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  1. I would suggest to any and all that the best thing to have is "MANY MANY MANY and LOTS OF" different spices and herbs. In all of the best 'what to have' conversations I've seen' by far the most common things are spices and herbs. For the spices I've gone to the local ethnic or Indian shop and stocked up with a ton of spices and some dried herbs. The prices are very low for high numbers. I've picked up stuff I don't normally use too! I'll explain why...I have lots of jars of sauces etc. Those sauces are made of many items but I know I will run out of jars one day soon. I gathered the recipes and made a list and picked it all up. I got enough to last about 5 flipping years, so by then I had better know how to grow the stuff or I have found something else. As for the herbs, I am growing them in pots.
  2. For meat I suggest rabbits. Apart from laying chocolate eggs at Easter time they are better pound for pound than chickens. They are quieter than chooks in an urban environment too. They are simpler than birds by a long way. I would have chickens too for eggs, but I would start with bunnies. I also understand that rabbit meat has a bad rap but as long as you eat veg too you wont have issues.
  3. I would NOT report him. He is under the polices' protection. I would do what I have known others to do. That is to make him an offer he can't refuse! It worked in our area for some reason. Go figure! There are zero gang activities in our area now. It should be remembered that gang culture is 'put up with' in any area because in those areas the gangs or leaders are protected by the police of that area. By controlling the gang one controls any outsiders from setting up a new gang and those things take time to settle down. So for me, self.....er having someone fuck them over until they disappear is the way forward. You cant win against an army like the police but you can win against a druggie and their king pin! So chose the battle before the battle chooses you.
  4. Yup! Marks a good egg! Listen to his works on the freeman movement and other topics like change agents and you are have way to understanding freedom.
  5. Maximus is a good sort. I learned tons from his site. A book one might wish to read is Rural Planning Handbook, by Simon Fairlie. I'll look for a link. http://tlio.org.uk/rural-planning-handbook/
  6. A word to the wise. Goats do live better lives as a herd. So 2 minimum. Also cheese is better to make if you have more than one milk source. If its for milk and wool, I recommend a mixed bread that gives some of both. Rare or purebloods are only necessary if you are selling on. Some of the best goats are mixes that give tons of milk and are still quite small. Cheers.
  7. I'm almost there. but what do you recommend? Moving to the countryside is one way to stop curtain twitchers and busy bodies, that's all. one HAS to take into account what one does in old age. So a lot of ones planning might include foundational plans that carry over. These plans have to take place WHILE one is carrying on with normal life so its a pain and sometimes slow. My 'escape' is by living in a foundation based house that I built and has been there for years. So I CANT be kicked out. Also I run a selling setup there and seeing its my way of making a living (all under the £12.499 tax limit) that's ANOTHER reason that they have little chance of kicking me out. The thing to comprehend is that I am not my person. from that sooooo much can be taken and used. 'I' can stop a funny letter in its tracks. my person cant unless it knows contract law. but I ask again to you, what do you recommend?
  8. That's right. There are other stone configurations on the way to the main site. It's a lovely walk.
  9. Stone henge is not a henge. It has stones in it. It was to be the foundations of a large man made hill. Look inside some of the larger constructions and we see the same set up. After a time someone would be entombed inside. Yes it has been fiddled with over time but to me it looks like a strange group playing on a building site and putting meaning to all the scaffolding. ...nuts
  10. Q. Why is it NOT unlawful to shop in a smaller store LESS than 2m apart but it is in the bigger shops? Q. Why does the law only apply to businesses and NOT people?
  11. It's been discovered that he can't sing, can't write and can't play for toffee!
  12. Like Chinese or disagree over bridge with waffled lament.
  13. Student reads like a bot or a Chinese communist.
  14. I have a couple of funnies. One for now. I had to queue at sainsbury's for my friend. I was on my way home from work and the sun was shining and I was in no rush. I got to the end of the queue or so I thought. There was a little Chinese lady standing about 30 ft from her leader. I asked without response but she reluctantly shuffled up by a few feet. She was in full regalia of overcoat (blazing sun) big boots, mask and almost what seemed like goggles. ..and a massive set of earphones. ....with a wooly hat ? Now I know I'm not gonna get in any faster and I wasn't in a rush but I was now gonna be her TAIL. We both got in and I started picking up the stuff required but saw 'HER' looking and picking at something. I went over to her almost touching her shoulder and leant in! Ha! She shat herself and shuffled off. Next isle. ..same deal. She was just standing there looking up. I sidled up behind her and got in her periferal vision. HA! She legged it faster than shit on a shovel. In the frozen fish isle. She was bent over the freezer (stop that now.) and I already had frozen prawns in my bag. I went close to her and slowly dropped my bag into where she was looking. She let off a "Hie" ! Ahh she's Japanese I mused (but secretly thinking of Kung-flu). She scuttled off out of the store without paying. ?? she got away with her stuff too. It's the simple things that make shopping fun.
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