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  1. Another one of those emotionless, Daniel Andrews look alike motherfuckers, who'll face the people's wrath one day. Top cunt this man.
  2. Jabbed? Matchroom Boxing 2940t0Sc4t663phl06r2lheg9 · Our well wishes are with Kash Farooq who has unfortunately had to retire due to unforeseen circumstances. No doubt was destined for World honours. A brilliant fighter and top man Kash will now take up a role as Head of Talent for St Andrew's Sporting Club Ltd
  3. Northern territory has just locked the unjabbed down, going to work is not a valid reason to leave home apparently. Things will get wilder tomorrow.
  4. I think they're building for something big over the coming days, maybe the Internet going down, leaving only the TV as a news source, or maybe a type of global lockdown amongst the NWO countries, but some nefarious shit is incoming.
  5. I never thought it was pal, journalists are at the forefront of keeping the masses in fear, and will rightfully have to face trial some day. April 2020 was still quite early on for most sheep, and many were still waiting to see how it played out. The mere mention in her article of the police not being the most saintly of people might have got her a grilling. As no MSM articles I can remember in Aus have ever been even a slight bit critical of policy or the dibble, they have all been reading from the same playscript, that why her article did slightly surprise me. The rest of her article is obviously whiney bullshit, but I'd expect nothing less from those scumbags.
  6. Think this lady was told to play the game maybe after this article from April 2020 about her Grandfather's funeral.... https://www.9news.com.au/national/armed-police-disrupt-benita-kolovos-grandfathers-funeral-coronavirus-victoria/8e68ed28-7929-48ea-a55d-b611d1ee0cae
  7. Me and my mrs in the same boat pal, where we are we're only allowed in hospital for emergencies, as we unjabbed. If mrs has the baby in hospital, she has to test beforehand, wear a mask, and can have one person with her who is fully jabbed. Needless to say they can eat a fat dick, we'll be going homebirth. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, but I just gotta trust in providence man. We also have until August i think (we haven't been allowed in hospital for a scan), so loads could change between now and then. If you actually worried about the 'killer' virus 'covid', then I really wouldn't pal, keep her immunity high, NAC, zeolite etc and you avoid any seasonal cold and flus too badly. Covid is bollocks though.
  8. Coming soon to a country near you. The mentally infirm still won't see the huge shit coloured elephant in the room, lol.
  9. This a fucking excellent sighting. Would love to see a wolf one day, thanks for sharing.
  10. Yeah defo that. Shit gonna hit the fan on friday, with a significant ramp up tomorrow.
  11. The fucking arseholes can't wait to drag the rest of us into their made up fantasy world, you don't have to do shit, and they won't be checking up on you in a remote part of the highlands.
  12. The cinema thing is weird, not just England but rest of UK, Australia, most of the US, Poland etc. Could be the grid or internet going down as well. Literally just been checking random cinemas for bookings fuck all, except one film called '355' which appears to be sinister as fuck. Buy batteries etc.
  13. Nice work pal, there's a thread for Australia as well, so any stuff you get would be great in there too pal. Regarding Darian was wondering about him myself the other day, think he had a blog, hopefully not got himself any attention from the stasi.
  14. Out of likes. Spot on, Football and my club United died many moons ago.
  15. A psychological attack this I reckon, just ramps up the fear amongst the moronic population.
  16. Declaration of war, hope we get to see justice visit these cunts.
  17. I'm the same, they pushed me out of society, so they can get fucked if they think I'm gonna take part in any of their shitty mandates. Credibility is defo gone if you QR code in lol.
  18. My gut says she's more than likely dead, and it will be announced on some symbolic/occult day to maximise effect. Will be amusing to see the masked gobshites expressing fake grief outside the palace.
  19. Cheers pal, we stuck in AUS, and we been banned from hospitals, unless emergencies, but no way mrs having a pcr and wearing a mask etc. Not so much the birth I'm worried about but the aftermath. She haemoraghed after the first and if not for the doctors would have died, so I'm doing loads of reading into homeopathy and mrs is a practioner of that and naturopathy, so she had a good idea what she may need. Cheers pal.
  20. Would love to know this? Gonna have to do it in August.
  21. Well, England got Xmas day and boxing day to enjoy, but its back to business today and it looks like king fuckwit is about to unleash some sanctions after chatting to his equally odious advisors at Downing St this morning.
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