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  1. Yes, don't really speak to my family and old friends anymore. I've just got angrier as time has gone on, doubt I'll ever see them again.
  2. Brisbane in aus, is due to go into a 3 day lockdown today apparently, due to the scary 'uk strain'. Expect this to traverse the east coast as the gullible fall victim.
  3. It was no famine, it was indeed a genocide.
  4. It's rough man, I know I will probs never see my siblings again, but I'll go to the grave before I consent, fuck my life not been amazing, but if I can get one thing right it will be this, every inch of me knows this is shit. My partner is of the same mind, and my baby daughter wasn't vaccinated at birth, and over my corpse will she have this. Hopefully it won't come to it.
  5. If Sarah everard was a real person, then I don't doubt that one or more of her internal organs are floating about inside that sack of shit Prince Philip.
  6. And because it's 'just' Tanzania, the rest of the world will quickly gloss over this, surprised they didn't have him down as a covid stat.
  7. Looks like the Claddagh, I have this tatted on my finger. It's probs for St. patrick's day.
  8. Well we are well ovderdue a false flag attack. It's always best to be cautious about rumours like this, because lets be honest them closing the airports and claiming it's for national security etc, (even though they'd mandated it days earlier), is well within their remit for playing us like banjos.
  9. I feel something be in the air with all this, or of course more distraction. But people coming round your gaff to do you harm is easily believable in the current climate.
  10. Indeed, I'll be opting out of being sliced open whilst still alive.
  11. Fuck me, poor cunt struggling on her 500 grand plus a year. Oh and the photo is just pure chance... https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/tv/emma-willis-kate-garraway-gift-20153385 Kate Garraway received an 'extraordinary' gift from Emma Willis as she struggled to buy food when Derek Draper was hospitalised The Good Morning Britain star struggled to pay the bills when her husband was hospitalised, and was unable to order a supermarket delivery.
  12. I've been trying to find a profile shot of Patsy, as the nose is distinctive on the bucket b0mb victim, but there is obviously a passing resemblance. I wonder if the 'b0mb victim' was ever interviewed.
  13. Ricky fucking Gervais has got the jab. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/rciky-gervais-jab-hypocrite-hugo-talks-lockdown_ZLQwxFKRQBeDnpe.html
  14. Not sure if posted yet.... https://brandnewtube.com/watch/fake-news-psy-op-hugo-talks-lockdown_ATqshFNOpkM4ern.html
  15. Kate Garraway is defo one who gets me thinking what the fuck is this, her husband has allegedly been in a coma no less, for a year due to Covid. Every week or so they roll her out for an update, and she gets the nation pandering. It's like a fucking sick ritual she performs every week. Now her husband may be ill, but it sure as fuck isn't with covid. I'm not sure what the end game is here, but the whole thing is just a fucking charade.
  16. Unreal that she accidentally tweeted the suggested tweets message her handlers had given her. Thick as shit this one.
  17. Out of likes for some reason, but this nails it along with the various relevant addresses (33), and the date being 3rd of March. Just so much shit here.
  18. Defo something suss here, I think the victim (if real) was a ritual sacrifice, and the copper a patsy, and this is just part of the current agenda they are enacting, especially as he apparently has no protection at all, and can be attacked at will, despite being in a cell. The alternative is that no one died and it's pure agenda with actors etc.
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