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  1. Well, England got Xmas day and boxing day to enjoy, but its back to business today and it looks like king fuckwit is about to unleash some sanctions after chatting to his equally odious advisors at Downing St this morning.
  2. Woah, where the fuck is this photo from? Looks dodgy as.
  3. Indeed, and I remember they ran a story about her being so poor due to Draper's covid, that she had to borrow money for shopping or some shit like that, despite the fact she's never off the fucking tv. They really have such fucking disdain for us plebs.
  4. There's a thread on these two somewhere, it really is an odd story. Draper is clearly a twat, and I do wonder if he did the wrong thing at some point, and is being punished. Garraway is clearly insincere and fake as fuck. Of course the whole thing could be a psyop, but one thing for sure is that he hasn't been lying there for 12 plus months with covid. Garraway is a pure agenda pusher.
  5. Spot on, unknown probably means triple jabbed.
  6. What did the possibly deceased gorgon have to say? Anyone catch it?
  7. What a load of shite. Seriously, anyone who watches this and doesn't know that this scamdemic is all bollocks needs to get another jab.
  8. If I was a betting man, and I am, i would lump on this being the case.
  9. Awesome, I reckon there may have been 5 to 10,000 in Cairns over the weekend as well.
  10. Legendary jungle DJ, Jumpin Jack Frost https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=472465124243043&set=a.289260205896870
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delta_Island
  12. Also modern day accounts like the giant of Kandahar.
  13. What a fucking dick. His words will also influence a large number of people. Bellend.
  14. What a pair of massive fannies. Neil Young won't tour boo hoo, shit bastard.
  15. Great point, always felt my brain was wired up differently to others from an early age.
  16. Psycho Uber-Skank Pileoshit, couldn't let apartheid day commence without extra fun and games, she's announced the ever so popular mask mandate will be back in force from 1am Saturday morning. Hot as fuck here at the moment, the opposite of flu season, but nah masks are back. Pure shitola for the sheep to swallow.
  17. Apartheid goes live in Qld in two days, and alarmimgly some people appear to be in favour it. Mad fucking days ahead, but i won't foget anyone in my vicinity who supports this. My mrs announced she was pregnant today, timing is awful, especially as we won't be allowed in a hospital, and will probably have to have a home birth with no medical back up if shit goes down. However it just makes me more determined and focussed to beat this bollocks. Fuck this gaff Qld, you won't break me.
  18. Amazing, tempted to re-start up my FB page just to post this lol.
  19. Hard for me to tell what the crack was there, is this Paris or Marseille, somewhere like that. Were the poulets getting a kicking?
  20. The UN are already in Brisbane. The ADF are allegedly massed up on the GC, some shit is about to go down.
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