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  1. Not an incorrect assumption! I've seen comments online such as "tax payers would be paying scroungers to sit playing guitar all day." A.I can already create art and now write pop music. Most people want some sort of occupation/career where they earn their living. But want something meaningful and interesting, obviously not low paid and exploitative. Being unemployed is humiliating. But physical work like building construction, and social care/support worker jobs are probably jobs robots will never be able to do. We'd need thousands of Mr Data like androids which, even if it were possible to create them would be far too expensive to waste on these low paid and low status jobs plebs can do.
  2. This is truly disturbing and evil. Pigs gassed to death in gas chambers, dying horrific deaths, just for that bacon sandwich and "pork roast." It's one time I agree with spy cams. https://www.wired.com/story/dex-pig-slaughterhouse-gas-chambers-videos/#intcid=_wired-tag-right-rail_ccf93fa3-77ad-4c2f-9649-d8d94ec04a96_popular4-1
  3. Before he had this book published he was telling us all he was scared and worried about his safety. I would've thought keeping a low profile and quietly doing charity work in the background would be the sensible way forward. Now he's made himself a big target for cyber criminals.
  4. These eco hippies seem to get a thrill out of being arrested.
  5. Yes, Harry is very like Prince Phillip! Grandchildren can often resemble grandparents or even great grandparents. Lady Louise resembles Queen Mary of Teck, who was Queen Elizabeth's grandmother.
  6. Maybe Harry had a weird hallucination about Camilla and horses from his mushroom supper lol.
  7. Gosh that's never mentioned these days! I haven't forgotten. I still think the surrogate is possible. I remember the discussions about that on the old forum. Mind you Meg's Archie bump looked odd too- deflated in some photos.
  8. Their recycling bin must be full of bottles of Tequila. I wonder if Meg has a go at him for getting stoned? You a dead right- if he had been born into a Joe Average family in a poor area going to a comprehensive school, he'd have left with a couple of GSCEs (probably English and I.T). Might've got a job in a warehouse for a bit until his mental aberrations did his co workers heads in and he got signed off as a fruit loop.
  9. Oh I think she can match him for motor mouthing rubbish all day. Can you imagine the pair of them sitting there whining at each other all evening? I hope their children are with the nanny at this time!
  10. Doesn't matter what type- robots or tanks- this would cost a LOT of money. More than a human being. Can't see why millions would be spent building these things, and all the tech people having to be trained and paid to design them, build them, over see them etc, just to have them blown up. Notice the date: we are now in 2025 and no snifter of the U.S government doing anything to "fund" people. In fact quite the opposite ( I have American friends I talk to online): people are just left to rot sleeping in tents in parks. Notice that the narrative in that article is a lot of the use of the conditional/imagined grammatical term: would. Back to Britain: the Tories have made several statements in response to the question of bringing in UBI : "We believe work pays." They would never pay the plebs for sitting at home watching Netflix or strumming guitars.
  11. And all the crank/spam calls too! I used to get one Indian sounding fellow ringing me asking for "Mrs Hardwicke" and even started arguing the toss with me when I said there was nobody by that name at my address. He said I was her and instantiated strongly that I was lying. In the end I blew an old police whistle that belonged to my Grandad ( which my Dad gave me when Grandad died) down the phone ( no Grandad was not a policeman, no idea how he had come to have it, it dates from about 1911. He was born in 1899).
  12. True. The media over the past years had people in a frenzy over toilet rolls, pasta, petrol and other groceries. Then the supermarkets got raided by people with enough money to bulk buy and drive off and fill up their garages or cellars with tons of stuff, leaving the poorer people with little in some areas (it wasn't that bad where I live).
  13. How they gonna do that with a load of rural isolated peasants/hunter gatherers/herders who live in huts cooking with wood over iron pots outside who have no idea how old they are? And are illiterate and don't know how to use smart phones, never seen a laptop, and had no education? The elites can spout this shit all they want, but they are deluded. It's not possible to the extent they say it is. How are they gonna generate all this electricity? Wind farms? Take no notice. They want you afraid of them and seems it's working!
  14. Yes, agreed that there will be many jobs/occupations that can be replaced by machines, but some cannot be done by robots (unless in the far flung future we can make androids as complex as Mr. Data from TNG). No machine can look after the elderly in care homes or disabled people for example. Perhaps the idea of replacing soldiers with machines might help to end war? Who is going to want to spend millions on creating expensive robo-soldiers/ machines only to have them blown up? I see what you mean. But handing out of date food and pain killers to the homeless isn't the same concept as UBI in homed people. They only give them this stuff because they don't want to them causing trouble on the streets and the jails are full.
  15. To give credit where it's due Greta is right that the elites don't care about people starving and poverty, and they are only interested in their own greed. Her fluency in English is very impressive too. She didn't mention plastic pollution which is a big problem for sea animals and fish, also the land.
  16. Plans..plans-- we'll see if they are able to do it. Where will all this electricity come from? what if the internet goes down? There are millions of people in India living in rural isolated villages with no birth certificates, I.D, money or electricity.
  17. Far into the future for robots/androids to have the manual dexterity and intricate movements of the human body! As for UBI- the elites don't even want to pay Unemployment benefits/welfare to people or "scroungers" as they see them. The Tories say "Work pays. Work harder if you want to be able to pay your bills." In America single unemployed people get nothing to live on at all! Thousands of homeless people are camping in tents ! There'll be no UBI in Britain or the USA. Removal of "useless eaters" in the distant future is more likely through sterilisation, so no more plebs are born.
  18. Yes, well I can understand that there are some neighbourhoods in American cities that people are not keen on walking around.
  19. Harry's bin and toilet story reminds me of a dream I had earlier this week. I dreamt my vacuum cleaner got testy and was switching itself off and then coming back on and wandering about then stopping again. It wasn't the actual one I have but some high tech one. There was some random bloke stood there (why do random people we don't know show up in dreams lol) and I said the hoover was acting as if it were alive, refusing to hoover up the floor, and he said with the software it had, he would be surprised if it wasn't alive. Made me chuckle when I woke up.
  20. Yes, but where would you get your food from? If there's a nuclear war you're better off to go with instantly a bang- boom- gone for good, than the horror of a slow radiation death, or be stuck in a bunker for a few months in the dark living off tinned food, til it runs out, then you die of starvation.
  21. I had to look that up! https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20201214-how-15-minute-cities-will-change-the-way-we-socialise Has some good points to it, but the DWP needs to change their attitudes to make this workable. They expect folk to travel 2 hours each way to work!
  22. If you are referring to developing countries, well many of those haven't the infrastructure to use "smart devices." No electricity in large rural areas, some don't even have any currency ( for indigenous/traditional/hunter gatherer people). I do expect to see a big fall in the numbers of cars on the roads if the cost of living keeps rocketing. I don't know how people on minimum wages will be able to afford cars. Even public transport will be a struggle to afford. In the next 20-30 years large portions of Western countries' populations will be elderly and likely stuck at home/in care homes and going nowhere.
  23. It's too bloody freezing for much to be going on there! But I do sort of agree with your comment that the people of the world being the "toys" from the view point of elites. I think a more correct term is "servant." To them plebs exist to provide "services" like bin collection, cleaning, care of the aged, driving supplies/deliveries etc.
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