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  1. Agreed. The "investigation" will conclude with either "not enough evidence" or a mix of that with statements that some of the girls are "fabricating" stuff and the case will be closed.
  2. Right about what? The pair of them spout woke garbage and go on about climate change etc whilst living in a mansion worth millions. They are tools of the lefty idiot brigade.
  3. Looking around my local area at the sheer numbers of obese people a bit of food rationing wouldn't do them any harm!
  4. Plenty of peanut butter in shops round here! I did notice back in March it was all sold out though. A lot of foods were sold out back then but I managed to get food in. I even made some veggie meals from my wartime 1940 recipe book lol. I've usually got a lot of frozen veg in the freezer and tins of beans like butter beans in the cupboards so I can make stews. I only eat one meal a day so I don't need a ton of food.
  5. I saw photos of Italian doctors and nurses back in March with red raw faces from wearing those masks for hours a day. I felt so sorry for them.
  6. Nobody is sticking one of those hideous swabs up my nose! I don't go to bars and only going food shopping right now. I don't go anywhere where they need to take my address and even if they did and contacted me I'd just tell them I've had the virus already, or cough and say I'm self isolating. I live by myself so nobody would know where I'd been or not. I hardly see the neighbours.
  7. I feel for you mate. I popped into Tescos earlier this evening. Some customers had masks on, some not, same with the staff in there. I put the shitty mask on but pulled it off after 5 mins cos I couldn't breathe properly and it was steaming up my glasses so much I couldn't see properly. I hate the freaking things. I'll get one of those face shields instead.
  8. I saw those headlines of Twitty saying he'd dob his neighbours in. I expect there's a few people who are waiting to dob in neighbours they dislike for whatever random reason like their children played football outside their house or summat and will be curtain twitching instead of watching Eastenders. Twitty and his like live in detached houses often in their own grounds so don't see neighbours that often, but I doubt MPs will dob each other in as they are all in the funny handshake club.
  9. Yeah I noticed that. It's all about "rising infection" numbers, but if people are "infected" with little or no symptoms and not dying that indicates the virus is weakening or people are building immunity to it! Viruses do get weaker as time goes on.
  10. The rest of the article is here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2018-09-02/block-universe-theory-time-past-present-future-travel/10178386#:~:text=According to the block universe,exist — and are equally real.
  11. Nasty buggers! "Don't have gas central heating as it causes pollution. Use electric heating but we might turn it off if you have it on for more than a couple hours a day. Don't have a wood burning fire or open fire because you are causing climate chaos my lad. Just put 50 charity shop jumpers on pleb and jump round your flat to stay warm. Meanwhile we'll sit in our hot jacuzzis in our vast mansions."
  12. One for all those "body confidence" obese lefty femo types who post photos of themselves in bikinis on social media then cry when people suggest they lose weight for their health: http://www.albowlly.club/78s/wheezy-anna.html Wheezy Anna (Leslie Sarony) Ray Noble and His Orchestra Now walk up ladies and gentlemen, to see the fattest woman in the world Why, ladies and gentlemen, she's so fat that the menagerie you....for a tent Walk up, walk up and see the famous fat girl, Wheezy Anna There’s a girl, a great big girl, and all who’ve ever seen her They know that every time she breathes she’s like a concertina When she was young she bought a small mouth-organ for a tanner She swallowed it and ever since they call her Wheezy Anna Wheezy Anna, Wheezy Anna, down where the circus is on show Wheezy Anna, Wheezy Anna, she’s the fattest girl I know She's got shoes as big as ships - Wheezy Anna Ninty seven around the hips - Wheezy Anna She's got sixteen double chins - Wheezy Anna Bounce about each times she grins - Wheezy Anna Wheezy Anna, Wheezy Anna, down where the circus is on show Wheezy Anna, Wheezy Anna, she’s the fattest girl I know Once a sailor a lad called Jack - Wheezy Anna Struck a match upon her back - Wheezy Anna He said I beg your pardon Miss - Wheezy Anna I thought you were Epstein's Genesis - Wheezy Anna Wheezy Anna, Wheezy Anna, down where the circus is on show Wheezy Anna, Wheezy Anna, she’s the fattest girl I know https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Sarony So Un PC lol.
  13. Same here with me, and it still has that same effect on my mind if I sit and think about it. My brain cannot fathom that eternity, endlessness! We physical beings have a beginning and an end so it's hard for us to imagine the concept of forever/no end/endlessness.
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