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  1. Think he was one of Pfizer's first spokespeople when he advertised viagra years back.
  2. I won't even share a fucking spliff with them, let alone go full nip.
  3. Fuck man, RIP terry, another 'short illness'. Top musician and was the victim of sexual abuse as a child, which he did well to overcome as an adult. https://www.msn.com/en-xl/news/other/terry-hall-of-the-specials-dies-aged-63/ar-AA15t3IK
  4. https://www.bitchute.com/video/7pq7krolg4ZP/
  5. Yeah the story is pure shite. It's a false flag narrative, and already they are being reffered to as 'conspiracy loons'. This story is being used to pile more hate on the dirty unjabbed, this country has lost any ability to critically think, and it's very fucking worrying to see.
  6. They legit trying to get as much shit into the people as they can before the truth is unleashed on the herd. It's a bit like the final few seconds of the crystal maze when the contestants are desperately trying to get as many gold tickets as possible before the buzzer goes. I feel the same here, try and jab for anything and everything beofre the siren goes off.
  7. I'm not overly religious, but i really hope your're correct.
  8. Ah, here we go.... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/australia-investigates-extremist-views-of-trio-who-killed-2-police-officers-in-ambush/ar-AA15gysT A series of posts under the name of Gareth Train, one of the killers identified in the wake of Monday's deadly shootout, was found on conspiracy theory forums, Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said late Tuesday. The posts include references to anti-vaccine sentiments and claims that other high-profile shootings were hoaxes or false-flag operations. “It’s very difficult at the moment for us to reason with what has happened — there are no obvious reasons,” Carroll told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. But she added that, over the coming days and weeks, investigators would certainly develop some insight into what happened. Research and surveys show that belief in conspiracy theories is common and widespread and that those who subscribe to them are more likely to to get their information from social media instead of professional news organizations. The rise and fall of particular conspiracy theories are often linked to real-world events and social, economic or technological change. Carroll said every possible motive for the killings was being examined, including whether it was a premeditated attack on the officers.
  9. Everything about this has me raising an eye. No witnesses left alive, rumours that the neighbour was mistakenly shot my police, dead perps labelled as conspiracy theorists, and no doubt 'anti-vaxxers'. Nothing makes sense, police following up on a missing person report are ambushed by two brothers and a woman. One of the dead alleged gumen was a former school principal, in fact a principal that I worked for on a number of occasions as a supply teacher. This could be another Port Arthur, but we'll see. Also shooting took place 12/12/2002. https://edition.cnn.com/2022/12/12/australia/queensland-australia-shootout-police-intl-hnk/index.html https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-12-12/qld-police-emergency-declaration-wieambilla-unfolding-incident/101763662
  10. I really don't trust this fucker, no one becomes a billionaire by being a top lad.
  11. That is fucked, heads better fucking roll.
  12. https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2019/06/strange-real-encounters-with-invisibility-cloaked-predator-entities/
  13. More and more reports of these 'predator' like brings are getting reported. There's even been a few reports in the missing 411 cases. Could be modern military technology, other species etc. But the cases are defo growing.
  14. Well thank fuck that never happened. Wonder if they'll abandon the knee now.
  15. I think it's long been intwinned with the NWO, historically, it was where the industrial revolution ceased to be a set of technological innovations and became an economic driving force. It’s also the home of the free trade movement - the forming of the Cooperative society following. In fact, its industrial history has put it at the heart of many major political events and movements; Marx and Engels started their work on Das Kapital in a Manchester library. “Cottonopolis” was the hub of the titanic British textile industry, and thus a major economic influence on the world stage. It was I believe the world's first industrialised city (sort of a precursor to trapping people in the cities and removing them from the land). It was the venue for the EU referendum result in 2016 or was it late 2015. The peterloo Massacre The manchester martyrs False flags: IRA arndale bombing, Manchester Arena bombing. People lining up to get their worker bee tattoos reminded me a few years later of the same idiotic drones lining up for their covid jabs.
  16. Defo, still amazes me they got a shit load of the population here to brand themselves with a slave tattoo (the bee). Manchester defo features heavily in the cabal's plans, the moving of national media like the BBC here was a key sign.
  17. So many question marks around this alleged adrenochrome sipping ghoul.
  18. Never seen that before, genius is what it is.
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