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  1. Serious though, the one eye club must be pretty wank if Lorainne Fucking Kelly is allowed to join.
  2. I think you may well be on the money there. I fully expect an 'incident' on the Gold Coast/Brisbane between now and January. There's a shit load of ADF on the GC at the moment, they haven't spent the time and money putting them there for no reason.
  3. The nodding sychophantic arseholes in the background are pitiful excuses for humanity.
  4. https://www.bitchute.com/video/rOaurNF16kgK/ Alarming build of armoured UN vehicles in Brisbane now, over 30 counted according to Max Igan about 17 mins in.
  5. I thought a while ago that the indigenous may end up saving Australia, if they end up getting fucked which is likely, then I can see a push back both in Australia and internationally.
  6. I wrote a short but succinct review of this on the youtube page, though it's probably gone now. Anytime you see Ariana Grande (who I'd never heard off until she was involved in the bomb in my hometown) be afraid, she's as compromised/mind controlled as you'd ever see.
  7. Yeah pricks like this abound, just let the smug cunt keep getting his jabs until natural or unnatural selection takes over.
  8. Every tv presenter can be added to the list, especially the news'casters'.
  9. They're probably already here, it seems like Australia will be the first country fully sold out. The ADF apart from their alleged excursions into the NT seem remarkably quiet. Is the army even mandated at this point? We've seen an increase in military flights etc up here, but I've not heard too much from generals etc speaking out on the convid issue. And will they stand down once the UN begin to rape and pillage?
  10. No one will be forgetting this smug lying cunt in the aftermath.
  11. Mental isn't it, and most people will probably happily take all 11. Bonkers.
  12. Even wikipedia can't hide the fact she's a pure piece of shit.
  13. Exactly what I've always felt. This is great.
  14. Be some land and vacant properties available there soon I'm guessing.
  15. Psychotic liar this bloke, just like the rest of the Aus prems. They must have a conveyor belt just pumping out blackmailable wankers.
  16. The Kaiser chiefs of comedians, another agenda dick rider. No agenda, no tv, if they can break Boyle, then a twat like this is easy.
  17. People are long gone, something in the jab makes them even more hopeless. I'm despairing of any grand awakening at this point, the western world is on the brink of full on tyranny and lunacy.
  18. Wow, what a fucking cunt, her and the mullet bellend. I'm not suggesting that she needs a piano dropping on her napper Laurel and Hardy style, but that bitch needs a piano dropped on her head. FFS.
  19. I wondered if it was Spanish, as do they shout 'putos' at one point. But hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be able to chime in.
  20. Impressive, must have had those rocks stockpiled.
  21. Fucking hell, wonder when the average person is gonna wake the fuck up to this.
  22. Is that the Olympic symbols all over his shirt? Odd gear for a court room one would think.
  23. People getting jabbed at a shopping centre I was in today. Like a shitty booth was set up in the middle of the main drag or walkway, opposite a sushi stand. I honestly couldn't fucking believe it.
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