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  1. Whilst 'counting sheep'? Could easily be a distraction piece, based on that line alone or possibly another guidestones event, remember the guy chiselling the stone to remove the last inscription once it had been widely circulated enough, could be similar to removal of this. I think I favour distraction.
  2. So you're not breathing much oxygen, the punishment is less oxygen. Fuck this gaff.
  3. Couldn't agree more, though it seems to have had the effect of actually waking a few people up.
  4. Yep the fix is well in, and all of us saying this back in March will still get treated like we're mentally infirm.
  5. Yes, I like having all my rights stripped away, and then getting fucked without being bought dinner first.
  6. Good read on the man, and you'll find all boxes ticked for fast tracking to international psychopathy. https://www.thesouthafrican.com/lifestyle/uk-premier-league-project-restart-prenetics-avi-lasarow/ Lasarow is no stranger to innovative health solutions which boast an international profile. He founded Trimega, another UK medtech company which also sold for seven figures in 2012. Trimega garnered acclaim in the UK for aiding social services child support teams to establish when it is safe for vulnerable children to return to their homes. At the time, addiction issues were rife in many homes, and the need arose to medically validate whether parents who underwent rehabilitation to reunite with their families, were indeed “clean”. As is the case with many entrepreneurs, Lasarow was not born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. He grew up in a liberal household with strong family ties and strong focus on getting a good education. The young Lasarow’s academic achievements in a South African government school opened the door for him to attend a private school in the US for a while. By then he already displayed a keen interest in technology and – like one of his heroes, Bill Gates – one would find him at three in the morning glued to the screen of one of the school computers when it was free. And just like Gates – although Lasarow does not press the analogy – he bade formal education farewell at a young age. In fact, at the age of 16, he was convinced that neither school nor university at that time could add any value to the skills he earned in the early morning hours in the school computer room.
  7. His name crops up again here... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5117681/False-alcohol-test-nearly-saw-girl-adoption.html
  8. He's gonna be as dodgy as the day is long, slight read here before the paywall steps in, but looks like he's already been in court for making deceptive health claims.... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/05/19/exclusive-chief-executive-premier-leagues-coronavirus-test-provider/
  9. I'd say the 2021 cover is glaringly accurate with the incoming shit they are about to spray about. The way these cunts view karma is that as long as they tell you in advance what is going to happen then they are absolved.
  10. Brownie's always been one of us, one of the few guys who can walk in any boozer in Manchester and get respect. Love him.
  11. The working mans' game died many years ago, this is the final nail in the coffin for its relevance for me. Fuck the cunts, they can have it.
  12. Watch this before it's taking down... confirmd our worst fears re:vaccine. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/covid-vaccine-astra-zenecca_x4FEnFyTxHVoTlC.html
  13. I'll never buy another copy of the Manchester Evening news again, nothing but fear, fear and chastising of anyone offering alternative viewpoints. I think they're owned by the same phalluses that own OK magazine, so their journalistic integrity has long since departed. Their FB page seems to be full of full on sheep, and I suspect some are plants (although the public are so brain washed, they wouldn't need them). It's just constant fear porn day after day... I hope they go bust, should this ever end.
  14. The friends and family members who no longer speak to me.
  15. Attwood's rise to prominence also seems very 'Ed Sheeran' like, goes from being a no one to being everywhere in the alternative media, seemingly very quickly.
  16. Fucking cunt of a woman, and full time pedo protector.
  17. This is a great take on things, I personally don't think the Clinton crew will be able to get over the line here without being exposed, but the scenario you've painted is very likely and very scary.
  18. Anone that deep in bed with the Israelis has to be questionable to be fair. Though I like the fact Trump decided not to bomb the shit out of several new countries during his tenure.
  19. Looks like a coup is taking place, and I expect some sort of armed conflict/ civil war to follow, then indefinite lockdown for the safety of the people, won't even need convid soon.
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