naturalnews.com/2023-08-28-black-curtains-go-up-in-lahaina.html
  22. ,https://kirschsubstack.com/p/breaking-early-onset-dementia-is COVID vaccines are causing a large number of dementia cases to happen in elderly care facilities. This may be happening about 25X more often than pre=vaccine. A VAERS search shows that COVID vaccine is causing dementia reports to be filed in people as young as 18 years old. No other vaccine in the 33 history of VAERS is doing anything close to this kind of damage.
  23. Like with whole convid situation can't change what's really wrong until real investigation to find out real causes ,or history repeats itself
  24. All those important , ignored points raised in the above Norman Fenton interview and probably more, hopefully will be an appeal by competent people
  25. And we ultimately are spirit beyond mind and Plato's cave
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