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  1. Paulides is very careful about what he says, even his past, which is not quite what he makes out. But the 411 stuff is fascinating and I've read his books and watched his docs. Defo something weird out there in the woods and wilderness.
  2. What we consider enough money and the rich and famous consider enough, are not the same. If this is vaccine damage, then wtf was he thinking, Mike has mellowed over the years and has become quite thoughtful in his later years. But if he sold out to earn money I have little sympathy, I haven't worked since December, and no amount would make me sell my soul out.
  3. https://www.mumsnet.com/talk/coronavirus/4332071-ds-developed-myocarditis-after-vaccine A couple of posters mention vax damage in an older thread, doesn't go down well with some of the mums. There are some shreds of light in this otherwise dark, dark forum.
  4. Yes the stakes have been raised with the addition of 'fannyflapz' to the mumsnet forum, lmao. I might have to join.
  5. Legend and a name that fits so well there. Brilliant.
  6. Had a quick browse, I pity any fucker married to one of those.
  7. Just sat here about to homebirth another, shitting myself, just inflated the padling pool, the fucker is 3 m long, like she giving birth in fucking Windermere. No idea what to with the cord either, but we got a way to go yet.
  8. My three year old saw an old lady in a supermarket yesterday, and said to my Mrs 'Look Mummy, that woman is wearing a mask'. She then pointed at the lady and said very clearly 'bellend'. I was filled with a mixture of pride and shame lol.
  9. Yeah dodgy, 34 years to get to him, no chance. This is agenda driven.
  10. Weird, always assumed he was muslim. His Wikipedia says his family was Kashmiri muslims, maybe he converted or something.
  11. Never gets old this, and to think people swallowed this. I for one will not be letting cunts forget about this. Up there with bat and pangolin in the shittery stakes.
  12. I take a couple of diluted spoonfulls everyday. Miracle stuff.
  13. Ther GAA, presumably due to Ireland insane vax rates is really suffering at the moment. They surely can't keep a lid on this shit much longer.
  14. What a fucking twat, basically calling for the end of free speech.
  15. Fairly sure that and most major professional sports are rigged. They will let England (blokes) win something, just when the most draconian shit is about to hit the fan. As it is I'm still expecting some bollocks to hit before the end of August, maybe this win is a gift to the proles before another butt fucking.
  16. Zero interest in the male or the female National side. Seeing that Prince who likes to be pegged all over it as well, not for me any of that.
  17. If you want to go to Berlin and are worried about getting heckled for not wearing a mask, then get a cheese cloth one. No problem to breath through one of those I'd imagine.
  18. Amazing how compliant students were to all this, this shit wouldn't have flown in the 70s or 80s. We've bred a generation of dumbed down, woke fucktards who are fully invested in the propaganda..
  19. 100% shill this one, fuck it 101% shill. Everything about him.
  20. Not sure how I missed this, but this is a very good, well thought out post. I have no strong opinions on Igan, I haven't watched any of his material in months, but his escape to Mexico was and remains dodgy.
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