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  1. Big deal being made of this in the UK media at the moment. As it's owned by facebook, I suspect this will be another scam to push along the digital trap, or of course it could just be an employee left something unplugged. We'll see, but the MEN (manc evening) has run 2 fb posts on it already this morning.

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  2. I like his videos, i'll be honest. But in truth it does bother me that from the start he was been warning that he may be de-platformed by youtube, but yet this has never happened, some of his vidoes have been taken down, but on the whole his youtube channel appears unmolested, wheras many others were booted from youtube back in 2020. The fact he is still allowed to put videos on youtube is interesting.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Malbec said:

    Ricky Gervais 

    Ricky out of Kaiser chiefs 

    Fake Dr John Campbell 

    Neil Oliver 

    Dr Maholtra.... 


    The last 3 obviously now coming out as doing a U-turn and loads of truthers for some bizarre reason think it's because they have suddenly woken up!!  Some alikening it to their own awakening.... which obviously wasn't, in their pre-awakened (asleep) state, any way similar to promoting jabs on national television or YouTube, and actually persuading people to get them! 






    Yep, important that small time shitehawks like the Kaiser chiefs aren't forgotten, they were one of the first lot to fan the flames of hate against the unjabbed. A complete set of cunts. Banned and blocked me from their FB page day after their IoW festival appearance, so cowardly as well as snide. Talentless fuckers. Hope the lead singer never lives it down, the cunt.

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  4. Didn't realise there were two threads on this, here's a copy of my post from other thread.


    Seems an unobtainable OTT amount, defo a show trial. A warning to others if you will. Sandy Hook is dodgy as fuck, and this they hope will stop discussion of it. As for Jones never followed him, but always just assumed he was controlled.

  5. 22 minutes ago, Judyhsn said:

    Sky News:


    Alex Jones, Conspiracy Theorist Order to Pay $965 to Sandy Hock 





    Seems an unobtainable OTT amount, defo a show trial. A warning to others if you will. Sandy Hook is dodgy as fuck, and this they hope will stop discussion of it. As for Jones never followed him, but always just assumed he was controlled.

  6. 8 hours ago, Artie Fufkin said:

    My take.. Heysel was a precursor for a nefarious plan. 
    Hillsborough, a ritual underneath a Moloch owl above the grounds' roof at Hillsborough stadium,
    The police knew that many Liverpool fans were still on delayed trains from Merseyside on the day, yet did nothing and "kettled" the Liverpool fans into the Leppings Lane entrance ,and also the emergence of Rupert Murdochs' Sky television which would transform English football forever. Making Murdoch much more 'powerful' and certainly wealthier, and the emergence of the 'Premier League' The disparity between divisions became huge in financial terms.
    All seater stadium - take a look at who got the contracts to 'renovate' the football grounds after these tragedies.


    The endgame...to price the working man out of attending live sport fixtures, thus making it only accessible to a wealthy elite. The destruction of the British working class orchestrated by the 'upper classes'
    Iv'e attended football matches in the likes of Indonesia and Thailand, the fans are much less threatening than say a Leeds vs Manchester United match. Something strikes me as very odd here. 


    Good stuff, ashamed to say I'd never thought about Sheff Weds and the owl emblem in relation to Molloch.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Morpheus said:



    Told you.....




    I'll remember where is was....


    Tucked up in bed whilst Big Joe Juggernaut Joyce KO'd Parker in round 11. Thread closed. 🤭


    Joyce really is a fucking zombie, best I've seen him, but taking all those shots has to got to catch up with him someday. Still at 37, its now or never for a title shot.

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  8. 21 minutes ago, Dre_87 said:

    This meme was going around but I'm told he never said it..this is some scary shit if true..I know another guy who's old and is retired Air Force who believes it too..

    Covid incinerate bodies.jpg


    Montagnier said many things along these lines, and I can well believe he said this. We are approaching 2 years since 'vaccine' roll out, so we'll start to see soon. In Europe (if this happens) it will be covered up under the premise of a cold Winter no doubt.  I think a fuck load are going to die this Winter, but whether everyone who got the jab has two years or not is impossible to say at this point.  Some heavily boosted morons I know, are, at the moment at least, seemingly well and fine, so providing we all get past the 24th of this month, the US and European Winter will be interesting to say the least.

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  9. 20 hours ago, Dre_87 said:

    Will it happen after people have taken enough shots and enough time has passed? Maybe in 1 to 3 years?..Many people have already died from myocarditis and blood clots caused by the vaccines. Will they have to 'burn the bodies'?..


    They will do one of two things, keep the lie forever, even in the face of undeniable evidence. I mean at the end of the day, no one's gonna do fuck all about it (sheep gonna sheep).


    The second and more likely alternative is that they confess to it, throw a few expendable on the bonfire, call the people that died from the jab 'martyrs', promise it will never happen again, and continue onto the next phase of project 'fuck you'.

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