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  1. The case of Sarah Everard is full of numerology, have we got a thread on it yet? Couldn't see one, cheers.
  2. Just seen a video of someone called Wendy Williams (some tv person, but never heard of her), absolutely refusing to get the jab on some tv show. The interviewer is clearly caught out, now unless she gets 'covid' and is really 'sick' soon, then it was fucking great, seeing that smug fuck shut down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuGc1iz1So4
  3. Pure distraction, no good guys here or anywhere in this 'feud', just soulless twats.
  4. The rise in Zombie films and tv shows has been very noticeable, may be a huge false flag coming up, or possibly the end result of these jabs will be controllable humans, in essence zombies. But it's bizarre as fuck that they put this out there.
  5. Good video by Hugo talks today, the CDC urging the American populace to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/return-of-the-meatheads-hugo-talks-lockdown_2vgo8pB8s47w9v9.html
  6. Not sure about the lady giving the reading, but none of this sounds surpsrising... https://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2021/03/beer-bug-shot-and-anal-swabs.html
  7. Hugo Talks got banned from youtube the other day.
  8. Nah all the players are in position for a reason, they got the cast assembled to force this play through.
  9. This, my friend, is magnificient. It should be shared far and wide.
  10. The military are dumb downed, brainwashed slaves loyal to the establishment. I agree with others, I'd favour my odds more with my dick in a blender than expect those guys to rock up and deliver us.
  11. As a side note, I asked the tarot if she was alive (I make no judgement here on the veracity of the cards, but I know that others use them, so I include just for interest). The card I drew was the Tower, so certainly an interesting card to receive for that question.
  12. Same photo as above, weird as. Most assume this is an old photo... https://whereistiffanydover.com/there-is-an-update-after-25-months-of-silence-but-if-its-good-news/
  13. Jelly and ice cream when this old fucker dies.
  14. Stay strong pal, many in the same boat as you, but one way or the other we'll know very soon just how shit or otherwise things are gonna get. Keep your head up dude.
  15. I feel every word of this, exact same thing happened to me. I also know my siblings will be taking that pish.
  16. Serious? The same goons who read this forum covertly, the same goons who will one day be coming door to door, the same goons who did fuck all when David Kelly was obviously killed, the same goons who have never on masse stood up to horrific orders (may have happened, but I'm scratching my head in the modern era). The same guys they recruit at 16, not old enough to drink or vote, but old enough to brainwash, and train to fight in wars, yeah jog on pal. I don't even mean offence, but come on...
  17. I's be interested in this. I often wonder about remote gaffs like Bhutan, which are hard to enter anyway are getting on.
  18. Yeah, cos the British military is known for free thinking, just like all the illegal wars built on lies they happily took part in.
  19. Literally the most depressing thing I've seen today. Total twat, whether brainwashed nobber or paid shill.
  20. I don't want to be a dick, but ignorance is a choice at this point. Can't believe we've got over 1000 pages in and some people think the virus is legit, ffs.
  21. My mam (80) said she wasn't gonna rush to get the vaccine, as soon as her appointment card arrived off she trotted, and took her husband with her. Upsetting, and I'd talked to her extensively about what this jab was and shared video after video, ultimately it meant fuck all, I'm so fucking angry these days.
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