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  1. I recently moved to Aus (last few years) and I'm not surprised, it really is looking bleak here, but hopefully enough refuse or resist. I'm guessing no vax, no job or something similar. The world is really fucked at the moment, just clinging to hope the world sees sense.
  2. The sheep will get vaccinated, others won't. Those that are meant to survive this will, and those that aren't won't. There will be resistance, but not enough in the short term to prevent their plans going someway down the totalitarian road. However I still think they won't be able to quite pull of the whole global coup in the long term.
  3. I'm from Manchester, only been here three years, but it makes me so sad that such a hardy nation is capitulating so readily.
  4. I'm in Aus at the moment, the people here would drink the kool aid if told to . It's frightening to see a nation where the majority of its inhabitants have lost all capabilities of rational thought. It doesn't matter what you say, or what evidence you present, the majority are deeply lost in the fog.
  5. I got the fuck out a couple of years back. In northern Aus, easy to fuck off into the wilderness if needed. The people are heavily asleep though, and gullible as. But the location fills me with hope for the impending clusterfuck.
  6. From what I can work out Australia will be back inside soon, September at the latest, UK/USA, October at the latest. Just as Gates promised, Australia is gonna suffer this time round, internal borders are getting closed, traveller numbers from overseas are being halved. The bullshit is reaching epic proportions, and the population appear to have lost the ability to exercise independent, rational thought. It's a fucking fire pit waiting to happen, and these guys will welcome vaccines and lockdown eagerly. Depressing shit.
  7. The comments section on youtube really shows you the effect the24/7 fear has had on the masses, and the brainwashed opinions articulated there and on other social media sites are genuinely frightening. Throw in the odd professional shill and it's hard to see where any mass awakening is coming from.
  8. That shit is fucked up, but sadly not surprising. We need a miracle...
  9. Quick question, how long would an 18 month old baby be contagious after having its 18 month shots? Two days, two weeks etc?
  10. Huge whitewash incoming, see that cunt Andrew never face any kind of questioning.
  11. I reckon it began a few years back, albeit in clandestine fashion.
  12. Could also be a 5G reference, as haven't birds been adversely affected in test sites?
  13. Hilarious shit, and the Economist magazine cover is troubling as usual.
  14. Crow777 Crowhouse Higherside Chats And for entity/crypt stuff Where did the road go Strange Familiars
  15. I think September, it's always September for these cunts. I've told anyone who'll listen that this is when they will bang it in. Especially so they can attempt the ultimate fuck you, by having people isolated and locked down on Christmas day. If the people accept that, then they know they've won.
  16. Lots of wrestlers are dodgy fuckers, and this has happened in wrestling as long as it's existed, Moolah being a famous example. This shit, at this time, serves a purpose, but we'll have to wait and see what that is. But yeah wrestling a haven for all sorts of weirdo fuckers sadly.
  17. I'm a teacher, and whilst the autism rate has increased massively since I first started teaching in 2006, it's always been mainly boys who have seemed to suffer. I'd say boys have outnumbered girls around 3/4 to 1 in my experience.
  18. Wow, fuck, just googled it to try and get photos, and apparently this is already a thing.
  19. That Katie Perry looks like Jon Benet Ramsey's brother, fuck it, she could even be the girl, snatched, pimped, MK'd then put out on the global music scene to forward the agendas.
  20. Is the story that he had an affair? If so, I'm sure that's ubiquitous within 'celebrity' couples, or where the charges more serious?
  21. I'm a Manchester United fan, but as the years have gone on, I've found myself less and less invested in the game, as the corruption and brainwashing involved in it has become more apparent to my consciousness.
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