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  1. As a vegetarian I wouldn't eat fish anyway. I always disliked it when my Mum served it up as a child- nasty tasting and stinks, but that added plastic makes it even more gross. Funny how it's touted as a "health food" when it's full of plastic and toxic metals ( Mercury being one of them ).
  2. That is an interesting experience you described. It jogged my memory of an unusual experience I had standing under a tree in my local park over 10 years ago. If you want me to describe it I will! It sounds to me like you had an altered state of consciousness, which I think I did myself that day in the park.
  3. You still don't get it do you? I do not believe in or follow any religions. Jesus, Odin or Zeus, it's all the same to me. When someone tells you they are an atheist and don't believe in god, take it on board and stop trying to convert them. You are completely wasting your time with me. There are no gods. It is fantasy. If you choose to believe it, that's your business but don't bother me with it.
  4. I'm not on here a lot really. One thing I have learned in this life is that god botherers will always turn up no matter where you are, highly incensed that they've come across another person who is not one bit interested in being "converted."
  5. Look I was fed up and just saying what I felt at the time. I've got a broken limb, been in tremendous pain cos of it, and life is tough right now. I am the type not to try and hide that life is shit when it is shit. I don't sit there clapping to Jesus songs saying he will save me or some other such nonsense. I accept and face problems head on. Sometimes we will be unhappy and it is what it is. I don't need your "pity" because I'm not indulging in fantasies of sitting there talking to Jesus or whatever. Regarding euthanasia: I fully support it, or assisted dying, as some call it. People with terminal illnesses suffering greatly are left to die slow agonising deaths which no vet worth his salt would put a dog through.
  6. If he was into Crowley he'd be posting about it. We've had Crowley followers before and they discuss the magician's books etc. Look, how many times do you have to be told: people who do not believe in god/s ( atheists or non deists ) are not black magic practitioners. Because they do not believe in god/s also means they do not believe in other supernatural nonsense. If someone practises black magic, engages in occultism or follows a pagan religion he or she is not an atheist. Atheists have no religion.
  7. Yes and apparently I am to be "pitied" because I don't believe in god. The arrogance is staggering.
  8. Oh well I cannot comment on what you state above. Not read that statement. Time is a big subject and needs a specific question, but isn't relevant to this thread. Feel free to start a new thread on time with the question, and I'll have a look at it.
  9. I won't ask what type of smoke that was LOL.
  10. That would be very worrying indeed if so. Divide and rule.
  11. It's more than controversial, it's downright despicable and dangerous. It's this sort of thinking that leads to holocausts and wars.
  12. No. Atheists do not believe in god, they do not believe in devils or spirits either. They all as ludicrous as each other. Satanists believe in and worship Satan. They are not atheists. Get your facts straight!
  13. Yeahhhh-- and says he is logical but believes in god fantasies. A contradiction there. Logic and god don't come together.
  14. You had the name sickofallthebollocks. Is that not you then? I'm 53 and had a few what one might call "unusual" experiences over the years, but it's all a product of the brain: dreams/hallucinations/daydreams/reveries. It can be useful if you use it for creative purposes (like fiction writing or art).
  15. How about religious people take a hard look at themselves and stop with the insulting atheists, many of which live decent lives and are not going round bothering others. I know many atheists who spend time in the local community being good neighbours, work in social care, campaign against animal cruelty, get involved in conservation and so on. Being an atheist does not make someone morally bankrupt or evil, same as being religious doesn't make someone morally superior and a decent person ( pedo priests?) Worship a teapot for all I care, but stop with the superiority complex.
  16. Just another word meaning the same really. I am not fond of labels myself but what can I do when religious people want to god bother me? I have to tell them I am not into it somehow. And some are so freaking patronising and rude, saying that atheists have no morals, but they themselves are doing all sorts of licentious and pleasure seeking activities (which are against their religions), whilst I live a quiet rather ascetic life. Just nuts.
  17. Was that you with a different user name? A skim through that quickly- a summary explanation for those experiences: dreams/nightmares, sleep paralysis ( I used to have that a lot myself when younger, but only now and again these days), hallucinations/imagination (the brain is very good at this). It wasn't spirits. They do not exist, which is reassuring really. It's the living you wanna be wary of!
  18. The definition of atheist is one who does not believe in any gods so that is technically correct.
  19. I only do because otherwise some people have a tendency to assume I believe in god/s and other "supernatural" things. I don't spend much of my time thinking I'm an atheist, it just comes up when people find out I'm not religious and then want to get a new convert. I tell them that they are more likely to see a flying unicorn than for me to suddenly decide to go all religious. Basically there is no chance whatsoever.
  20. I'm not into polishing things ha ha. You mean the magazine TIME? You lost me there.
  21. Satan is just as ludicrous as god LOL. Humans don't need to invent "evil entities" to justify why they do wicked things. Take ownership for your misdeeds and stop blaming imaginary devils! You only have to look at the wild animal kingdom to see that violence is, unfortunately, part of nature. Of course it's nasty and we should strive to be kind and help each other. Animals do that too- some help each other rather than fight.
  22. Mate, I was feeling fed up (got a broken leg amongst other stuff going on) and so that is just my wry sense of humour. But it has to be said life isn't a bowl of cherries and I'm not joining the clappy Jesus club; no matter how much you go on about it. There is no god, and as for Jesus there is no historical or archaeological proof he even existed. He's a myth. Look I know and have known loads of very religious people who have actually tried to top themselves and ended up in mental hospitals. This is despite them engaging in prayer groups with their Jesus circles, confessing to priests, reading the bible for hours every day etc etc. Being a very devout god follower doesn't mean that you'l be super happy and life is tickety boo and only an atheist will get fed up or depressed sometimes. And these religious folks have often been coming to me over the years and recently, telling me all their problems for hours on end. But at the same time they tell me Jesus "saved" them. LOL! An atheist at least has the courage to say life has a lot of shittiness to it and not try to use fantasy to avoid facing that fact. And please point me to scientific/biological proof of the soul. I expect I will be waiting for a very long time! To save you the time: we are born, we live for a bit, then we die. The End.
  23. A feature of "civilisation." Look at ancient Rome!
  24. No, some makes sense to me ( i.e the pedos and the elites), some doesn't. Nobody has all "the answers."
  25. He's probably sitting in his mother's basement and been watching too many spy movies.
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