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  1. The rumoured entrance to the inner earth (or one of them) is also supposed to be up there. You've probably already well aware of Admiral Byrd and the hollow earth theory, but if not it's quite an interesting subject.
  2. Defo man, they are due to be going back for second shot at some point in New Year, the smugness from them is shocking,but I'm keeping a close eye on their pages. I doubt they'd post any adverse reactions anyway, as the damage it would do to their belief system would be too much for them to take. But so far, they appear to be ticking over ok.
  3. Some mongs on my facebook feed have now had the jab, the messages of support on their posts are just scary. It's all going to plan thus far...
  4. This could be the precursor to the much predicted impending famine.
  5. Very few breakthroughs, plenty of setbacks. I have rudimentary relationships with my immediate family now, and barely speak to people once considered best friends. But ultimately I won't stop speaking my truth, I told them back in March would what be happening, and even though it's happened as we all predicted, they just can't see it. It's sad and frustrating, but all of us signed up to be here at this moment, and all we can do is stay true to ourselves and our believes. I still think an awakening occurs, but not before many have lost or irreparably damaged their lives.
  6. What a set of twats. Just seen they're not even letting people in Sydney know the rules for Xmas day until Wednesday, lmao. Surely people in Australia gonna wake the fuck up.
  7. What exactly are you feeling? No difference for me so far, will go out and see the planets later...
  8. Ha ha, amazing the shit they conjur up just to keep this circus going. I await with interest how they will claim it has spread across Australia lol.
  9. His dad is a part as well, check out his 'fiction' book from the early 80s 'The Virus'. You couldn't make this shit up.
  10. She's obviously another one of the compromised 'celebs', probably videos of her riding a horse somewhere. Pure scumbag.
  11. I too have woken up to see what looks like a needle mark in the prominent vein of my left inner elbow, where the forearm bends. What was interesting for me, is that I have a hereditary condition, that can only be treated by taking pints of blood out at regular intervals. At this time, I hadn't been for a while, and was overdue, it really did get me thinking, as this part of the arm is generally where the blood is taken from. But it looked exactly like a mark left by a venesection. Never had the extreme brusing though as far as I can recall, sounds like you're experiencing something very odd.
  12. Very bizarre case this one, sadly i suspect the others involved (if there were others), will escape justice.
  13. Wonder which luciferians will be dragged out for this one. I imagine the correlation between the celebrities used and those who pop up during children in need season will be strong.
  14. I've noticed that as we approach the vaccine's deployment, the sheep appear to be getting angrier with the the non-compliers. It started of as just 'selfish' to today reading comments from people not being 'able to wait until you need the jab to fly so that we won't have to travel with the idiots.' If you think friends and family have disowned you at this point, it's about to get a whole lot worse imo.
  15. They clearly have flith on him and his father, that's never gonna happen. But a great piece regardless.
  16. Rumours he's been executed, also rumours he was or is on the Gold Coast in Australia. Either way I truly hope he gets whats coming to him.
  17. https://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/ Apparently movie prop used by people who didn't have permision to use the land.
  18. Whilst 'counting sheep'? Could easily be a distraction piece, based on that line alone or possibly another guidestones event, remember the guy chiselling the stone to remove the last inscription once it had been widely circulated enough, could be similar to removal of this. I think I favour distraction.
  19. So you're not breathing much oxygen, the punishment is less oxygen. Fuck this gaff.
  20. Couldn't agree more, though it seems to have had the effect of actually waking a few people up.
  21. Yep the fix is well in, and all of us saying this back in March will still get treated like we're mentally infirm.
  22. Yes, I like having all my rights stripped away, and then getting fucked without being bought dinner first.
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