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  1. Everything about this has me raising an eye. No witnesses left alive, rumours that the neighbour was mistakenly shot my police, dead perps labelled as conspiracy theorists, and no doubt 'anti-vaxxers'. Nothing makes sense, police following up on a missing person report are ambushed by two brothers and a woman. One of the dead alleged gumen was a former school principal, in fact a principal that I worked for on a number of occasions as a supply teacher. This could be another Port Arthur, but we'll see. Also shooting took place 12/12/2002. https://edition.cnn.com/2022/12/12/australia/queensland-australia-shootout-police-intl-hnk/index.html https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-12-12/qld-police-emergency-declaration-wieambilla-unfolding-incident/101763662
  2. I really don't trust this fucker, no one becomes a billionaire by being a top lad.
  3. That is fucked, heads better fucking roll.
  4. https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2019/06/strange-real-encounters-with-invisibility-cloaked-predator-entities/
  5. More and more reports of these 'predator' like brings are getting reported. There's even been a few reports in the missing 411 cases. Could be modern military technology, other species etc. But the cases are defo growing.
  6. Well thank fuck that never happened. Wonder if they'll abandon the knee now.
  7. I think it's long been intwinned with the NWO, historically, it was where the industrial revolution ceased to be a set of technological innovations and became an economic driving force. It’s also the home of the free trade movement - the forming of the Cooperative society following. In fact, its industrial history has put it at the heart of many major political events and movements; Marx and Engels started their work on Das Kapital in a Manchester library. “Cottonopolis” was the hub of the titanic British textile industry, and thus a major economic influence on the world stage. It was I believe the world's first industrialised city (sort of a precursor to trapping people in the cities and removing them from the land). It was the venue for the EU referendum result in 2016 or was it late 2015. The peterloo Massacre The manchester martyrs False flags: IRA arndale bombing, Manchester Arena bombing. People lining up to get their worker bee tattoos reminded me a few years later of the same idiotic drones lining up for their covid jabs.
  8. Defo, still amazes me they got a shit load of the population here to brand themselves with a slave tattoo (the bee). Manchester defo features heavily in the cabal's plans, the moving of national media like the BBC here was a key sign.
  9. So many question marks around this alleged adrenochrome sipping ghoul.
  10. Never seen that before, genius is what it is.
  11. I feel this will be a lesson in futlility.
  12. Seen the number '26' around a lot lately, think it might be telling us it's England's turn, e.g. 26 years since that fucking coming home song was released. Dillian Whyte also wore a number 26 on the back of an England shirt at the weigh in for his fight with Jermaine Franklyn last week, it was his way of telling those in the know he was winning, which he did, despite looking like shit and could well have lost on the scorecards. Queen = 62 26 in Gematria We'll see.
  13. Apart from sexualising the youth and giving people unrealistic expectations of sex, one of the most insidous long term effects of porn (and I'm sure this was well known when the elite fuckers made this shit ubiquitous), is the break down of the family home and marriages. Men can watch porn and see well paid, professional fuckers and suddenly think their loving wife doesn't cut it in the bedroom, and this can lead to affairs etc. Maybe their wife is carrying a bit of extra weight, and again this normalised view of sex that porn creates can brainwash people into wanting more. Some men would probably wank over porn scenes than have sex with their partner, the whole thing is fucked to be honest. The destruction of the family unit has been on the agenda for the last 40 years, porn is another facet of this.
  14. If England win imo, it's because it's in the script.
  15. https://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2022/12/circles-of-sheep.html Circles of Sheep... Q. Why are the sheep in China walking in circles for days at a time? What is going on? A. When I focus on this I hear the word "prion." I understand that prions are a key component to mad cow disease and impact the brain. I see that something artificial and fast spreading was given to a sheep via some kind of normal maintenance routine. It involved "prions" in some way. China is also a testing ground for 5G... I sense that 5G combined with these "prions" in the brain are having an adverse, almost "zombie" reaction. The two things are not uniquely exclusive. I get that this is just another attack on farmers and people who raise animals. They are determined to impact all meat supplies and farms. I see them taking the impacted sheep and euthanizing them to "control the spread." I sense this will be the gateway to anther version of "bug." I also get that it is no coincidence that it is sheep under attack. "Ewe" is "You" is a female sheep and blind followers are "Sheeple." I will leave you with that... I'd pay close attention and see how this story develops. And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light, Lynn
  16. I have the feeling the knee takers will be given the WC this year.
  17. Yes mate, I had to give blood recently, and covid jab was on questionaire. I asked why they needed to know, as in would unjabbed just get unjabbed blood, and jabbed just get jabbed. The poor ladies couldn't answer me, but I suspect anyone getting a transfussion is getting tainted blood, and the unjabbed blood is kept for the vampires to drink and use or summat like that.
  18. It's crazy, I'm not sure if it's emf or not, I'm no expert, but it defo has that biblical feel going on.
  19. I'm not buying covid as anything other than the flu, aided by the barium and Aluminium dumped into the skies, however this post was great. The persimmon tea seems a great idea, and reminds me of pine needle tea and nettle tea which have also been touted to help detox the jab. I have genetic haemochromatosis, and never knew there was a way to bind iron and remove it. Thank you so much for this post, cheers.
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