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  1. Interesting vid on Garraway... https://www.bitchute.com/video/K0rUY5i8Dpqg/
  2. Oozes evil this one. A truly horrible man/woman thing. So many psychotic women on the scene at the moment.
  3. Suspect it's these guys, pure fucking shill charity scamming money from the postcode lottery amongst others. https://www.transitiontowntotnes.org/about/what-is-transition/ They are primarily concerned with climate change (or what the fuck ever they are calling it this week)They are funded by: Devon County Council South Hams District Council Totnes Town Council Esmee Fairbairn Foundation Halleria Trust Lottery Community Fund- Awards for All Puckham Charitable Foundation Paige Adams Trust Elmgrant Trust The Wakefield Trust The Department of Health Scottish Energy The Centre for Sustainable Energy Energy Saving Trust Dartmoor Sustainable Development Plymouth University Community Development Foundation Locality Our Place Transition Network Rainmaker Foundation A-Team Challenge
  4. Slowly turning the screw... https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/unvaccinated-travellers-banned-from-entering-the-northern-territory/ar-AAQVlBh
  5. He was also in Oldham band 'Dare' back in the day, fucking shit too.
  6. This is mental. Looks way more manly than his wife used to appear. This is a handler if ever I saw one.
  7. Man, of all the people who have let me down in all this, this may just be the biggest kick in the balls. I can't find a link to this though, just certain venues on their tour requiring people to be jabbed. Although they are headlining a non mandatory jabbed Coachella event with Satanic flavour of the month Travis Scott.
  8. Fucking good on em, always had a decent firm there too. Hard city.
  9. Something about Cock's face that demands a slap. Fairly sure you keep getting jabbed and technically he may be correct, you won't have a soul in the traditional sense.
  10. Wounded that a guy who was once banned from the BBC for telling a joke about the Queen's nethers, has now sold his soul.
  11. I don't believe any of these reptiles have been near the pointy end of a convid jab.
  12. Kiss my fucking arse, I dare any cunt to discuss my jab status at any point. This is amongst the worst things I've ever seen on tv. Australia eager to rush back to the apartheid they abandoned 50 odd years ago.
  13. You can buy them made out of cheese cloth if you really have to wear one, fully breathable apparently but looks legit under quick inspection.
  14. I'm sure going on the merry go round will provide much comfort, man these guys are fuckers.
  15. This is disgusting. I can't believe the issue of vaccinations and swabs would not be mentioned beforehand. There appears to be an assumption amongst the jabbed that everyone else has had it, and a complete inability to work out why people would refuse. I'm gutted for you and your husband, and wish you all the best in your continued battle against his condition.
  16. I suspect martial law is what they want, and it's likely. The next 6 months are vital, not just for this country but for all countries.
  17. I've just been on the Novotel in Surfers Paradise website to 'book' a room. It's true there are no rooms available for whatever dates you put in between now and February. Something smells like shit, and I reckon it's coming to a fan in SE QLD.
  18. She's pure evil, in fact she's evil with a sense of entitlement. I have no idea where this production line of insane politicians came from, it's like they never existed before this shit show (i mean I know they did, but like I'd never heard of Daniel Andrews for example).
  19. As I've said before we are diverging into two seperate species. Thank fuck I'm not evolving with those whoppers.
  20. My immediate reaction was 'scamola', but let's see what comes out. The manchester evening news were running this story not long after it happened yesterday, so the arrests must have followed remarkably swiftly after the explosion.. They have arrested 3 people on terrorism charges, but are keeping an open mind on the cause of the explosion, no details on the three arrested except ages.
  21. Rumours are getting stronger everyday, that Qld will be put into a hard lockdown at the end Nov/early December. This will be centred on the gold coast, where word has it the novotel has been fully booked out until the 4th of Feb by the military, this has been verified by Cairns news (an awesome online news network that i recommend people to subscribe to. Meanwhile further north in Cairns, chinooks have apparently been seen in and out of the airport. I'm not sure if they want martial law, but unsure otherwise why the army would be active on the gold coast for a couple of months. The police and the public seem to do a good job on the governments behalf.
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