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  1. https://fairfoodforager.buzzsprout.com/791252/13249622 #95 Dr Mark Bailey - Healing cancer with all that makes sense, not the toxic delusion This discussion is very interesting too
  2. No never tried it ,I understand there is some fake orgonite on market too whatever that is? But thinking of quartz in it and all the quartz in ancient stone structures that perhaps affect the landscape around And the natural properties of soil like sand and clay etc
  3. Great thanks, another forgotten emerging technique but looks promising! I suppose recycling old wire is great idea etc Also how much ratio to copper to zinc and if makes difference? I need to read the pdf Didn't realize Victor Schauburger was using this ,but that figures with his work with water & gravity ,so it's affecting magnesium in soil and telluric earth currents it seems too ,
  4. Yes this is possible ,I wonder if it's subtle energy too like old leyline chi type Reich orgone/Tesla thing. Perhaps Tom Graves idea of "needles of stone"and earth mounds as capacitors ( silbury hill being huge one etc? And old stories of fairies beings disappear when used iron etc Or copper or iron stakes to divert stagnant energy channels around buildings etc I suppose metal ploughing as opposed to antler or copper ones different to iron etc I think Rudolph Steiner might said something about this too in biodynamic agriculture? But be interesting to see it work ! Not sure if matters how many turns of copper wire on stick or which direction ,sunwise I suppose? Reminds me also of sharpening razor by placing in pyramid structure Also this talk of Iron just reminding me of the 5g thing with spin of water molecules oxygen and haemoglobin So perhaps it could be something on those lines in plant metabolism?
  5. Found clip I saw electro culture , Hobby shops have copper wire too ,not sure , so worth try on small scale anyway ? https://x.com/pills_truth/status/1685991106679279621?s=20 Although the well composted farm yard manure should help !
  6. I think you have to make antenna at top too , Ps plus good old well composted farm yard manure
  7. Has anyone heard of / experience of Electro culture ? As I understand it simply it's twisting copper wire round a stick like bamboo and placing in ground next to plant so can apparently obtain large crop per plant Might help food crises bit in future with small areas of propagation, Too late to try this year (here in UK ) I definitely try experiment see if it works next year though ,
  8. Perhaps they don't want too many in US filtering out fluoride etc and seeing through all the bs.
  9. There is also the other side to this too to these things too I suppose? eg see Jan Irvin ,Joseph Atwills in (gnostic/ logos media ) wher they looked into background study of history of these things as maybe being pushed also as continuation of MK Ultra ??? It's worth getting as much information as possible I suppose in history of the tribal use and how this compares to modern use depending on group etc etc?
  10. This new technique is probably just a fraction of technology/ mind manipulation that can go on above top secret etc
  11. in his new book for example he mentioned the harmful effects and the effect of all satellites and towers going up ,5 g etc 6g 7g etc the internet of everything,and the plan perhaps humans used as an antenna Whilst some people are already v sensitive or suffering debilitating electr sensitivity page 271 etc Arthur Firstenberg has interesting articles too ; like affect on babies born in hospital next to 5g mask etc https://cellphonetaskforce.org/humans-bees-and-wildlife-in-2023/
  12. Inalienable rights Yeah as Neil says people need to know they have Inalienable Rights that Can't be taken away
  13. The Dream by David Icke, Great book clearly explains and describes so much We managed to gain some freedoms from a feudal system but as explained here we are collectively sleep walking into another technocratic feudal cloud system today. But Love-Consciousness can free us as Awakening from the dream and hopefully being Conscious in a mind /dream too increasingly so to avoid being controlled , manipulated and farmed
  14. https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/viruses-unplugged/the-follies-of-peter-mccullough/ Contains great talk by DrMark Bailey and Kevin Corbett PhD in which as Kevin Corbett said you can't just stop at the vaccines you need to question the virology itself which caused the vaccines . It's what science doe ie refute hypotheses
  15. Well The Dream to me resonates spot on and makes sense ,great book. ,as above so below, where even now technology is beginning to reflect what exists on very advanced level perhaps. If we are really being farmed for emotional energy etc even in Astral realms then this would explain what doesn't really add up in terms of returning to learn more lessons but having forgotten previous experiences etc I understand the idea that some say we need to experience this world where there is free choice so we can learn but if it's manipulated in such a way that we are distracted so much and then either it's hijacked original or simulation. Also free choice must exist in higher states of consciousness anyway so perhaps the fall is the simulation. Must look again at nag hammadi translations and John l Lash writing. But it does make sense this notion of being farmed I agree best thing is to Know who we are really Ie Not the simulation but we are beyond it ultimately and chart our Own way out of the farm when necessary and Whilst still in it as well reminds me of phrase " in the world but not of it "
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