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  1. Some serious jail time there. All I can say about Wong is that he did all the usual rounds on interviews and podcasts, most notably with Sean Attwood (whatever happened to him btw?) on brand newtubetalking about SRA. The next I heard he had been arrested for abducting a child. I think your synopsis is correct either he risked a rescue or was (like Attwood?) dodgy. Just saying if these guys were trying to expose the elite and their practices then the jail terms may reflect that.
  2. Love the NK/UK comparison photos, paints the picture well enough.
  3. The original incarnation may have done, but none of these people are real anymore.
  4. For those interested in numbers, the Queen officially "passed away" 1776 days from the the first Que post, 911 days after the pandemic was declared on 11/3/20 "the day the world changed", 77 years and 7 days after WW2 ended, and 3 years & 33 weeks after the last blood moon ended.
  5. What the fuck is happening here? Apart from a load of masked up divs, why does he mention the 24th like that, and then everyone claps, like they know, or there's a guy with the 'clap' sign. He clearly says shit is going down in the Ukraine on the 24th, so clearly a FF, but is there missing context here, as this is as blatant a foreshadowing as I've ever heard, with zero relevance to the rest of his speech.
  6. I think the possibilities are endless, but I'll have project bluebeam, or the nuking of a city in the sweepstakes.
  7. I can't view part 2, what is the sausage fingered prick upto?
  8. She died last year when the FT or Standard (I forget which) ran the headline about London bridge falling down.
  9. I got the vibe 'something' is going to happen during this 'period of mourning'. Perfect time like you said for a false flag. Other one i can see is weather stays good for this month, and then we get an early onset winter, ice station zebra style with rolling power cuts until the Spring.
  10. Ha ha after 2 years of Cocid, I have zero empathy left. This is fucking hilarious, hope that girl looks back on this in years to come and is embarrassed as fuck.
  11. I'm proper enjoying the pure shite being pumped out now...
  12. Yeah I heard this as well, like it was injected via some sort of reptile bite like a snake. I'll see if I can dig it up in my files and shit.
  13. Initiation of some sort, loads of paid for celebs have sported them at one time or another. I've heard everything from punches to snake bites ( a particular snake that is used for the bite).
  14. Whilst I know there's a huge overlap, these guys (the queen RIPers) are even worse than the covidiots... Fucking hell man
  15. A psychics take on all this... https://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2022/09/rip-queen-elizabeth-ii.html?fbclid=IwAR1FWtVP7y3mYofHmKDzzQFrau1LJSwJyv7ssVyMiXbGDpux28mRxBJAemQ Q. With the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II, what does that mean for the country? Will the transition of power be seamless? What about Charles? A. As I move forward with this reading, this is not meant to be disrespectful. I've seen this very differently than the news states... Let me elaborate.. Thinking on this announcement, I get that it needed to FINALLLY be announced and done. I have seen that the queen passed many months ago, and they kept her image alive through using body doubles and reduced public appearances. The monarchy belonged to some of the most powerful Powers That Were which has kept the remaining monarchy influence alive. The monarchy knew long ago that to survive certain alliances needed to be make. The Queen was instrumental in many of their practices (sort of a team), so her essence was important to keep the momentum going, therefore they needed her image to remain. The time finally came that they felt they could release the "news" of her death. I get the timing has to do with some type of astrological position. It was ok to relinquish power and release it to her son. I get that Charles was prepped, prepped and prepped some more, and the people in control felt it was safe and Charles would "grow into the part." Charles responds to influence and fear, so they have someone they can control. I get the monarchy will gradually feel weaker. Even though Charles knows what he is to do, he doesn't feel to be the same level of caliber (and willing to do the needed things with conviction) as the Queen. I fully see we are on the brink of a war, and to some extend they needed a weaker monarchy that would play their part and allow the PTW to try to take control. We are in for some interesting times! Watch for news of w-a-r or w-a-r like activity, and how England gets manipulated by it. Stay safe by dispelling fear! Stay knowledgeable. Love and light, Lynn
  16. Also I haven't heard a cod yet, but if it's covid, then I'll laugh like woody fucking woodpecker.
  17. Still maintain she's been dead since last year, and the stockholm syndrome currently being displayed on facebook is astonishing and sickening. I'm baffled.
  18. The date 08/09 has to be significant , good find.
  19. And the bodies that turned up intermittently usually of attractive young ladies near the grounds of her estates. Fuck her.
  20. Social media is hilarious at the moment as the peasants pour forth fake grief for someone they never met, and who couldn't have given a flying fuck about them. I realise we are nowhere near any awakening when I read that shite. To be frank, fuck her and whoever comes next.
  21. I tend to agree, though I'd also imagine the estrogen in the drinking water and secreted on the inside of tinned goods hasn't exactly helped the issue.
  22. Oh I think it is absolutely, the 'toxic testosterone' gives it away. But it's not too far from the pish they publish, the gap between satire and reality is getting thinner.
  23. Yeah watched them both, and yeah there is clearly a creepy undervibe that Theroux is trying to explore. Just find the wording interesting, as it does seem to imply he reported something but that's as far as it went, presumably due to the power Saville wielded. The fact this was an open secret, makes the likes of Truss and Rantzen for example even more disgusting with their RIP tweets.
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