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  1. Explain also, that should you take the jab and suffer any side effects, as the manufacturer is immune from prosecution, you will have no choice but to sue your employer, and hold him/her/them personally responsible. If everyone did this, there would be no bosses demanding you get the jib jab.
  2. That man has had to some dark, dark shit to get where he's got. One minute starring in and co-writing Gavin and Stacey, next all over prime time US tv. Yeah right, fuck off.
  3. Yeah I'm a supply teacher and most teachers are cunts. I've not worn a mask once since this shit show started, and because I'm supply if anything gets said, and just offer to go home and leave them with a teacherless class for the day.
  4. This fantastical bullshit was always gonna happen, they need to lock QLD up before the 26th. Bang on cue, this mysterious mythical super spreader, lol.
  5. Glad she so health conscious. Inspirational.
  6. I'm not sure any one still sentient thought they were gonna go back to 'normal' on the 21st. The sheep will just swallow this, and be further primed by the media to blame on us unclean types.
  7. I'm doubtful the UK gets past the 21st June to be honest.
  8. latest from crowhouse. https://www.bitchute.com/video/5F3dobjBhkHl/
  9. Seems like the Victorian police are out of control, and are simply fucking dangerous at this point.
  10. Absolute twat, hope this video haunts her the talentless, brainwashed nob head.
  11. And no doubt a clit like a cucumber.
  12. Quite the looker and no doubt a great conversationalist, I can only assume her un-jabbed friends are devastated at this news.
  13. In the least bit of surprising news of the day, Victoria has extended it's lockdown for another 7 days. This will give them the ability to extend their emergency powers (legalised police brutality), which was due to expire on the 5th. Queensland will be next, their powers run out on the 26th June, so expect some unlikely stuff to go down there. And of course we have Britain back to normal on the 21st. This will be a big month in the scamola, I expect most of Aus and the UK to be back inisde by the end of the month. Tragic.
  14. Indeed, BBC job for life type guy. Say no more.
  15. It was interesting and I'm very much looking forward to their episode on 'national treasure' David Attenborough.
  16. Yes, they are even more bunkered down now. It's like by having the jab they realise either consciously or subconsciously that they are balls deep in this thing now, and so are even less willing to listen to dissenting voices, as the stakes for them are huge at this point. And yes to general aggression and certainly blind obediance and thickness.
  17. Formerly married to MK ultra Illuminati sex fiend, the cabal's very own Katie Perry, yeah fairly sure he's bent as the day is long.
  18. Should have added this was just the whopping cough vax, the convid jab social war is about to begin.
  19. Fucking morons mate. What was even more galling was that it was at a gathering for my Mrs birthday at our house. They rock up with new baby, and the other women are allowed a hold but not my mrs, and she wasn't even told up front. Needless to say once everyone left, my mrs cried all night, as all her guests look at her like she's dirt. Fuck them cunts, I was fuming when I found out, and now I treat those people as such.
  20. We had this last year, except we weren't told, so when everyone was getting a hold of the new baby, my mrs wasn't allowed a cuddle as she wasn't up to date with her vaxs. Was quite awkward actually, needless to say we aren't overly close with that couple anymore.
  21. It'll be a hatchet piece, where they drag out ex-anti-vaxers, who will talk about how misguided they were, blah, blah, blah. Then they will talk about how dangerous anti-vax rhetoric is. Basically the amount of friends you have will be smaller on Wednesday. Fuck them.
  22. I see the blue tick, but I'm none the wiser. Seriously who is this cunt?
  23. Great expose on these two charlatans by the Sheep Farm, and available on Hugo Talks website as well. Odd shit going on here.
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