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  1. I still to this day don't give a fuck, there was something dodgy about that Hampstead case, and the things that have happened afterwards have done nothing to quell the feeling that the father was a dodgy cunt.
  2. Hi pal, how can i share this to facebook or email? Cheers I figured it out, thanks.
  3. Montagnier said many things along these lines, and I can well believe he said this. We are approaching 2 years since 'vaccine' roll out, so we'll start to see soon. In Europe (if this happens) it will be covered up under the premise of a cold Winter no doubt. I think a fuck load are going to die this Winter, but whether everyone who got the jab has two years or not is impossible to say at this point. Some heavily boosted morons I know, are, at the moment at least, seemingly well and fine, so providing we all get past the 24th of this month, the US and European Winter will be interesting to say the least.
  4. They will do one of two things, keep the lie forever, even in the face of undeniable evidence. I mean at the end of the day, no one's gonna do fuck all about it (sheep gonna sheep). The second and more likely alternative is that they confess to it, throw a few expendable on the bonfire, call the people that died from the jab 'martyrs', promise it will never happen again, and continue onto the next phase of project 'fuck you'.
  5. Fucking sick, I used to be a teacher in Manchester, and I never said and did half the shit that I disagreed with, I reckon it's 1000s of times worse now.
  6. Indeed utter bollocks, they used the flu and non fit for purpose testing kits initially and then the jabs and the increased chem trails bombardment was the virus.
  7. Pop-up booster clinics lining the route no doubt.
  8. No autism in the Amish community, something to think about (it's the increased number of childhood jabs folks, the more prescribed jabs the more cases, hence we have more autism than ever, and more childhood death jabs than ever).
  9. Some serious jail time there. All I can say about Wong is that he did all the usual rounds on interviews and podcasts, most notably with Sean Attwood (whatever happened to him btw?) on brand newtubetalking about SRA. The next I heard he had been arrested for abducting a child. I think your synopsis is correct either he risked a rescue or was (like Attwood?) dodgy. Just saying if these guys were trying to expose the elite and their practices then the jail terms may reflect that.
  10. Love the NK/UK comparison photos, paints the picture well enough.
  11. The original incarnation may have done, but none of these people are real anymore.
  12. For those interested in numbers, the Queen officially "passed away" 1776 days from the the first Que post, 911 days after the pandemic was declared on 11/3/20 "the day the world changed", 77 years and 7 days after WW2 ended, and 3 years & 33 weeks after the last blood moon ended.
  13. What the fuck is happening here? Apart from a load of masked up divs, why does he mention the 24th like that, and then everyone claps, like they know, or there's a guy with the 'clap' sign. He clearly says shit is going down in the Ukraine on the 24th, so clearly a FF, but is there missing context here, as this is as blatant a foreshadowing as I've ever heard, with zero relevance to the rest of his speech.
  14. I think the possibilities are endless, but I'll have project bluebeam, or the nuking of a city in the sweepstakes.
  15. I can't view part 2, what is the sausage fingered prick upto?
  16. She died last year when the FT or Standard (I forget which) ran the headline about London bridge falling down.
  17. I got the vibe 'something' is going to happen during this 'period of mourning'. Perfect time like you said for a false flag. Other one i can see is weather stays good for this month, and then we get an early onset winter, ice station zebra style with rolling power cuts until the Spring.
  18. Ha ha after 2 years of Cocid, I have zero empathy left. This is fucking hilarious, hope that girl looks back on this in years to come and is embarrassed as fuck.
  19. I'm proper enjoying the pure shite being pumped out now...
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