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  1. Indeed, fuck him and anyone else who would go along with apartheid.
  2. FTP. Hopefully as an institution they never recover from this, pure Masonic private army.
  3. Fucking state of these cunts. Evil, pure fucking evil.
  4. They're pushing because this shit could unravel at any time. They want as many people balls deep as possible, so that even if the scam is uncovered, they will have their scapegoats ready for the firing squad, and the majority of the western world's population heavily compromised.
  5. Word is they are made of human skin, and used in rituals. Whatever the reality it's proper fucked up, and obviously has deep meaning to these types.
  6. I wrote allegedly for him, as that was the claim where I found the photo. Podesta and Morrison are obvious, but apparently the devil's own babysitter is the one in the white/beige kecks. I have no idea if it is him, but looking at Scotty, the photo must be twenty or more years old, so could well be. I'm sure a photo of 'young gerry' must be floating around online somewhere.
  7. A truly alarming thought occurred to me just now, and that is if people start dying off dramatically come the winter, this made leave a lot of orphan children, who may well then becomes wards of the state. Turns my blood cold at the thought.
  8. Melbourne lockdown extended, and curfew implemented. If Victoria and NSW fall without a whimper, the rest of the nation is gonna get boned hard. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2021/aug/16/australia-covid-nsw-pfizer-morrison-berejiklian-sydney-corona-lockdown-?page=with:block-6119e1628f0826eff3be646b
  9. Oz93666 used to post regularly, just checked and he's not logged on since June 1st.
  10. NSW looks fucked from Monday onwards, 5 km from home, masks when leaving the house, on the spot fines, army on the streets. Fucking nuts, even locking down regional NSW apparently. For no real reason, i feel this song resonates today.... Alternative Ulster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlGmYetiCjA
  11. Will wait and see with this one, wouldn't be surprised if he is found (posthumously) to be 'far right, flat earth er, anti-vax nutter' etc.
  12. Certainly looks like it, I walked out of my job the other day, as they insisted I taught in a mask all day, I told them I wasn't doing it and off I fucked. Doubt anymore work will be forthcoming, but if I haven't worn one yet, I'm not starting now.
  13. I moved here to be with my Aussie GF, and now I'll essentially be a prisoner here for the rest of my days. Madness this.
  14. Yikes, Australia is headed straight to fuck.
  15. Max Igan's latest.... https://www.bitchute.com/video/DCnSlCDZeZQZ/ Some distrubing news about authorities taking children from parents.
  16. The Aussies seem pretty dumbed down, even in the northern sticks, more and more people I come across have had the jab, and get angry when I tell them there's fucks chance of me getting it. Of course there's enclaves like Kuranda etc where they will hold out, but on the whole I wonder how the fuck I ended up here. It will take a massive piece of luck and timing to stop this.
  17. Fuck me, that shit was real and not satire. Fucking hell, we're doomed, Dad's army style.
  18. Where did this conveyor belt of psychotic ladies come from? Seems every Australian state can wheel one of these 'brides of Dracula' out at the drop of a hat.
  19. Hold out another 12 months and this shit will fail (I hope).
  20. Cairns and FNQ about to get fucked it would appear.
  21. Like something out of the 'Running Man' hope these fucks face justice in the future.
  22. Genius, can't wait till this alleged nonce faces justice.
  23. I can't play this video, whats the jist of the letter? Cheers.
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