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  1. It'll be the caffeine giving you GERD. Switch to decaff coffee. I started having terrible stomach pains in the 1990s and my doctor told me to switch to decaff. Made a big difference. Some people can't handle caffeine.
  2. She does look very odd. I've never seen an 18 year old look like her. It's not just about looking younger than her given age. I've always looked youthful. Bus drivers would often offer me a half fare when I was 23! But I had a bust and a woman's body (albeit a slim size 10 one). They assumed I was a 15-16 year old I think. Now many 15, 16 year old girls have busts and curves, as they are nearing the end of puberty. Greta has a child's body and height and a child's face. There is nothing "womanly" about her at all. The official reason given for this is her "eating disord
  3. Youngsters might think they know what they are doing at that age in some things, such as knowing murder is wrong, but youngsters lack life experience that older people have and the ability for critical thinking is much less developed. Youngsters are more easily led on and deceived (in general). Greta has Aspergers which makes her vulnerable to being manipulated and more prone to obsessive thoughts, which makes her especially easy to manipulate than other youngsters. I feel sorry for her but I don't find her personable.
  4. Greta is very creepy and I think is being manipulated, but she also isn't a sweet innocent either. She clearly likes the attention and is quite aggressive.
  5. Greta is continuing with the family tradition!
  6. 21 would be about right; as it used to be in the last century.
  7. LOL. Can you imagine the ear ache she'd be giving a date/boyfriend? Probably would go off on the lad for not having organic condoms in his wallet.
  8. I'm wondering more when she will go through puberty. She still looks like an 11 year old.
  9. Yes, been noticing that for years! They seem to have no idea that they are making themselves ready for the robot take over in the future.
  10. I can envision Starmer/Labour winning the next election and then implementing a rejoin or at least the EEC. I dunno why we didn't just stay as EEC in the first place.
  11. Many of these "immigrants" actually contribute to feeding the nation. There's Arabic, Asian and African supermarkets and stores in my local area. They import from Africa, Asia and the middle east. Often their produce is cheaper than the mainstream supermarkets, especially for rice and bags of nuts.
  12. Questions anyone with any common sense would be asking, but not the idiots in parliament! Importing apples and pears that we could grow ourselves--but oh- wait--we got rid of orchards that we'd had for centuries. We have good arable land and could feed ourselves with plenty. If that wasn't the case then there'd have been mass starvation during the 1940s and there wasn't. Of course people had less and had to be creative with meals, but as a result there was no obesity. Tropical climate fruit and vegetables of course have to be imported, but let's face it man
  13. Well it's not as deadly as the 1918 influenza, and that went away, so this covid should also go away. I can't see it completely gone for about 5 years though. You have a point about Piers, and also all those protesters in the summer.
  14. Yeah-- there's always some sort of crisis event in the first decades of a new century. I wonder what 2114-20 will bring. Probably a robot rebellion!
  15. Well I've always thought there is a covid because I saw some information online that linked that Wuhan lab with it, but of course they removed the videos and articles later on. I mean what are the odds that a lab that is "studying" the virus and then "cases" appear in that area but they are not from that lab? They must think we came down in the last shower! Whether it was accidental or intentional I dunno, but it's certainly allowing that creature Schwab to steam ahead with "The Great Reset." China is already on board with that with some of their cities usi
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