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  1. Yeah, bizarre all round. I smell psyops, something odd from the start.
  2. I love shit like this, out of place animals has always fascinated me.
  3. Oh not sure pal, think the one I posted has over 100k. Spent yesterday reading the testimonies on it, heartbreaking shit. FB will have that site before long, but they've backed it all up to move to a seperate website should that happen.
  4. Still there for now... https://www.facebook.com/groups/299493215066149/
  5. Anyone who says no will be exempt, the way these sick fucks view karma, is that they they have to tell you what they are going to do, and then you go along with it. That way they believe they get past the laws of karma. You have to accept or do nothing. If they force it, then you do not have free will, they need acceptance and people to acquiesce for their plans to work.
  6. Yay, more made up bollocks to promote fear amongst a largely ignorant populace. And the lads thought they were 'getting back to normal', this will be where shit gets really deep now, and it will be awaken or bust for most people.
  7. Probably becuase he's been dead weeks i reckon.
  8. Yeah I watched this the other day, I actually felt sorry for her, she appears to be someone who has swallowed the fear, hook, line and sinker and appears to be on the edge of a media induced breakdown. Sad stuff and there's many people like her, people who willingly gave up their self autonomy a year ago.
  9. Illuminati pro cocksucker Mariah Carey has had her first jab filmed. Add her to the list.
  10. Know the feeling, my mam had her second shot last week, just waiting now to see what happens. She is neg blood though, and I have a hunch that they will do better with side effects. My reasoning is that as the majority of elites are neg, they may have made the jab more damaging to the common blood types such as us.
  11. Frightening where we've got to... https://brandnewtube.com/watch/get-behind-me-satan-lockdown-news-roundup-hugo-talks-lockdown_9NP88M26LkbdJuW.html
  12. Unfucking real. The jab only became available there two days before, uptake was slow, bet it's not now.
  13. A national moment of silence, ha ha fuck off and fuck him.
  14. What the fuck, shit's getting realer than real now. Miracle time now or we are truly boned.
  15. I've always felt Brazil was being punished in some way, they had the zika virus a few years back, and then the president basically said Covid was bollocks near the start, and after that it was like the media wanted to make him appear as a big a dick as possible by highlighting the 'devastation' in Brazil, and making an example of anyone who questioned the narrative. They even filmed fake vignettes with shit loads of coffins being dumped in mass graves, turns out the coffins were empty. I'd suspect the media are hyping up the Brazilian cases, combined with mask infections and end of life hospital plans. Italy had a similar fate last year, where they used scenes of the coffins from the Lampedusa ferry crash and said they were covid coffins. Any native Portuguese speakers here?
  16. My first impression was that he'd been dead over a week in all liklihood. They just announce shit when the dates fit in imo.
  17. Yeah, fuck this evil cunt. Anyone playing the fake grief card can fuck off as well.
  18. Yeah, the last time 'trolls' were this high profile was when the McCann deception was raging, and the 'troll' in that case ended up dieing in a hotel room after being door stepped by Sky News. That was dodgy as fuck.
  19. They've been after DMX for years, probably because he knows the fix was in on Aaliyah.
  20. All fake accounts (or mostly) I should imagine, all part of the same agenda that sees these lads taking a knee before kick off.
  21. Yeah things are really ramping up, and I feel so sorry for him. If we lose voices like his, we are truly fucked.
  22. Lenny fucking Henry, unfunny, pedo supporting (BBC), Comic Relief backing fuckwit. Pure cunt.
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