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  1. Is any human powerfull enough to make a judgement over another human?
  2. Nature is part of Natural Law it's has its in spiritual laws built into the universe. No man powerfull enough to create any laws. There Law is already there bits of paper are not enough.
  3. I once had a telepathic connection with lovey lady. But the problem was it was only one way I couldn't read her thoughts but somehow I knew she was reading my thoughts. This was 15 years ago and we had a special connection. I know I was always ment to meet this person. I still love her she's now passed on. I will never get over her.
  4. This is all talk unless you have survived without home and regular wage each week then your not going to understand that all you own you have to carry around with you everywhere.
  5. Two different types of Law one is created by Nature/Universal Intelligence the other is created by Humans.
  6. I seen star once I was watching for about 20mins or longer shoot up and away Realy fast! It happened around 19997 or 98?
  7. It had been uploaded for years and of a sudden when I post it on here again it get taken down.
  8. I also got threats from another moderator nothing was done about any of this. I take it you haven't research any 9/11 stuff coz you will know boeing planes can't do what we seen on the 9/11 footage
  9. John White was a Mod when Sean Adle ran things. White didn't like no planes theory on 9/11. And one day removed one of my videos that had important information its only been up for an hour.
  10. Has anyone one worked out how it works? Does it include Karma Debt for people who break it? How does spirit put blocks on some things but let's other things happen? Is there a boss that lays down this law? Are we ment to know how it all works?
  11. Anyone ever met someone you were always ment to meet with a connection so strong its as if they were your real family. I have I will never forget this person.
  12. I mean whats its going to take for people to realise the news is fake? And the government lie. And authority figures are there to control you.
  13. Yeah I wanted to post on an old post from 18 months ago I did and it seems to be gone.
  14. Well to be honest its heavy infested with trolls and the agents. They did there job well censorng the Truth. It goes back 15 years and more. Not surprised people don't want to post here. A few months ago I post a 9/11 Finding The Truth video from 2008 and the whole YouTube video got taken down. Just like when John White and his mates took down the same video from the old icke forum from 2008
  15. Hello, I'll never walk alone was the message again for me Thank You.
  16. This Planet was once just Earth with only land locked Seas. The Salt water came from Space. Probably from the destruction of a planet in our Soular System.
  17. Has anyone tryed to survive with no job no benefits and no home. I had to do it for 3 years. Half that time was sleeping in a tent or under a shop window.
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