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  1. The consent at 12 for the jab, is a pre-cursor to them legally noncing kids. Cunts.
  2. Ha ha, what made up shite. No fucking mother will use the death of a child to push the jab narrative. Fucking bot, they keep pulling shit like this, all but the thickest of cunts will wake up.
  3. I'd like to think this is a fake account, but if not, she is a despicable fucker, who hopefully is fast tracked to her 3rd, 4th jab etc. What a POS.
  4. Serious now, all these stories are just bollocks. I hope the cunt gets his comeuppance, but his role in this global story is still being played out.
  5. Is unpaid leave, just sitting at home not getting paid? So like being fired really?
  6. Apparently took a good fucking hiding when he got caught as well. Pure shitbag that will face justice in the near future hopefully.
  7. Never heard of her, but a quick read of the article, shows she ticks all the boxes.
  8. Thi shit is slowly starting to seep in, even amongst those closest to you. I'm of the opinion if they don't want dialogue to at least try and understand where you're coming from, then quite simply fuck them.
  9. 20 years working in Hollywood??? Yeah fuck off cunt, this will be remembered.
  10. Think Hugo did a video on her. I know she's young, but i wouldn't trust her. Seen others who got into politics young and they invariably turned out to be twats, Hague, Johnson etc.
  11. Exactly how I feel, from a party of anti government and freedom to shitebags balls deep in the globalist agenda.
  12. Never been so disappointed in a political party.
  13. Max's latest... A WAVE IS ABOUT TO BREAK (in Australia) https://www.bitchute.com/video/KGoXOLnusnIB/
  14. Be very interesting to see what happens post 1st September in Australia. A lot of people have bought into the 24/7 fear porn, I'm not sure they'll ever smell the fucking coffee.
  15. Painful viewing, but when this is all over, these celebrity cunts can't be forgotten about. https://hugotalks.com/2021/08/26/do-celebrities-have-blood-on-their-hands-hugo-talks-lockdown/
  16. That medical officer for NSW has a tache, legit last night it's like it was hi-lighted, hidden in plain site this shite.
  17. Out of likes, but you're spot on, they gonna come out with some right shite once the nippers start dropping off.
  18. Max's latest, not sure if posted yet. https://www.bitchute.com/video/2CFrSh8nee1b/
  19. What a cunt, acting like her son in law lost his arms in an accident. Time for a booster.
  20. Cowardly fucks. US cops carry guns, so do the people, UK cops don't carry guns as standard, neither do the people. Aus cops carry guns, the people don't. Tyranny waiting to happen that.
  21. A woman at a school I used to supply teach at, passed away on the 13th August after her second jab of Pfizer. I covered her class a few times and she was a nice lady. She was fit and training for a half marathon, she collapsed after a jog. Even the News article is making a link to the jab. RIP.
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