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  1. If they command prominent tv roles over decades, then they are in to something.
  2. On the old forum we had a thread on David Jason. What is not debatable is that he let a couple of pedos stay at his house whilst he was on holiday, they then nonced up a kid at the property. Jason wanted this quiet,so he paid all the legal fees of the wrong uns, and the matter want away. i have no mates who are staying at my house,and fucking kids. i think he's part of the 'gang.'
  3. There must be a reason they want away with smoking,and it will have fuck all to do with our health, something to ponder.
  4. Yep, bulk billing is as rare as rocking horse shit up in FNQ now. This will result in more excess deaths as people won't want to spend 80 dollars to see a a quack.
  5. https://football-italia.net/juventus-keeper-szczesny-leaves-pitch-in-tears-after-struggling-to-breathe/
  6. He pushed the jab on his followers. There's no fucking way that someone who meditates for hours everyday and is supposed to be in touch with the divine didn't know that jab was dogshit. And for someone who supposed to be meek and mild and all about that spirituality, he can't wait to get his photo taken with scumbags. On reflection and having weighed the evidence,fuck him.
  7. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but Tiffany Dover is back from the dead and at Easter. They're laughing at us... https://hugotalks.com/2023/04/12/tiffany-dover-resurrection-hugo-talks/
  8. Ah,will save this for a facebook post at some point, nice and succinct.
  9. The Hampstead case never had a satisfactory ending for me. The father and the daughter appeared in a video online years later, and she looked haunted I seem to recall. Whatever happened it was fucked up.
  10. Most are starting to question the narrative to differing degrees. A few hardcore zealots remain, but I'm very vocal with my views and I get very little argument these days within my friendship circle. The people who refused to go along with the scam have been very active up here, and I had a vaccine damage pamphlet in my letterbox the other day. I was very lucky that some of my closest friends also refused. The thing I found interesting was that those of us who refused the jab all seemed to be outliers of society, people who've never been considered 'normal'. I think about that a lot.
  11. I'm lucky enough to know a fair few, but then I'm in the deep north.
  12. It'll be like a who's who of soul selling, they may even add those insufferable cunts the kaiser chiefs to the bottom of the bill.
  13. Illumanati queen, and one of the reasons I've never trusted her ex.
  14. Still got a few in North manc and Oldham area. Also lees still going strong, but yeah boddies totally changed when I think it was Whitbread bought them and moved it to London.
  15. Yep, forgot about grohl, another cunt.
  16. Yeah Billy Bragg was a fucker, never knew what an establishment gobbling, slavery pusher the prick was.
  17. Fucking Kaiser chiefs, shitheads, also Dead kennedys, their estranged singer Jello Biafra, extreme metallers Carcass, Wormrot and numerous other sell outs. Add morrissey to the good list, he referred to covid as convid.
  18. Both in Ireland and the UK, suspicious amount of fighting aged male refugees, not the women and kids we were imagining. QLD in australia is recruting an extra 2500 international police officers, who don't have to be Aus citizens or even permanent residents, seems that this is happening by stealth in all the 'covid' nations.
  19. Like the covid books that starting being published whilst the con was unfolding, almost like this shite was written well in advance. Ha ha the public are fucking stupid.
  20. I don't think there's any chance she's responsible for all those books, some professor or something wrote an article on it, and including research etc, there would be little chance of her churning those books out withour help. Also her backstory just sounds made up.
  21. Decent video by HUGO today, basically saying the same as the forum, that massive censorship of the web is on its way.
  22. Almost like a composite face.
  23. They're absolutely testing the waters, seeing what the reactions are when they drop these stories on the MSM. If they go too early, like they did with 'monkey pox' they'll fuck it, so they're just seeing what the sheep will believe at this point. From what i can tell the vast majority still believe any old bollocks if a bloke in a suit on the tv is saying it They have pulled some whoppers over the last threee years, so confidence will be running high in the satanic control rooms.
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