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  1. This Planet was once just Earth with only land locked Seas. The Salt water came from Space. Probably from the destruction of a planet in our Soular System.
  2. Has anyone tryed to survive with no job no benefits and no home. I had to do it for 3 years. Half that time was sleeping in a tent or under a shop window.
  3. For those of you who are into Natural Law have you thought about how the Spirit World interacts with Natural Law?
  4. I seen a Ghost when I was about 10 years old. There was a Ghost tour in stately manor type house and as the tour was describing the Ghost is could see her cleaning the table ect.
  5. Police have been brutalising anti lockdown protesters. But now they go soft on the left wing protesters who wear masks.
  6. https://youtu.be/kFLyhqTISG4 protesters in London now against new law to stop people protesting
  7. Why would anyone want to go back to normal after all this? The UK police are fineshed as is the medical profession its also over for the main stream news media and politics is a dead duck. Either way change will happen for the long term.
  8. Im not bothered anymore who people vote for the whole thing is a sham its gone way past politics now.
  9. A lot of the online fans are not even from UK, Ireland or even Scandinavia there from other places around the world . They have never been to a English football ground and are not bothered to even research the history. what type of Liverpool fan doesn't even who Bill Shankly is?
  10. I am or was a Liverpool fan but the so called fans on the Liverpool FC Facebook don't even know what Hillsborough was? The people who run the big football clubs don't even care about there own fans let alone the history. Match commander Duckenfield got off in November I don't remember Liverpool fc saying much about it?
  11. The forum gets hacked around the same time David Icke youtube vimeo facebook and paypal get taken down.
  12. Hi, just wondering whats happened to the david icke forums? Do you have to now pay for most of it? Is it because the forums are no longer? Thanks.
  13. Time tp boycott football the clubs have sold the fans out.
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