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  1. I feel like I must've been hallucinating that a mere 5 days ago I was in sleeveless tops and bare feet in my flat.
  2. Was so cold yesterday had winter clothes back on; shivering I wrapped myself in a shawl.
  3. If you go and read historical accounts going back from the ancient times to the middle ages, there are plenty of accounts of floods, storms, freezing winters, hot dry summers and so on. And there are lots of civilisations that just vanished- could be attributed to collapse due to environmental/weather conditions no longer being optimal for their survival. Not doubting that human activity affects the planet's eco system, but everything is blamed on "climate change" these days with increasing media reports getting more and more doom mongering. They really want people scared- but what do they expect us to do? Many people live very simply: no car, no flying abroad on holidays, wearing charity shop clothes, vegetarian/vegan diets, recycling stuff, avoiding buying plastic tat (like all that rubbish in Poundland at Halloween), frugal with the central heating (putting a jumper on instead of sitting there in a t- shirt and putting radiators on), mending things, buying refurbed items off eBay instead of brand new, growing some veg, shopping local etc. For many people on minimum incomes they are already living at the maximum "carbon neutral" that they can do.
  4. I knew it was the common "house mouse." I never made any comment about whether to "let cats eat the mice": I just commented I'd seen articles online about the millions of mice.
  5. I met him a few years ago at an event. Interesting chap to talk to.
  6. I've seen a few articles about that. Millions of mice! Never seen so many mice in one area in my life!
  7. I've been to my local Lidl and Tesco a few times since and there are no shortages at all. Plenty of dunny rolls, all types of food, all well stocked. Now the covid restrictions are being lifted next week there'll be plenty of unemployed young blokes who can go and work as delivery drivers, and in warehouses etc.
  8. Yes but it's idiotic and pointless; achieves nothing. Whilst they are acting like a bunch of teenagers, scientists are working on bacteria to eat the microplastics in the sea, and technicians are making solar panels. XR do nothing constructive to improve the environment.
  9. You are right Grumpy Owl. I went to my local Lidl and Tesco about 3 hours ago and they were fully stocked. Tesco even had plenty of small bags of those little potatoes in the reduced section for 40p each, so I got two bags! There were retail workers filling up the fruit section and other sections as well. Plenty of dunny rolls on the shelves too! As an aside if there were any shortages and the government had to do some rationing for a few weeks, we'd all hardly starve. People had much less in world war two, and the rationing went on until the early 1950s. People managed! And there's plenty of chubby people about these days who might benefit from eating less.
  10. Same here allymisfit. I am often dismayed when blokes post on here about all women just wanting to nab a man for his money or high status; it's not the 1800s! Everybody is an individual. There are lovely, kind, down to earth women who just want a nice man to share their life and interests with. If a bloke is kind, down to earth, decent, with good personal hygiene and positive attitude (in general, as we all have down days) then he will have little trouble in eventually finding a nice woman to share his life with. The same goes for women in finding a man- this attributes are what most people want. It's not rocket science. The elites are another thing entirely, as they are the ones who almost always form relationships with other ulterior motives.
  11. Intriguing. I don't remember anything out of the ordinary on June 18th, but I cannot even remember what I was doing on that day.
  12. The elite men are just as bad. They use each other to cement crony deals.
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