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  1. Also it was seven k. Not seventy k! https://www.covidtruths.co.uk/2021/01/first-face-mask-discrimination-case-nets-7000/
  2. My magic words are "I don't wear one!". After that it's discrimination and an attack. I will NOT wear a badge explaining ANYTHING! Why should I? Why should I wear a "Sunflower" symbol? FFS the Sunflower's name is in reverence for the SUN! The SUN is a star! The last time a star was used to denote a situation had six points, was yellow and was embellished on the lapels of those of the Jewish religion. If folk can't see the connection then there is zero hope for them. Not only that...I don't WANT to wear one.
  3. The police are reliying on ones ignorance of the law. The police have ZERO authority to make you tell them your bussiness. If it were me and I later recived a fine in the post, I would find out who issued it to me and call them out on it by finding out where they lived and serve them notice. Also, I am aware of no such restriction or law stating distance from the dogs home..
  4. It's eaten as a treat or a necessity. Give them a chicken vindaloo and see their diet revert to fresh veg and or meat from the bone.
  5. Hi. In simple terms; Your company has a contract with you. To change the contract it has to have your agreement OR they sack you OR it goes through unions. IF they sack you the unions become involved or your solicitor. Both use laws to make your boss understand that you have rights via contract and UK law. It mostly NEVER comes to that though, as most situations are dealt with via a sit-down. You need to write or email back ANYTIME you disagree or it's taken that you agree. One thing about being a woman is that ones nether regions be
  6. While over a hundred years, if averaged out, it will show favouritly, if one looks at the year by year, one can see it can fluctuate often. I understand we are on a downward trend.
  7. Might I ask if you got one with the tall canisters that slot in? One can buy boxes of 24 or just four etc? Because they do not last long at all. They burn great but not for long, and some will Peter-out on a low burn rather than just end like a good canister. Try one of you are able. If you don't want to waste using one then I am assuming it's for 'just in case' and in which case you DEFINITELY need to test it. Cheers.
  8. The law is simple. You are the Tennant and have a say in ALL amendments to the deed or agreement. They can NOT kick you out. Leave the phone number here to the company if it's in the UK (no info of yourself please) and I will ask a general question for you and us here about mandatory installation. I'll record it too. Let me put it another way. If you wanted them to remove the present meter because you don't require leccy anymore, they would have to. They would cap it off and Bob's your uncle. If you wanted them to just cut you off, the even the presence of the me
  9. I've seen one application from some guy wanting to change his name from Andrew to Peter! Not much of a change but he also wants to keep his title! Prince Peter might be ok to hide under though!
  10. That's ok. I don't mind much. I get it all the time. That's why I said "fair do" ! The typed word can be misconstrued in many ways and my ranting is testimony to that.
  11. Insinuating I'm a keyboard warrior? Lol. Fair do. That's up to you. It can sound that way. Find my older posts and s.you might not think so. But...it's all too easy to lable and ridicule to stop folk from speaking out. Have YOU ever got it off of YOUR chest just what you might do if the chips were down? I speak the truth. By me doing so I have little to prove to anyone but me. I also hope others might realise that there are people out here that are going to do what needs to be done. Cheers. Edit ... I would see the current qu
  12. Not only do I know that they observe, I take delight in letting them know that while they are monitoring us, I am shagging their dog....or wife, whichever they love the most. But more importantly, I remind them that if WE are found out, we are only ridiculed! When the same happens to them, and it will, they will be murdered by others that are more serious than I. If not immediately, then as they walk their dog in the park when they are retired. Some folk have long memories. "Sniff" I'm one of THOSE types.
  13. Some questions to aid in our ...er...aid! Which country do you plan to set up in? What and WHY do you NEED the genny for? Are you open to changing your IDEALS as to what you need it for? The reason I say this is that you mentioned a freezer. I ask could you do without one? Could you preserve your contents in other ways? I live off grid. I use solar to run batts, and a small genny for other stuff that needs lots of power. Today we lost a panel in our array. So that's 300w lost until fixed. We vacuumed the house etc from the gen
  14. I don't save idle chit chat, so no posts get saved. But I do save PDF's and the like as they take little space. Pictures and images are saved. You tubes and bitchute Vids get downloaded and kept. I also keep books. PS I've edited to add; I save Purley for personal future reference. If I need it, like a post-it note, it's there for me without having to search. If it has gone from the web like some YouTubes do then I have a copy.
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