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  1. . Even considering every angle, those getting the jab are all idiots. There is no scenario suggesting that they are right and I am wrong, because science is correct ALL of the time.
  2. But hypothetical is like that Tortoise and Hare maths problem. It states that the tortoise will always win because by the time the hare has caught up with him, the tortoise would have moved X distance by then! It just displays a fractal hypothesis. It's bollocks! The hare will always win. As soon as the hate is a literal hares breath away he will instantly overtake the tortoise. Saying to me that there are only two choices is a none starter.
  3. I choose none! It's like saying that I have a choice between walking left or right. One STILL has the option to walk back on myself. I see my wife or my child drowning. I choose to save both. Some questions are just rubbish.
  4. I'm not going to beat around the bush. If I were as high profile as Mr Corbin, I would NOT have accepted any money over a table at a restaurant. I would direct them to my office and do it properly. Seeing it done this way smacks of corruption. I'm sure folk do put money in his hands at times, but this was a directive to not talk of AZ. I would have told them that THAT was impossible. Oh dear. Just another phoney. And I liked him.
  5. You didn't answer my question. I even hinted where they came from. Chosen SPECIFICALLY because of their disregard to normal things. Just saying that the red army was big means nothing when we are about to sort out just which part of that red army did the deed!
  6. Oh dear. It makes him look crooked no matter which way you look at it. Off of my Xmas card list.
  7. . Which Russians were these? You and I know that the Russian country is huge and covers many square miles. There were a particular group or people from a particular low IQ part of the world. Hmm! Care to share rather than blame the WHOLE of the people's of Russia?
  8. . You will and already do I think. Here is as good a place as any! Now come over here for a cuddle you big lunk!
  9. It's already happening here in the UK. I'm a member of a telegram group that have single handedly got hundreds of folk to form groups or to aid singles in going off grid. I am not sure your idea if forming a small group is ideal! The PTB will know of these groups and pick them off one by one. But having individual tiny (but not small in area) homesteads that form a much larger network is the way to go I think.
  10. It's a snake! The two holes would emit a poison if the "cleric"? was upset with you or you hadn't paid him enough.
  11. Hang on, I'll axe my missus! Oops that sounded wrong . A bit of an axeident!
  12. People don't give a fig about tech! They have been led to believe that tech is something great. But after the illusion wears off in ones later day, they realise what's really important. Untill then the machine just churns out more crap for consumers to consume. New technology is just new art to some. You either hang it on your wall or you don't interact with it, but you do admire it. Tech is a tool. Not objet d'art. I buy a fork that lifts meat to my mouth. After that I look for style and design. Then it lives in the drawers if not in my hand and gob or at the bottom of the sink water. I have a phone as a tool. It's all tools. See things for what they are.
  13. If Icke was a bike I could ride him into work! He's not so I can't! If you have listened to him over the years, you will hear him say that he is a researcher. He goes on evidence. You are therefore suggesting that what he finds is not true? And by default you are suggesting he's crap at his work or he's being led up the garden path. So just WHAT part of science are you suggesting he has wrong? I'm waiting so as to clear up your fears.
  14. There's one way you can move away from the world's fools and that IS to assume ones gender! If my handle here is not my real name (and it's not) then you WILL assume and you WILL judge everything written by them to be one way or another. So don't feel sorry for getting it wrong if and when you found out the truth later! Just smile, call them a dîck for having a masculine or feminine title and move on! If I see a woman from behind and my animal instincts kick in, then I WILL be shocked to find out it was a bloke! That's nature and I'm not apologising for it! Same with names. If I'm to be friends with them after that I WILL talk about it but not apologise. If I were to be good friends later on I would advise he drops the arse wiggle if he wants to not be seen as gay! I'm not against gays. I don't give a toss if they don't bother me, but if in this case the bloke was not gay I would help him be less feminine! You are what you are. Don't fight it. Don't apologise. Fûck PC culture.
  15. What do you think? Do you just want a yes or no to your questions?
  16. Why is it much worse because of births?
  17. That's cool. I just won't ever go to a site that appears out of nowhere without explanation. I asked twice and got no response from the poster. Not to be trusted in EVERYTHING they have to say in my view.
  18. Hmm. An individual NOT to trusted? For all I know it's a link to a pedo page. FFS
  19. . It's a MacGuffin! In fiction, a MacGuffin is an object, device, or event that is necessary to the plot and the motivation of the characters, but insignificant, unimportant, or irrelevant in itself. The term was originated by Angus MacPhail for film, adopted by Alfred Hitchcock, and later extended to a similar device in other fiction. The MacGuffin technique is common in films, especially thrillers. Usually, the MacGuffin is revealed in the first act, and thereafter declines in importance. It can reappear at the climax of the story but may actually be forgotten by the end of the story. Multiple MacGuffins are sometimes derisively identified as plot coupons. All villains are easy to recognise in books and film. All interplanetary travel has to combat true reality (relatively ) and get over the limitations of light speed. All 'other dimensions' are covered to sound like you the reader understand it's function without going into too much detail.
  20. . But I'm rich and I don't even LIKE Manhattan! Should I get a pad now?
  21. Nope. Plastic contamination of a bad product is all it is. The plastic moves because of static electricity. As non issue other than masks are shit.
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