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  1. i doubt this meme is true, but the fact it exists is proof that these people are twats.
  2. Quick fuck you, to chief Saville helmet shiner, Ester Ranzthen, who was on tv earlier saying the unjabbed should be left to die in their houses should they ever need an operation or be ill etc. Never forget these people, when this is all over and they try to whitewash their image, like the bitch did with Sir Jimmy.
  3. Yeah, things getting shittier by the day, I sometimes imagine winning the lottery and fucking off under deep cover. Hard times are coming it would appear.
  4. Giving birth is ok under the legislation. Just get in, refuse all jabs, and get out.
  5. QLD brings in the rules for the unjabbed. Fuck them, I'm never getting back to Manchester, cunts. Usual shite, no pubs, festivals, hospitals, libraries, galleries, clubs etc
  6. https://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/something-extremely-dark-happened-at-travis-scotts-deadly-astroworld-festival/
  7. I'm not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's welll pally pally with all the usual gang of well to do nonce types.
  8. Looks like they trying to lock Cairns down possibly, and also urging the third jab... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10176001/Queensland-rolls-Covid-booster-shots-amid-desperate-search-stop-new-outbreaks.html
  9. I think a rare few might be, including one weapon who ocassionally pops in to drop shite.
  10. This is gonna be the norm, they'd rather let people die than help people refusing their insane jabs. Australia is nuts man.
  11. Never heard of this Travis Scott bloke, but a quick google search shows he's going out with and has kids with Kylie Jenner. Case fucking closed.
  12. Not that we'll ever know, but I'd be VERY interested to see how close Astro's time of death was in relation to this mass heart attack event.
  13. Hang on the festival was called 'Astroworld' and 'Astro' died on Saturday. Weird sychronicity...
  14. Astro from UB40 died today after a 'short illness'.
  15. Yeah that's frightening. Actually hoping that people have their kids forcibly removed. We're clearly diverging into different species at this point.
  16. Yeah, someone's real fucking lost at the moment. Pure shit talker, yts at the met or MI5 I'm guessing.
  17. This fucking guy just had to show up eventually in 2021, super cunt this bloke.
  18. Crowhouse latest, False flag in qld possible. https://www.bitchute.com/video/MGngRKMPtfZA/
  19. They'll open up, they need to as an excuse to lock people up again. Also they need bodies in their quarantine camp to justify their expense. You also won't be getting in without jabs, testing, and other bullshit, unless you're a famous Hollywood star. Fucked up country as far as I can tell.
  20. This is Whitby in Ontario Canada. The ad is by a kids charity, obviously got their noses in the trough of infant death.
  21. For what it's worth... https://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/ When I focus on this, I get it was very intentional and it was meant to send a message. Hutchins, that died due to the fatal wounds, was an up and coming person in the cinema. She was working on some big projects (a documentary) that was meant to shed some light on the happenings within Holly-Weird. I get some interviews happened and some big names were about to be released (or at a minimum talked about). This "accident" was to let other rising stars know that no one is safe, and if people know what is best for them, they will stay quiet. You never really know how or what will happen and be made to look like an accident. Anyone that handles a gun regardless of it being filled with blanks or live rounds KNOWS to check it, especially if YOU are the one pulling the trigger. I get that day on the set the term "Cold Gun" was used several times as a precursor to create an element of plausible deniability so when that fateful shot occurred many people could attest to it being called "Cold." I get "they" got to Alec, and he knew EXACTLY what he was supposed to do and where he was to point it. I see they had some kind of blackmail on him that he didn't want released, so he complied with the request. Alec's main concern was he ability to escape from this and be able to put it behind him without it destroying him or his career. He was assured that he would be ok, and his name would be cleared quickly. This is a very sad and tragic case of the Powers That Were and high ups in Holly-Weird protecting their interest while creating more fear and exuding more power. These evil people need a mass rising against them. The people at the bottom of this pyramid think they have power, but they are just minions of a much bigger beast at the top. And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light, Lynn
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