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  1. Dave Grohl has always been suss, I often wondered if his sacrifice was Cobain, as the Foo fighters became massive almost instantly, and shite not too long after.
  2. I don't know how to play this, sorry.
  3. Looks like Mason Greenwood has thrown his United career away, been accused by his girlfriend of domestic abuse. She released a video on instagram detailing the alleged offences. There's been rumours about conduct with women before, so this could be him fucked. https://www.pulse.ng/sports/sports-gist/harriet-robson-accuses-mason-greenwood-of-domestic-violence-and-sexual-assault/z9s91fv
  4. He said that? What a twat, and a fucking liar to boot.
  5. Man, this thread is hard reading last ten pages or so, I'm gonna need to see someone post a pic of Adern , so I can call her a cunt or something just to regain my equilibrium.
  6. Any truth to this? Not familiar with the mentioned game. Just seen a meme, that a truckers strike was used in the Illimunati card game to justify food shortages.
  7. This needs quoting so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. What a cunt!
  8. I don't think it's over in UK and Ireland, just a pause for breath, and it appears far from over in Australia, NZ etc where the general sheep have no issues with apartheid.
  9. Morrison saying three jabs won't be mandated to be fully jabbed at the moment, as Australians are willingly turning up for the booster. Fucking unreal, of course the three jabs will be needed to partake in Australian life very soon, count on it. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/jan/27/booster-jab-not-yet-required-to-be-fully-vaxxed-as-national-cabinet-anticipates-omicron-peak
  10. Yeah watched the video, he must be financed from somewhere as he kept mentioning that he had Australia's premier media lawyer acting on his behalf, can't be cheap. Plus the Israel thing is suss as fuck, however which ever way you look at it, the vic dibble are acting like cunts and anything that makes them look like the thugs they are, is good in the short term I guess.
  11. I'm thinking Novak is part of the game, nowt but pure distraction, and also a veiled warning, 'see we kicked out a sports star, so don't think we won't skull fuck you peasants'.
  12. Stay strong brother. I know what you mean about family and friends considering this to be our fault because we have the choice to get the jab, but the one thing they will never understand is that to us there is no choice, our bravery shines a light on their cowardice. Keep youe head held up high, and remember that god saves his best warriors for the toughest battles. I'm sure we win, and keep the faith that good things are coming your way.
  13. They doing what they did last year, they move the chess pieces around, so that in the future the crimes of this shambolic fucker will be forgotten, as his successor will be no doubt worse. It's a way of ensuring that these monsters escape, much like Blair did. We need to make sure nothing and no one is forgotten and when we are victorious, everyone involved is made to face justice, like your playing card idea.
  14. Inflated sense of his own importance, was musically relevant....once.
  15. Even more disturbing when we consider that 'this' is an advocate of 'health'.
  16. Never has a face needed a shovel as much as this satanic boy/girl.
  17. Serious mate, if you crack the code of getting the fuck out of this shit hole without doing tests, jabs etc, keep us informed.
  18. The most believable thing I've ever read about this unmitigated shithouse.
  19. I have little doubt this is the case, and I'm sure they get quite the giggle putting unspeakable shit into meat replacement products.
  20. Off topic, but you're not the poster from sherdog who used to make the highlight videos are you?
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