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  1. 24 minutes ago, Tetragrammaton said:

    The Empty Hollow Eyes of businesswoman Amanda Staveley. Curious how she got access to the Saudi royal family;




    Wow, that’s one creepy freaky looking reptile

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  2. Yeah the new update does say you have to enable it, but does it really no track you? I believe it does. I did a simple test with my health app which I use to track where I have been on walks, how many miles covered etc etc. I’ve disabled that, been on a walk numerous times and then re-enabled it. Low

    and behold, it still tracked where I had been. The same will

    be going on for this ‘Covid’ app. 

  3. Evening guys,


    Just a quick

    update if anyone uses a smart device. I have one currently for work ‘iPhone’ and just by luck I went for a walk today with my partner. I opened up my health app and they have added a COVID-19 tracker on there ?? it must of come with the new current update with no permission to update. 

    If you go into your setting and go to privacy and click on the health tab, it’ll be shown there. I’m thinking even if this is turned of it will still be tracking you some how?


    just thought I’d let you all know incase you have a smart device. Dirty bastards are running full force for total big brother 1984.



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