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  1. I'm getting bombarded with the NHS trying to persuade me to take part in a Covid swab test study! Yesterday yet another letter arrived ( ripped up and binned) and I got a text on my mobile ( non smart basic phone) about a study. Now I went to the link because it was sneaky and said it was ipsos mori and just gave a link. I do surveys for supermarket vouchers online ( gets me some shopping in) so I thought it was one of those, until I started to do it and saw it was then asking me to agree to one of those bloody tests! I of course shut down the link. It's like being harassed! I hope Doris disbands this nonsense soon.
  2. Boris is ditching the hated shitty PCR tests at long last. According to the Mail anyway. I have been getting letters from the NHS asking me to have one. They got binned. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9983861/Boris-Johnsons-winter-plan-live-Covid-revealed-set-pledge-against-lockdowns.html
  3. History shows decadence means the beginning of the end. This video is interesting. China has done a number on the West.
  4. Plain as the nose on my face how much they are being manipulated into it. Especially when they can make money from it.
  5. I see those sorts of posts on Facebook too! I'm only on there (using a pseudonym) because of interest groups (for music and old TV shows) I cannot find anywhere else (as we know most forums are gone these days sadly). I have to say that I have found some nice friends over these though. One kind chap sent me some LPs for Xmas! The way I look at it, you'll encounter idiots in every day off line life too. I've had to work with some right weirdos in the past. Instagram also has weirdos, obviously as I started the thread about one. But I'm also on there because there's some nice, normal creative people to engage with. I follow people who post vintage content, recipes, photography (gorgeous nature photos for example) and the art they make. I like quirky and eccentric, but not filth. But sadly it does provide a platform for weirdos who think it's acceptable to post photos of blood stained knickers. Anyway, I reported it to Instagram for being revolting lol.
  6. Thank you for your post! They want to be paid for posting moronic, disgusting and inane "content" instead of posting something interesting, inspiring or beautifully uplifting. This is the sort of thing I admire: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/sep/05/unreal-samaritans-volunteer-has-life-turned-around-by-six-figure-book-deal His work is beautiful and he deserves his success. He is using the money to open an animal sanctuary!
  7. Absolutely. They think it is admirable to be disgusting and "edgy."
  8. What the f- is up with young people today? Creating instagram accounts and posting videos of sweaty armpits and holding up soiled period knickers is just disgusting. Sure we all sweat, and women have periods but really do we need to have put it all out there?! What next? Posting photos or videos of people having a dump? Perhaps I'm old fashioned but I believe in some standards of propriety. https://www.instagram.com/bxsassy/
  9. Maybe the "doctor" did have some sort of "conversation" with your mother Liam. I'm sorry that this happened to you.
  10. @Fluke: I suspect the truth is somewhere between the two. There are environmental problems, but certainly some are politicised and exaggerated and used to create guilt and fear amongst ordinary folk, and used to try and make them conform and ready to accept that their energy bills will skyrocket. Perhaps Mr. Moore is correct on some things he says, but since he supports pesticides and nuclear power I don't see him as trustworthy. That said, as it stands at the moment, nuclear power is the only power that could generate all the electricity in the world reliably if they get rid of fossil fuels. But, whilst it is "carbon neutral" it brings dangers with it as we all know.
  11. More XR tomfoolery. I'd like to brew them some Senna tea for their ridiculous "Deniabilitea" teapots: since it can give one the runs, it will match their endless verbal diarrhoea. I expect they have a good supply of compost toilets. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/aug/30/extinction-rebellion-protesters-block-tower-bridge-in-london
  12. I don't think you'd find them very amusing if they dumped stuff and blocked a road when you were trying to get to work or an important appointment. This bunch of fools stopped people visiting relatives in hospitals awhile back with their blocking roads.
  13. Yeah totally weird and nasty. I'm an atheist, but why would a "creator" create male mammals to have genitalia a certain way (which let's face it does a good job of what evolved to do mostly!) but tell its human "worshippers" that they need to lop bits off said genitalia? This is crazy shit. Even the ancient Romans (who were kinda crazy in many ways and pretty brutal) were against it! Is it something to do with wanting to look different to other mammals? Like male mammals having foreskins, so "ooh no we can't look like them dirty dogs" or something?
  14. I knew a bloke a few years ago who was converting to Judaism and he told us ( his was at a workplace) he was going to get the "procedure." He never said the word circ, but we all knew that was what he meant as he came back a couple of weeks later and announced he'd "made a covenant with god" all smiles! I said nothing, as I'd already warned him before he got it done that when/if he got a new girlfriend he'd notice a change in sensation and not for the better. Whilst my mind boggles at why any bloke (who doesn't have phimosis) would want to this done to them, at least he's an adult and makes that choice (unlike a poor little baby or small boy). That said, I don't think a synagogue would allow a man to become a Jew if he didn't get it done? So I expect there is some coercion and indoctrination involved.
  15. I love his atheism talks and debates etc! Being an atheist myself I totally agree with every word he said about (organised) religions.
  16. Indeed he was! He was very eloquent and right what he said. The world needs another person like him.
  17. The man was a total legend! How I wish he were still here today. He spoke right to the point and spoke the truth. He dared to speak out.
  18. Phimosis is what it's called Liam and this is condition that doesn't affect new born boys because the foreskin is fused to the phallus until puberty, as it is meant to be. It retracts of it's own accord naturally at puberty, so it seems some medic had no idea what they were talking about or, perhaps they were of a religion that promotes circ for baby boys and wrongly told your parents that you needed to have this done. You have my sympathy that this happened to you.
  19. Agreed. I haven't got one and will never get one. I've a very basic mobile phone that I barely use ( mostly use it for the alarm clock feature and the calculator). My main telephone is a 1967 rotary dial one.
  20. I second that. She is rather quiet in the media lately. I hope she's gone back to school lol.
  21. I feel like I must've been hallucinating that a mere 5 days ago I was in sleeveless tops and bare feet in my flat.
  22. Was so cold yesterday had winter clothes back on; shivering I wrapped myself in a shawl.
  23. If you go and read historical accounts going back from the ancient times to the middle ages, there are plenty of accounts of floods, storms, freezing winters, hot dry summers and so on. And there are lots of civilisations that just vanished- could be attributed to collapse due to environmental/weather conditions no longer being optimal for their survival. Not doubting that human activity affects the planet's eco system, but everything is blamed on "climate change" these days with increasing media reports getting more and more doom mongering. They really want people scared- but what do they expect us to do? Many people live very simply: no car, no flying abroad on holidays, wearing charity shop clothes, vegetarian/vegan diets, recycling stuff, avoiding buying plastic tat (like all that rubbish in Poundland at Halloween), frugal with the central heating (putting a jumper on instead of sitting there in a t- shirt and putting radiators on), mending things, buying refurbed items off eBay instead of brand new, growing some veg, shopping local etc. For many people on minimum incomes they are already living at the maximum "carbon neutral" that they can do.
  24. I knew it was the common "house mouse." I never made any comment about whether to "let cats eat the mice": I just commented I'd seen articles online about the millions of mice.
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