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  1. Oh my this is fucking fire, love it, no likes left.
  2. Out of likes for all this Roses discussion, but agree.
  3. That was Ian Brown https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/14/jedward-hits-back-ian-brown-conspiracy-theory-tweet-and-were-truly-living-simulation-13269701/?ico=more_text_links Noel hasn't done shit, and is a corporate entity these days.
  4. Out of likes, but yeah oasis bros, pair of fannies and never been hard. Brownie's the man.
  5. I can add the Beat and the Dead Kennedys to the list of corporate stooges, they are both advocating masks and jabs on their FB page. Fucking shameless cunts.
  6. Noticing more and more people with the facebook profile picture frames stating, 'I've had the covid vaccine' popping up. Think they have certainly jabbed a growing number of the population, I can see a million being possible.
  7. I feel just like he does at the end there, probably for the first time I literally feel that all hope is gone. I've spent months being as positive as I can, trying to inform and cajole people with little truth nuggets, but i felt his frustration at the end. We're more then likely fucked.
  8. Ah the virtue signallers are out in force tonight commiserating about Capt Tom, all quick to point out he died of 'covid', and despite surviving Burma, he couldn't survive covid. Your man was like 101, had pneumonia, and was around 20 years older than the national average. This is like national hypnosis, the worst case of Stockholm syndrome imaginable. The disconnect I currently feel to nearly everyone I know is insane.
  9. My mum (who has had her first jab, despite my impassioned rhetoric), had a self test the other day. This was a blood test though, where she pricked her finger, dropped the blood onto the test, a bit like a diabetic test, and then looked to see if a red line appeared, pregnancy style. I literally can only guess as to what the fuck this was testing for, she came back negative, but we seem to be evolving from the brain stabbing.
  10. No fucking way. Any and all mainstream media sources in the western world have been compromised.
  11. Article from a month ago reckons we''ll never see or hear of her again... https://onlineresistancemovement.net/2020/12/31/important-update-on-the-nurse-who-took-the-covid19-vaccine-on-live-tv/
  12. Great post. Football is defo being used as a tool now top push the agenda, the latest example being the covid safe celebration. A game where players can spend much of the time in close proximity to others, suddenly have to remain distanced after a goal is scored, it's fucking laughable and another example fo them literally pushing to see how stupid the public is, the answer is very. And I can only shudder at how the World cup in Qatar will be used as a mass programming event, from the opening ceremony with everyone masked up, to the empty stadiums (assuming empty), then a team with an inspirational story will be used as propaganda, e.g tournament's top scorer's father died from covid etc, etc. Modern football is rubbish, but this version is fucking evil.
  13. It was on FB. Hope link works..... https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10159423604106410&set=a.10150950066731410
  14. Lad with horns is an actor has his own profile. Jake Angeli. https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/1346937240660762626
  15. Lad with horns is an actor has his own profile. Jake Angeli. https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/1346937240660762626
  16. Yep, 2021 gonna make this year look sane. Hopefully more Australians are gonna wake up, but the ones I know are fucking narcoleptic, can't wait for the jab, and look at me like I'm dangerous when I question the narrative. At least I'm stuck far north, but never gonna get home I'd imagine.
  17. And to think that after the Qantas announcement, Ryanair stated that you wouldn't need a vaccine to fly with them. They've been turned very quickly, the scum bags.
  18. The rumoured entrance to the inner earth (or one of them) is also supposed to be up there. You've probably already well aware of Admiral Byrd and the hollow earth theory, but if not it's quite an interesting subject.
  19. Defo man, they are due to be going back for second shot at some point in New Year, the smugness from them is shocking,but I'm keeping a close eye on their pages. I doubt they'd post any adverse reactions anyway, as the damage it would do to their belief system would be too much for them to take. But so far, they appear to be ticking over ok.
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