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  1. Fuck the zionists running Israel and their supporters. I sometimes feel the experiment run on the Palestinian prison population over the last century is what awaits us all eventually.
  2. Long time Media whore Holly Willoughby has posted photos on instagram of her getting jabbed up.
  3. I've already started the process of their behalf.
  4. This man, my motivation is through the fucking floor, It's like I'm waiting for the inevitable. Only thing is I don't what the inevitable is going to be yet.
  5. Whoopi Goldberg, demonic shitehawk. https://hugotalks.com/2021/05/04/whoopi-goldberg-peek-a-boo-club-hugo-talks-lockdown/
  6. Suss as fuck, earlyMay, those elites loves those liminal periods.
  7. Lord O' Mercy, what a whopper. Possibly the most mentalist cretin I've seen for at least a week.
  8. No worries pal, just remember you're not alone, stay strong and keep your head high.
  9. Sadly they aren't taking comments on that piece (of shit).
  10. I think many of us are feeling emotions similar to this, it's painful and confusing. The fact is that in some cases those closest to us couldn't be anymore disconnected from us. And the problem is once you've had an 'awakening' or whatever term you want to use, there is no way back to your previous thought patterns. For those that still believe in the 3d world and the system they live under, we do appear crazy. But don't change man, and just know that all the info and help you've attempted to give others is contributing to the greater good.
  11. Fucking cunts to a man. Just awful.
  12. Amazing how quickly this clusterfuck of a news story vanished from the media. I've heard nothing about the possibly non-existant, or possibly ritually sacrificed Sarah Everard and even less about Patsy the actress. I've not even heard or ever really learnt much about the policeman who was seemingly hung drawn and quartered without any real evidence or otherwise being presented to the public. Scamola on reflection, and I'm glad it was called out as such. I'll be looking for Patsy to pop up again in the future in a different role, probably with a different name. They do like to rehash their 'stars' for future roles.
  13. As much as I loved him when he played for United, David Beckham (who probs sold his soul years ago) is on the latest UNICEF advert urging people to get jabbed. Yeah, fuck him. https://hugotalks.com/2021/04/26/david-beckham-peek-a-boo-club-hugo-talks-lockdown/#comments
  14. From main thread, but Gloria Estefan can be added to the list. David Baddiel is just a pure twat, so he's added too.
  15. I would suspect this man is not currently sat in a prison cell.
  16. I know I'm supposed to act with love in my heart for everyone etc, but I hope that motherfucker gets his 3rd booster soon.
  17. Modern football is shit, and the Glazers are fucking scum bags. Killed my club, and made the Edwards family look like saints. Also part of the club who won't be getting the jab, these twats.
  18. Bunings have been pure covid jobsworths, even employing someone to over the chemical jizz when you walk in. Hate the fuckers and their fucking thick staff.
  19. In Qld we've been having lots of scheduled power outages, for up to 6 hours at a time. I've not been here long (4 years), but don't remember any prior to this shit show starting up. I think crowhouse mentioned it as well recently.
  20. A slippery slope, surely whilst the vaccine manufacturers are exempt, employers could be liable for any side effects their employees get. If they are not illegible for prosecution, I suspect many employers will shite themselves at the prospect of being sued and financially ruined.
  21. My partner is a homeopath, she fucking loves this.
  22. Yeah, bizarre all round. I smell psyops, something odd from the start.
  23. I love shit like this, out of place animals has always fascinated me.
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