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  1. I got the impression about that in Leigh too, although I've never been there. Maybe the Somali man was from another area and of no fixed abode.
  2. Dreadful news. Some crazy Jihadi type it seems who did this. From what I've read he was well liked in Leigh On Sea. I have a friend who lives there; must ask him about Sir David. Whilst an MP is stabbed seeing his constituents GPs are still in hiding not seeing their patients.
  3. Ah no! Rats are better than him! I like rats.
  4. Sounds like it might've been one of those jumping spiders. Some of the patterns on them can look like a face.
  5. It does seem like it doesn't it. I feel so sorry for the Lebanese people, and also the Yemenis. both countries are in a state of collapse.
  6. Same re London! They've had floods there before too. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-26153241
  7. Would be very easy to drop a few lit matches in a woodland or forest, pour a bit of lighter fuel on the ground unseen and sneak away.
  8. Regarding floods-- the world has always had floods! If one reads history books and diaries of people from history accounts of floods are common occurrences. The middle ages had a lot of rain fall which led to sodden crop fields and famines. A few days of heavy rain in London and it's all due to people having gas central heating. Of course I'm sorry for those whose homes and shops got flooded out. Look what happened in the 1920s: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-26153241
  9. I had seen the headlines but had no idea that the Stag was in Merseyside! I presumed he was in Scotland.
  10. Insane and cruel! There's woods in Merseyside that the Stag could have been taken to whilst tranquillised.
  11. Yes, and the folly of making all power electric. It's bound to have outages and what will folk do when no phones work, there is no light, no cookers to cook food, machines in hospitals providing life support? Crazy!
  12. I think they will cast a black man next, just got that hunch. Although reading some comments online a few folk think Dan Stevens would be a good choice. Yes he who was in Downton Abbey! Now, don't snigger- he is versatile and done some dark roles.
  13. TNG had some good moments but DS9 was the best of all the new Treks!
  14. Anyone else noticed how there is a heavy ad drive to get people to order food from take out places and restaurants and have them delivered to their homes via Deliveroo and Just Eat etc? I know some are delivered by bicycle, but mostly they are by car- hardly conducive to being "carbon neutral" and using less petrol is it? Also encourages people to keep stuffing themselves and getting obese.
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