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  1. It'll be like a who's who of soul selling, they may even add those insufferable cunts the kaiser chiefs to the bottom of the bill.
  2. Illumanati queen, and one of the reasons I've never trusted her ex.
  3. Still got a few in North manc and Oldham area. Also lees still going strong, but yeah boddies totally changed when I think it was Whitbread bought them and moved it to London.
  4. Yep, forgot about grohl, another cunt.
  5. Yeah Billy Bragg was a fucker, never knew what an establishment gobbling, slavery pusher the prick was.
  6. Fucking Kaiser chiefs, shitheads, also Dead kennedys, their estranged singer Jello Biafra, extreme metallers Carcass, Wormrot and numerous other sell outs. Add morrissey to the good list, he referred to covid as convid.
  7. Both in Ireland and the UK, suspicious amount of fighting aged male refugees, not the women and kids we were imagining. QLD in australia is recruting an extra 2500 international police officers, who don't have to be Aus citizens or even permanent residents, seems that this is happening by stealth in all the 'covid' nations.
  8. Like the covid books that starting being published whilst the con was unfolding, almost like this shite was written well in advance. Ha ha the public are fucking stupid.
  9. I don't think there's any chance she's responsible for all those books, some professor or something wrote an article on it, and including research etc, there would be little chance of her churning those books out withour help. Also her backstory just sounds made up.
  10. Decent video by HUGO today, basically saying the same as the forum, that massive censorship of the web is on its way.
  11. Almost like a composite face.
  12. They're absolutely testing the waters, seeing what the reactions are when they drop these stories on the MSM. If they go too early, like they did with 'monkey pox' they'll fuck it, so they're just seeing what the sheep will believe at this point. From what i can tell the vast majority still believe any old bollocks if a bloke in a suit on the tv is saying it They have pulled some whoppers over the last threee years, so confidence will be running high in the satanic control rooms.
  13. I'm from manchester, but live in Qld, Australia. Medical apartheid ran for about 7 months last year.
  14. He was very funny, his early life on wikipedia follows the usual route though.
  15. I feel pity and will help anyone who asks for help. Those that rejoiced when i lost my job and was banned from every public building, pub, cafe etc, and still think the Qld gov was right to do it, can obviously eat shit.
  16. Yeah it's clearly bollocks isn't it. This is just pure theatre until the UFO holograms appear in the sky above the vatican.
  17. Ha ha who the fuck is this wanker? Never heard of him, glad I never watch tv or listen to the radio.
  18. Could be used to clamp down on social media, surprised they haven't rolled out the ghoulish Mccanns yet to tell everyone how social media comments have ruined their lives (not the disappearance of their daughter mind).
  19. Suss as fuck to be honest. It screams distraction case, like the Everard case, which i still think was 100% fictious. If as has been said she was a facebook addict, who suddenly stopped posting on 7/12//22, then that implies either she was going through something in her personal life that prompted her to stop posting, or some other issue like she was already gone. I think what we have been told is probably bollocks and another case that is being manipulated for one agenda or another.
  20. How people can look at this type of shit and also see others like madonna's quite clearly possessed face and not think that this is odd as fuck is beyond me. Some people welcome their servitude, as to be in denial this long is beyond the realm of possibility.
  21. It's weird man, no matter how hard I try, I just can't put the voice with that face.
  22. They undoubtedly were and still are monitoring websites like this. Isn't that right you twats (hopefully some nobheads on shift)?
  23. Defo mate, the flooding has been absolutely deliberate, and is usually preceded by them spraying the fuck out of the skies.
  24. A hero of mine, his music has played a massive part in my life.
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